3 Reasons Why Dunkin Donuts Coffee Taste Different At Home

Dunkin Donuts coffee is something worthy to try at least once in life. If you are a coffee lover, especially a Dunkin coffee lover, you might want to spend every day enjoying a cup of coffee at a Dunkin store or get it online. 

However, it is not always the case that you want to go out and have a cup of Dunkin coffee at the store. Sometimes, making your favorite coffee by yourself is a much more pleasant thing to do. 

But it might come to a fact that you cannot brew a 100% alike coffee cup of Dunkin but a different coffee taste. Why can’t you copycat the Dunkin Donuts coffee taste at home?

It is not understandable because you follow the Dunkin coffee recipe on some coffee websites and blogs but the result disappoints you. 

This article will give you the answer to your question so keep reading!

Why is it impossible to make homemade Dunkin coffee?

It is admitted by some Dunkin Donuts fanatics that it is impossible to replicate the taste of Dunkin coffee since they tried making it at home. Dunkin offers their customers at stores a certain number of flavors that aren’t available for homemade such as toasted almond, caramel, pumpkin,…

Dunkin Donuts is such a big coffee franchise that all of the steps of making coffee are carried out following a very careful process. Maybe it is one of the reasons that Dunkin coffee tastes so much different from the one you brew at home because everything is measured and calculated in the machines. 

cold brew crew

Dunkin has not published their coffee recipes yet but many coffee websites and coffee-lovers blogs are sharing what they know about how to replicate Dunkin coffee with other people. These recipes are not the same. As a result, every cup you make based on these recipes is also different and you hardly have one true Dunkin coffee cup. 

bunn coffee machine

The second reason is because of the different brewing machines. You have your brewing machines at home and they might be Keurig, Panasonic, Nestle, Electrolux, etc. and they work so well on your coffee taste. However, remember brewing machines can also affect your coffee’s taste somehow due to the unique activation of each machine. Some people believe that Dunkin usually uses BUNN machines to brew their coffee. 

One more factor that influences your coffee taste is the coffee ground. Dunkin uses 100% Arabica beans to make the best coffee taste with a seductive smell and fresh flavor. Are you planning to remake Dunkin coffee at home but spend random kinds of coffee grounds instead of the one used by Dunkin or even irrelevant to it? This must be the most crucial thing leading to your failure.

Dunkin Donuts coffee is so different from the others

According to Quora user Albert Cornelius Doyle (Former M.S. in Epidemiology and Health Policy at Harvard School of Public Health (1988–1990), Dunkin Donuts does not try to create a coffee taste which is outstanding or unusual like other brands but a pleasant and comfortable feeling from a coffee cup people want in each morning. 

However, it does not mean Dunkin Donuts will be left behind other brands because they do not have anything special. Dunkin never stops to concentrate on the coffee beans’ quality, ensuring that every coffee cup served to you is the best. 

Doyle also said, Dunkin has expert tasters who are well trained and these people are sent to every region having Dunkin coffee factories that the company corporate with. They taste over 100 cups per week, ranking them on aroma, sweetness, acidity, etc., in search of consistent quality. The whole bin will be re-roasted if one cup has a slightly different taste.

Furthermore, based on Dunkin’ Quality (DDQ) specifications, coffee is milled and processed specifically for Dunkin’. 

This is the way to make coffee taste like Dunkin Donuts

Replicating the coffee’s taste of Dunkin coffee is not all just about following the steps or the recipes you see on websites. You need to measure ingredients carefully, use the appropriate coffee beans or coffee grounds and regard the time brewing your coffee. 

If the coffee that you want to remake is not classic ones but flavored with some additions, make sure you get all the additions or flavored extracts like skim milk, heavy cream, flavored syrups, etc. to make the best homemade version.

Dunkin sells whole coffee beans at stores and on their website, therefore, getting coffee beans from Dunkin is a must if you want to duplicate their coffee taste. 

The way you grind these coffee beans and brew them with a suitable machine are also elements determining the result. 

French press coffee

French press is the most ideal because this kind of machine allows coffee to steep and gives you the purest coffee. Pour water and let the temperature rise to 200 degrees. You should use a thermometer to take the most precise step. Pour hot water into the coffee in the machine and let it steep for 4 minutes. Finally, add some milk or cream (half and half cream is highly recommended).

Here is the way for you to get the closest one to coffee you buy from Dunkin. It might not be exactly the same as Dunkin coffee but you will recognize some similarities when you sip it since it is made from Dunkin coffee beans.