Does Dunkin’ Donuts Have 100% Decaf Coffee and How To Make It?

does Dunkin Donuts decaf coffee really decaf

Dunkin’ Donuts’ menu includes a wide range of coffee flavors, consisting of original blends and decaf ones. This is due to the demand of different preferences from the customers. Some are fond of strong coffee while others might be sensitive or simply not interested in caffeine in that strong coffee.  Therefore, besides the regular flavors … Read more

is Caffeine A Solute Or Solvent

When making coffee, many people often wonder what coffee is. We get a lot of questions from you, “Is caffeine a solute or solvent” This is hard to pin down.  The concepts of solvents and solutes are specifically: The solvent is a substance used to dissolve another solid, liquid, or gaseous solute, forming a homogeneous … Read more