How Is Coffee Always Good For Your Health?

how do you take your coffee

Coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a way of life. Coffee is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and many consider it an integral part of life. Some people choose coffee as an energizing breakfast that saves time, but some people also choose coffee as a refreshing drink to replenish energy. And what about you? How do … Read more

Why Do You Sneeze When Drinking Coffee?

coffee makes me sneeze

Coffee is the popular favorite drink of many people in the world. The way coffee makes people fall for it is just unique, from the taste, and the smell, to the drinking styles. However, not everyone can enjoy coffee normally as others can due to some reasons. Some said that they have bad experiences drinking … Read more

Breaking Bad Coffee Machine

breaking bad coffee maker

Breaking Bad is an American movie series produced by Vince Gilligan, with the setting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is about a chemistry high school teacher Walter White who is dejected, overqualified, and suffering from stage-three lung cancer. White thinks that his illness is going to ruin his family’s finances, so he partners with a … Read more

Can Caffeine Pills Dissolve In Water?

dissolve caffeine pills in water

Caffeine is a chemical stimulant found in nature, used for many purposes but mainly to motivate the brain by acting on the nervous system and spinal cord to make you alert and awake. Most of the natural caffeine source is from coffee beans, tea leaves, Kola nuts (utilized to create the flavor in soft drink … Read more

Does Dunkin’ Donuts Have 100% Decaf Coffee and How To Make It?

does Dunkin Donuts decaf coffee really decaf

Dunkin’ Donuts’ menu includes a wide range of coffee flavors, consisting of original blends and decaf ones. This is due to the demand of different preferences from the customers. Some are fond of strong coffee while others might be sensitive or simply not interested in caffeine in that strong coffee.  Therefore, besides the regular flavors … Read more

A Few Reasons Why Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Is So Expensive

why is dunkin donuts coffee so expensive

Dunkin’ Donuts has long been favored by coffee aficionados due to the high quality of the coffee sold at a reasonable price. Dunkin’ Donuts is a safe and reliable place to go for delicious coffee that won’t cost you a whole week’s paycheck, sitting somewhere between the pricey Starbucks and the somewhat affordable McCafe. However, … Read more