How Is Coffee Always Good For Your Health?

Coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a way of life. Coffee is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and many consider it an integral part of life. Some people choose coffee as an energizing breakfast that saves time, but some people also choose coffee as a refreshing drink to replenish energy. And what about you? How do you take your coffee?

What is the right way to drink coffee?

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For those with a daily coffee habit, always drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day. So is the dose of caffeine in those cups of coffee suitable for our health? How many cups of coffee should we drink to keep our bodies healthy?

According to a study by S. Jordan who works at Toxicological Evaluation Section, each day we should only consume about 400mg of caffeine into the body. This amount of caffeine equals about 3 to 4 cups of coffee. Everyone can use this amount of caffeine every day, some people can even use more without experiencing any side effects. But for people who are not suitable for using more than the amount of caffeine that the body allows to tolerate each day, excessive caffeine intake for a long time will reduce health. Especially for growing children, drinking coffee every day can affect their development.

Golden time for you to enjoy coffee

Everyone has a preference for drinking coffee at the right time of the day. Most people often choose to enjoy this drink early in the morning, it is considered a simple and convenient breakfast. However, there are a few studies that show that drinking coffee in the morning is not necessary. They think you should only have your coffee at times when you have trouble concentrating or not being alert.

The rule set here is, do not drink coffee about 6 hours before going to bed. The time after 6 hours is when your previous caffeine intake has been consumed and your body can rest comfortably without losing sleep. The golden time to drink coffee is between 10 am and 14 am, this is the time when you need caffeine to wake up your brain and recharge for additional energy for a stressful working day.

In addition, coffee is also considered an ideal drink for those who have a habit of exercising. They usually drink coffee about 30 minutes before exercise. The energy brought from the cup of coffee will make their exercise performance become higher, and the burning of body fat will also take place better.

Healthy morning coffee

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As mentioned above, drinking coffee in the morning incorrectly will affect your health. So how to drink coffee in the morning properly is the question that many people are asking.

Many people only drink coffee for breakfast without eating any other food. As you probably know, caffeine is often favored by people who are on a diet because it reduces cravings. The same goes for drinking coffee in the morning. You will no longer have cravings after using caffeine, from which you will accidentally skip your breakfast, in the long run, they will adversely affect your health in general and your stomach in particular. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach will make you feel full and lead to abdominal pain and even acid reflux.

So if you want to drink coffee in the morning, consider drinking it about 30 minutes after breakfast. This will keep your stomach protected and you can take advantage of the health benefits of coffee.

Coffee can also be a healthy drink

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There are many ways to enjoy the best coffee depending on the taste of each person. Here are a few ways to help you enjoy coffee that is both delicious and healthy.

First, opt for nut milk over whole milk. Whole milk is usually high in calories and fat, while nut milk is lower in calories and contains more calcium and vitamins (A study by Kalyn M. Collard MD, University of Texas Medical Branch). You can choose from chickpea milk, almond milk, or skim milk depending on your taste.

Another way to enjoy coffee in a healthy way is to add a dash of cinnamon. Temporarily skip cream, milk, and sugar because of the health limitations that it brings, and choose cinnamon to enhance the flavor of your cup of coffee. Not only that, but cinnamon also makes you reduce your appetite, which is definitely a perfect choice to promote your weight loss.

The taste of your coffee is also really enhanced when served with a little cocoa powder.  A study by Karen A. Cooper published online by Cambridge University said that cocoa is rich in polyphenols and can help balance blood fat levels.

Enjoying coffee the right way can both satisfy your preferences and taste while also bringing great health benefits.