4 Reasons Why Your Bodum Coffee Grinder Is Not Working

Coffee grinders are a standard device today in homes and shops. It is considered a prime example in American popular culture and is mentioned in many coffee cultures worldwide. The coffee grinder has become a favorite essential appliance for coffee addicts, along with the general development.

Coffee grinder grinding coffee pouring into a portafilter

Coffee grinders often have some problems that lead to interoperability. Here are some specific reasons why coffee grinders in general and bodum coffee grinders are not working:

– The coffee machine won’t start

This is a common problem with coffee builders. If you find your machine can’t be started, pay attention to electrical system problems first.

– The coffee grinder is clogged, resulting in the machine not spinning

Sometimes the coffee grinder does not rotate, and the cause may be that the coffee beans during the grinding process get stuck in the machine, leading to the subsequent operations being blocked. You should check where the mill is clogged to fix it quickly.

– Coffee grinder is not working due to motor

After a long time of operation, the motor shaft will have many problems related to clogging and damage. Users need to determine the cause of engine damage to fix and clean periodically.

– Coffee grinder vibrates

In the process of use, the coffee grinder quickly leads to continuous vibration activities that affect the edge of the electric coffee grinder, causing it to be bent and dull. In particular, the power switch of the coffee grinder is also likely to be broken.

How Do You Fix A Bodum Blade Grinder?

Buy a coffee grinder or intend to buy a coffee grinder. You should pay attention to how to fix some problems related to A Bodum Blade Grinder so that it can be detected and repaired in time, besides avoiding unnecessary damage.

Electric coffee grinder with roasted coffee beans on the kitchen table with blue tabletop

– If your Bodum blade grinder has problems with the grind size when assembled, you can disassemble it and replace it with a more suitable blade. When removing the bezel, care should be taken to reassemble it correctly to avoid a mismatch situation. Choose the right size grinder for your coffee grinder.

– If your Bodum blade grinder is not working, it is most likely because of a blockage of the coffee powder inside. You should clean it thoroughly with a toothbrush or vacuum cleaner. This is a straightforward and fast way. If you want a better cleaning, you can use water and soap to clean, but this is difficult to perform and easy to damages your Bodum blade grinder. Where the Bodum blade grinder is clogged with nuts is a common occurrence, you don’t need to worry unduly.

– Bodum blade grinder also has some problems related to damage to parts. If something in your blender is damaged, you can buy and replace it as quickly as the grinder’s glass lid, start button, or filter. It is best to contact the supplier or reputable facilities to find a suitable replacement part for the damaged one. The replacement operations can be complicated; you should get a professional to proceed more accurately.

How Do You Clean A Bodum Coffee Grinder?

The Bodum coffee grinder is a compact and helpful device that makes the coffee machine more delicious and fast. This grinder helps make a difference in the taste of the coffee you use every day. Alternatively, you can use the Bodum coffee grinder to grind spices or nuts. However, you should carefully take care of the Bodum coffee grinder to avoid mixing flavors that lead to unpleasant feelings when using it.

bodum coffee grinder not working
Steel coffee grinder with coffee beans isolated on white background

Cleaning the Bodum coffee grinder is not easy because the oil residue from the coffee beans is easily trapped in the small internal parts of the coffee grinder. Therefore, you need to perform a thorough cleaning of the surface with the following tips:

– Cleaning small particles

These particles are prone to clogging when grinding coffee, especially at the edge of your grinder. Therefore, you should remove clogged coffee debris using small vacuum cleaners or specialized brushes.

– Clean the sticky oil on the machine

The best tip for handling the oil is to use uncooked rice. Put the rice in the blender and proceed to grind. The rice will absorb the oil layer of the coffee on the machine. You can then use a paper towel to dry the inside of the device.

– Clean the Bodum coffee grinder regularly

Regular cleaning of the Bodum coffee grinder will help it work better and have a longer life, avoiding minor damage. After one to two uses, you should clean the Bodum coffee grinder. This way, you can keep the blender parts clean and save time and effort in the long run.

How Do You Unclog A Coffee Grinder?

The coffee grinder helps to create the perfect coffee with a great aroma and taste. Grinding coffee with a home coffee grinder is very good, but the machine will leave a lot of oil and residue. It would be best if you usually cleaned it to preserve the taste and avoid damage to the inside of the machine.

Professional black electric grinder is on a wooden table

You should clean the coffee grinder every week if you regularly use the coffee grinder daily. Here’s the best way to properly clean your coffee grinder to prevent rancid oil build-up:

Tools to prepare:

  • 1 microfiber towel
  • 1 washbasin
  • 1 stiff bristle brush
  • 1 non-abrasive sponge
  • 1/2 cup of rice
  • 1 little dishwashing liquid
  • 1 coffee machine cleaning tablet


  • Step 1: Pour 1/2 cup of rice into the coffee grinder
  • Step 2: Run the coffee grinder until the rice turns into a fine powder
  • Step 3: Turn off the coffee grinder and unplug it
  • Step 4: Pour the milled rice and clean the rice flour stuck in the hopper.
  • Step 5: Wipe clean with a microfiber towel.
  • Step 6: Remove the parts of the coffee grinder to the sink
  • Step 7: Use a little dishwashing liquid and coffee machine cleaning tablets in the sink
  • Step 8: Use a brush and sponge to wash parts
  • Step 9: Use praise to clean the parts after washing
  • Step 10: After the parts are dry, proceed to reassemble.

Bodum coffee grinder not working is a common problem with home coffee users. You need to know the cause and how to fix it to repair your coffee grinder. Moreover, coffee addicts must not forget to clean it properly periodically.