4 Reasons Why Your Bodum Coffee Grinder Is Not Working

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Why Does Caffeine Make Me Short Of Breath?

caffeine and shortness of breath

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What Is Coffee Mate Irish Creme? Is it Discontinued?

Irish Creme is a product of Coffee-Mate. Many people wonder, “Is coffee mate Irish creme discontinued?” because they rarely see Coffee-Mate Irish Creme present. Coffee-Mate Irish Creme has not been discontinued. However, it is possible that since 19, the number of Coffee-Mate Irish Creme has been limited due to difficult transportation. Coffee-Mate is the number … Read more

Can I Put Hot Coffee In My Plastic Starbucks Cup?

Nothing gives you a better feeling than drinking hot coffee from Starbucks while walking in the street in the winter. By taking away culture, plastic cup is the most convenient way to achieve your dream. But is it safe enough to use a plastics cup for your hot coffee? Can you put your hot coffee … Read more

Does Coffee Stout Have Caffeine

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Does Coffee Make You Fart

I consider myself an everyday coffee drinker. Not really for the aesthetic; coffee does give me the energy I need. However, I get gassy after drinking coffee, and I wonder, can drinking coffee provide us with gas? Does coffee make you fart? This may be a pretty sensitive topic to discuss on the Internet. Still, … Read more

What Does The Bold Button Do On My Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

Dear coffeeholic, I have a question for all of you. Have you ever found yourself adding more and more coffee grounds to reach your desired brew strength? I did. However, until I discovered “the bold button” on my Cuisinart coffee maker, my life dramatically changed.  So what is the “bold button”? “Bold” appears to be … Read more