America’s Test Kitchen French Press

America’s Test Kitchen is the publisher of recipes and magazines. The company releases television shows that are specialized in resolving recipe-related issues. It also manages subscription online sites that offer information on recipes, culinary tips, and equipment reviews and ratings.

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As America’s Test Kitchen produces reviews of equipment and rankings, you absolutely can find some lines about products that you want to get some more information on as well as the experience of users. 

To coffee lovers, one of the most common types of equipment to make coffee is a French press. If you are going to buy a French press, America’s Test Kitchen is an option to provide you with useful recommendations from the professional expert as the direct user from the executive team of the company. 

America’s Test Kitchen’s French press review

You can visit the official website of America’s Test Kitchen here. In the category of content, the “Product Reviews” is what you need to click to read reviews of French press machines as well as other kitchen equipment. Besides equipment reviews, the website also offers you ingredient reviews. 

To get all instant access, you need to sign in and pay or you can read some pieces of information on the articles on the website. However, please note that the content will be limited and locked unless you pay for it. 

The review article about the French press of America’s Test Kitchen is also an example. This review was written by Lisa McManus, the executive editor of America’s Test Kitchen. 

The French press is a coffee brewing equipment, however, it can also be used for other purposes. It is referred to as a cafeteria, cafeteria à piston, caffettiera, a standoff, press pot, coffee press, or coffee plunger. 

The way it works is employing a piston-like mechanism to press ground coffee through hot water, leaving a rich brew on top while the used grounds sink to the bottom of the pot. French press coffee is incomparably different from drip coffee because it is oily and thick from the tiny grind particles suspended in the brew.

French press coffee machines are not only stylish, yet they can also offer a cup of coffee that is richer and tastier. However, besides the advantages, there are some negative aspects listed by Lisa. 

Coffee may occasionally break glass pots or spout out of the pot’s spout due to the pressure created by the bulk of steeped coffee grounds that makes it difficult to push down the filter. Glass pans also lose heat rapidly. Some individuals don’t enjoy coffee brews with suspended coffee grounds. Additionally, when it comes time to clean up, used grinds are sticky, moist, and challenging to remove from the bottom of the pot. 

Apart from lines written about the pros and cons of the French press only, the article by Lisa also makes a comparison between different French press pot designs and their performance as well as ranking. You can find out more through the original article

Is America’s Test Kitchen legit?

Cooking authorities America’s Test Kitchen, the publisher of Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country magazines, cookbooks, and hosts of the 

America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country cooking shows on public television, have earned and are proud to uphold an unchallengeable reputation for objectivity and ad-free cooking advice. 

You can have a look to know more about members of the executive team on America’s Test Kitchen website here.

Is French press coffee bad for you?

French press coffee

We all know using the French press to brew coffee is an excellent method to not only give your coffee the best flavourful taste but also allow you to control how your coffee tastes. 

However, along with the good points, French press coffee brings consumers some downsides. Within these lines, the health aspects will be intensified. 

According to Harvard Health Publishing, pressed coffee is going mainstream. A French press has started to appear on shelves in posh boutiques and big-box retailers alike. But you should be aware of a cold hard reality regarding this popular practice.

Cholesterol level meter with high and low-fat test, vector blood risk, and good or bad health control.

To make coffee with a French press, mix boiled or cold water with ground coffee beans and steep the mixture for a while. Instead of using a filter, this method is the process of draining the mixture and catching the coffee grounds, then plunging a mesh plunger attached to the pitcher from the top to the bottom.

However, without a filter, your coffee might become a risk to your health if you drink it too much. Your cup contains some of the oily compounds known as diterpenes that are present in coffee beans. 

You should be aware that research has indicated that diterpenes are unhealthy. Dr. Eric Rimm, a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, claims that drinking five to eight cups of unfiltered coffee per day may actually increase your “bad” LDL cholesterol.

To conclude, French press coffee is worth adding to your list of favorite drinks due to its rich and smooth flavor. However, you are advised to limit the amount of French press coffee because it raises the cholesterol level, which leads to several related diseases. 

Final thoughts

America’s Test Kitchen, which is a reliable publisher in the cooking field, provides us with reviews of French press machines and points out its good points as well as drawbacks. 

Coffee brewed by a French press machine is tasteful, yet you should consider how much coffee you should drink to protect your health from diseases associated with cholesterol generated from French press coffee.