Is Decaf and Regular Coffee a Great Combination? Part 2

Enjoying coffee is a hard habit to give up for many people. However, not everyone has the same taste and experience about the effects of caffeine in coffee on the body. Many people drink coffee simply to enjoy its distinctive flavor, not interested in the caffeine and the alertness it brings. And for that reason, decaf coffee appeared to satisfy this part of customers. And also because of the appearance of decaf coffee, many people have tried mixing decaf with regular coffee to see if the taste makes any difference.

Can you mix decaf and regular coffee together?

does Dunkin Donuts decaf coffee really decaf?
Decaf concept is written on coffee beans and jute canvas fabric textile

The answer is definitely yes. The taste of decaf coffee and regular coffee doesn’t have much of a difference, except that the caffeine inside the decaf has been mostly separated or eliminated. However, the remaining nutritional values of decaf are still the same as those of regular coffee.

So, mixing decaf coffee with regular coffee will help you limit the amount of caffeine you take in without changing the taste. Besides, you can also add other ingredients you want such as sugar, and milk to enhance the flavor of your cup of coffee.

Can different types of coffee grounds be mixed together?

Closeup detail of coffee ground in a wooden bowl

Coffee grounds are a waste product but contain many valuable nutrients for cultivation. They are used by gardeners as a natural fertilizer for plants. The reason for this is that the nitrogen content in coffee grounds is very high and it is essential for the healthy growth of the plant. Using coffee grounds to fertilize plants is also an effective way to limit the amount of waste in the family. Coffee grounds will be especially effective on plants such as sweet potatoes, roses, cabbage, onions, and blueberries.

Many people question whether it is possible to use two different types of coffee grounds at the same time. The answer is definitely yes. Regardless of the type of coffee beans, the nutritional value content in them is not too different. Especially the acidity in them is also fine with the soil if used in the right amount.

Is decaf coffee better than regular coffee?

Coffee beans display in a coffee shop

Decaf coffee is coffee that has had about 97% of its caffeine removed. In the past, many people were really concerned about using this type of coffee because they were concerned that the nutrients in coffee would be affected during the decaffeination process and they would adversely affect health. However, do not worry, the use of this type of coffee not only does not harm your body, but they also bring benefits that you did not expect.

First, like regular coffee, decaf reduces the risk of diabetes. According to a study by Magdalena Jeszka, European Food Food Research and Technology, decaf coffee contains substances such as lignans and chlorogenic acid, which help metabolize glucose and reduce oxidation in the body.

Next, a study by Herminia S, Salvador who works at Loma Linda University said that decaf coffee also helps increase heart health. They are considered to have many positive effects on endothelial function because they provide oxygen to help regulate blood vessel contraction throughout the body. If the endothelial function is not stable, the risk of cardiovascular disease will increase.

Decaf coffee also helps us reduce the risk of neurodegeneration, according to a study by Mid America Heart. Neurodegeneration can predispose you to diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Drinking decaf every day will reduce your risk of them because it will help protect your neurons because the caffeine content in them is very low.

Finally, it helps to prevent digestive diseases. Unlike regular coffee, which will cause heartburn or acid reflux symptoms, decaf coffee will prevent them.

However, regular coffee also offers many benefits that decaf does not have. Thanks to its caffeine content, coffee will often keep us awake and reduce feelings of fatigue. Meanwhile, decaf cannot provide this benefit because they have undergone decaffeination.

Benefits of half-caffeine coffee 

Only coffee may refresh me

Coffee is often high in caffeine, so it also offers benefits that low-caffeine drinks can’t.

First, regular coffee is definitely a perfect choice for those on a diet because it helps increase metabolic rate and burn fat. However, be careful to use fewer sweeteners if you are on this diet.

Next, the caffeine found in coffee often improves memory, mood, as well as reaction time, and mental function. These benefits will be maximized if you drink coffee in moderation (about one cup in the morning).

Finally, coffee often helps you fight depression and improve your mood. Depression is a serious mental disorder that reduces the quality of life of sufferers. Meanwhile, coffee has been found to have the ability to prevent this type of psychological illness and improve mood in a positive way.

Thereby we can see that each type of coffee has its own advantages. If you are sensitive to caffeine or are in a period of limited caffeine tolerance, you should use decaf coffee. If you are in good health and need energy and focus, regular coffee will definitely be a perfect choice. Even if you want an interesting experience, don’t forget to try mixing decaf with regular coffee, they will bring a contrasting flavor but are extremely interesting and stimulate your taste buds.