Here Is The Healthiest Coffee At Dunkin’ Donuts You Can Get

Dunkin’ Donuts is not only famous for donuts but also for several kinds of coffee. Here is truly a fast food chain which has the best coffees among the others. This is also the reason why Dunkin’ Donuts has changed its brand name to simple “Dunkin”. Donuts now is no longer the main items of the brand yet coffees apparently accompany the customers. 

However, some people are concerned about their health when they enjoy Dunkin’ coffees. Can we drink Dunkin coffee without being negatively affected? Perhaps the only solution is to order a healthy coffee.

Keep reading and Here Is The Healthiest Coffee At Dunkin’ Donuts You Can Get.

The healthiest coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts you can get

Coffee has been an indispensable part of coffee enthusiasts’ lives. It is the common drink that people would begin the day with because we all know that coffee is considered one of the energy drink types that activate the brain. 

However, the drawbacks of drinking coffee are no less than the good sides. In a mini review about coffee and health in the journal “Integrative Medicine Research” by Jae-HoonBae, Jae-Hyung Park, Seung-Soon Im, and Dae-KyuSong, some facts are mentioned. Coffee is a complex mixture of chemicals and is the main source of caffeine in many populations. 

In this research, it is shown that a moderate amount of caffeine in coffee (2–3 cups or 300 mg/day) intake does not lead to severe effects. Nevertheless, not every kind of coffee has the same content of caffeine or the volume of coffee counted by the cup. There are some which have much more caffeine content than the others such as espresso, macchiato, and americano,…

Therefore, consuming exceeding allowed amounts of caffeine through coffee might cause heart issues, blood pressure, and cholesterol level. Besides, the sugar in coffee is also a factor harming health. 

Dunkin has a wide range of coffee options which absolutely consist of low-caffeine and high-caffeine content as well as the different amounts of sugar in each kind. Take a glance at Dunkin’s coffee menu, the hot items are always iced coffee, espresso, macchiato, latte, and cold brew which carry so much caffeine and sugar. 

Is there even one healthy coffee for you to get?

Yes, there is.

Decaf coffee is the most ideal option brought to you if you want to enjoy the healthiest coffee at Dunkin. Decaf coffee in Dunkin or other coffee chains is not free-caffeine, it is decaffeinated coffee. Decaffeination removes approximately 97% of the caffeine in coffee beans

A normal cup of decaf coffee contains approximately 2 mg of caffeine, whereas a typical cup of regular coffee contains nearly 85 mg of caffeine. Besides, the amount of sugar in Dunkin decaf coffee is 0%, very healthy for you. 

2 healthiest drinks you can get from Dunkin’ Donuts

Along with coffee, Dunkin also offers you other beverages that are diverse in flavor. Drinks made from plain tea leaves in Dunkin’ Donuts would be the best choice for your health. 

Mango Pineapple Green Tea

At Dunkin’ Donuts, tea items are not many yet you still can have yourself the two options which are unsweetened green tea and iced tea. As mentioned, Dunkin tea items are brewed from plain tea leaves, hence they have a good smell and fresh taste. Furthermore, these teas are brewed with water, sweeteners, artificial flavors, or milk. 

Therefore, they are the healthiest drinks since they are low fat, low sugar, and low calories. Tea can even help you lose weight and antioxidants. 

Ways to make Dunkin’ Donuts coffee healthier

If you order directly at Dunkin stores, you can absolutely ask the barista to remove additions as you wish. Coffee at Dunkin usually contains high amounts of caffeine and sugar as well as fat due to additions like milk, cream, and syrups added in.

To be more specific, avoid high-calorie syrups and flavored coffees. Otherwise, try a basic iced coffee or one with sugar-free vanilla syrup. You can also request less ice in your iced coffee to lower the overall calorie and sugar load because the ice cubes will melt into water and dilute the sugar volume.

Dunkin’ Decaf Medium Roast

If you copycat Dunkin coffee at home, you can adjust the recipe. Brew coffee with less sugar, cream, and syrups, or if it is possible to ensure a good taste, remove all of the additions. Or you can simply purchase the decaf coffee ground to make your own healthy coffee in an easy way. 

The least sugar coffee item in Dunkin 

At Dunkin’ Donuts, it might be quite surprising to you who are new to this brand, that classic coffee in hot or cold cups, has the lowest amount of sugar or calories. You can enjoy the strong flavor of coffee in the best way. 

However, if it is too bitter to sip a cup of sugar-free coffee, try adding some skim milk or non-dairy milk like oat milk or almond milk to please your taste. 

The healthiest coffee you should order

To approach further from Dunkin, there are some factors that you should put under consideration of ordering the healthiest coffee.

Regarding the type of coffee beans. Due to the research “How Much Caffeine in Coffee Cup? Effects of Processing Operations, Extraction Methods, and Variables” by the Department of Science of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Foggia, Italy, on average, the raw Arabica shows caffeine content ranging from 0.9 to 1.5% (dry weight), while the Robusta contains about twice as much between 1.2 and 2.4%.

Therefore, you should first choose to purchase coffee at coffee franchises that utilize Arabica beans to get lower caffeine. Healthy coffee is coffee that includes less sugar and any other additions. 

Decaf concept written on coffee beans and jute canvas fabric textile

Based on these factors, decaf coffee seems to be the healthiest of all. Decaf coffee contains no sugar, no fat, no artificial, and much less caffeine content than the others.