4 Different Points That You Need To Know When Enjoying European Coffee vs American Coffee

Coffee has been the most consumed drink in the world and until now, various types of coffee absolutely can be the choice of your favorite. Europe and America are the two regions that contribute significantly to the total consumption of coffee in the world. 

As a coffee lover, have you ever made a comparison between European coffee and American coffee? There are many factors presented to exactly know the similarities and differences between these two kinds of coffee. Since then, you’ll know which one is better. 

Within this article, the answer exposed about European coffee and American coffee will be provided to you. Let’s get started to dive in and figure out more things about each kind!

European coffee and American coffee

The European Union (EU) has one of the world’s highest average annual per capita consumption at just above an estimated 5 kg of coffee per person a year. In other words, let’s say Europe accounts for more than ⅓ of total coffee consumption in the world and becomes the biggest coffee market. 

Brew espresso from a coffee machine into a brown porcelain cup

When talking about European coffee, people often regard Italy as the country which makes the best coffee. Italian coffee is considered the standard of European coffee. Since it is very famous for its quality, Italian coffee built up its reputation as time passed. Italian coffee is generally called Espresso coffee. The name “Espresso” (following the Italian pronunciation) refers to the method of brewing coffee of Italian origin. The Italian espresso coffee (EC) is the most consumed coffee beverage in the world. 

Iced Americano coffee in the glass with coffee beans in the background

The same as European coffee, American coffee has its name as well, which is “Caffè Americano” or just “Americano”. American adults are the major coffee consumers and this is also a country that significantly takes part in the total utilization. 

What are the differences between European coffee and American coffee?

Brewing method

Let’s just firstly compare these two types of coffee in terms of the brewing method. 

Shot of hot espresso coffee is pulled through a portafilter with a wooden handle into clear glass. Process of making coffee

Espresso is an Italian coffee brewing technique in which a tiny amount of almost boiling water (90 °C or 190 °F) is pushed through ground coffee beans under 9-10 bars of pressure. Multiple kinds of coffee beans and levels of roasting can be used to make espresso. This coffee brewing method is most popularly used in southern Europe, particularly in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal. Additionally, it is well-liked in Australia, Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and Greece. 

Nowadays, many lines of espresso-making machines are presented in the market and it is getting more convenient for coffee lovers to make a cup of espresso coffee at home. 

Americano is the combination of forced shots of espresso along with hot water to get the standard brewed coffee. It is simply a watered-down espresso shot. While the method for creating espresso is to get shots of espresso from coffee beans, Americano is a shot of espresso but added with more hot water to lessen the concentration. 


Since Americanos have more water in them, it is better to leave an Americano sip on than an Espresso. A double shot of Espresso can be 2 ounces whereas an Americano is around 8-12 ounces. 


Due to the volume of water in the brewing recipe of the two kinds of coffee, it is very clear to see the biggest dissimilarity is that Americanos are less intense than Espressos. Besides, the more liquid Americanos get, the smoother they are. Usually, an Espresso is much stronger and bitter than an Americano (this might also depend on the kind of coffee beans). 

Way to enjoy 

Italians would prefer to drink Espresso without any addition and they enjoy it when it is served hot. In contrast, Americanos can be mixed with sugar, cream, milk, syrups, and flavors… and enjoyed with both hot and cold shots. 

Why is European coffee so much better?

There might be several people who wonder why European coffee or Espresso is so much better than American coffee or Americano. This comparison does not make any sense. 

It cannot be said that one in two kinds of coffee is better because it depends on each one’s preference of taste. For anyone who has an interest in strong flavor and the intense consistency of the coffee, they should give Espresso a try and Americano is also a wise choice for those who want to enjoy lighter coffee with other sweeteners to enhance the fatty flavor. 

Final thoughts

In America and Europe and especially Italy, Americano and Espresso coffee are the signatures of the country and deserve to be enjoyed by coffee enthusiasts. These two sorts of coffee are excellent in their way, therefore any comparison about the taste or the quality between them is impartial. We should know our preference for the taste of coffee to make the right choice.