Do Coffee Grounds Repel Deer From Your Garden?

Deer is an animal that looks innocent and beautiful, however, no one knows that the harm they cause to your garden is very serious. The beautiful garden that you spend your time tending with all kinds of crops and vegetables can be ravaged and owned by deer. They will come in and eat everything, so preventing and finding ways to prevent the destruction of these animals is really necessary. Coffee grounds are known to be very effective in keeping rodents out of your garden. So, do coffee grounds keep deer away?

Do coffee grounds keep deer away? 

Sunlit red deer

There are many people who use coffee grounds to keep deer out of the garden. In fact, there hasn’t been a single study to show that coffee grounds actually keep deer away, it’s all down to the experience of people who have used them and actually found them to be effective.

Perhaps coffee grounds work because deer have a strong sense of smell, while coffee grounds bring a rather strong and bitter scent to animals. So, using coffee grounds to hit the weak points of this animal is probably correct.

Should we try to use coffee grounds to keep deer away? 

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According to research by the Technical University of Denmark, coffee grounds are famous for being a nutrient-rich waste product. It is often used as an organic fertilizer, which is both convenient and harmless to the environment as well as your garden. Not only that, but it also provides many useful nutrients for plants as well as improves your soil environment.

Coffee grounds bring acidity to the soil, so it also helps balance the pH and nitrogen levels in it a lot. As a result, the soil’s ability to hold moisture is also improved.

So trying to use coffee grounds to repel deer won’t do any harm to your garden. It even helps deter rodents like squirrels, mice, and other pests, slugs, and ants There’s no reason we shouldn’t try using coffee grounds to see if it really works. 

Which animals hate coffee grounds? 

An Indian Palm Squirrel sitting on the tree

Coffee grounds give us a pleasant aroma and smell, but not for some animals. Especially rodents like squirrels, gophers, and moles, really find it difficult to smell the scent of coffee grounds. They find coffee grounds to have a strong smell, and they don’t like strong scents. Therefore, people often mix coffee grounds into the soil to limit the penetration and damage to crop rodents.

Coffee grounds also help prevent fire ants, slugs, and other harmful insects. People scatter coffee grounds around trees to keep slugs away and burn coffee grounds to spread the scent around the garden, keeping insects away.

What smells repel deer from your garden?

As the book Deer Antlers: Regeneration, Function, and Evolution wrote by Richard J.Goss, who is a professor at the University of Washington mentioned, deer are animals with an amazingly good sense of smell, so scents are especially sensitive to them. We can take advantage of this by using scents they hate to drive them out of the garden. Here are a few popular scents that they hate and that are also easy to find so you can easily use them.

The first is garlic. Garlic has such a strong scent that some people don’t like it, not to mention deer is a scent-sensitive animal. Plant a garlic bush in your garden, this is an extremely effective measure, absolutely preventing deer from entering your garden. Growing garlic also has no effect on other plants in the garden and you also have an additional plant that can be harvested.

Spring seasonal of growing plants. Garlic, shovel, soil

The next scent you can use is lavender. Lavender is a beautiful flower with its characteristic purple hue. It not only beautifies your garden, besides, but the fragrance it gives is also especially irritating to animals. You can also benefit from having a lavender bush in your garden because its scent can improve sleep and is also very pleasant to humans.

The final scent is really not recommended, the smell of rotten eggs. Surely no one can like this scent, and animals like deer are even more annoyed with them. If you want to use it, use a spray bottle instead of throwing them directly into the garden, and remember to wear gloves and full protective gear when doing this because this scent is really hard to get off when it gets stuck. into the body.

Why does Irish Spring soap keep deer away? 

Irish Spring Soap is known as a skin care product because of its natural ingredients. However, surprisingly, it also has other effects such as the deterrence of deer. That’s because of its ingredients like musk, sage, and lavender, which deer especially dislike these scents.

Other rodents such as rabbits, mice, or gophers do not like these scents because to them, they are strong and unpleasant scents. People often use Irish Spring soap as a tool to help keep rodents away from their gardens. Hang them on a tree in the garden, and their scent will spread around keeping pests away.

Using Irish Spring soap can help you protect your garden and be environmentally friendly. You do not need to use pesticides or inhumane measures such as setting traps or using poison.