The Truth About Whether to Refrigerate Mini-Moos or Not

Land O’Lakes is a very famous locality back in America. It is known as an agricultural cooperative with favorite dairy products such as butter and cheese. Here, people have launched a product called Mini-Moos. This product is becoming more and more popular in the US in particular and in the world in general because of the convenience it brings and is also very easy to use. for storage at ambient temperature. However, it also makes consumers question, why Mini-Moos do not need refrigeration.  

What is special about Mini-Moos? 

Mini Moos is a product made from cream and cow’s milk raised under special conditions that only Land O’Lake has. They have a slightly thicker texture than milk because of the creaminess inside. This product can be used to prepare various dishes such as making cakes or making creamy sauces for dishes like pasta or even making salad dressings. Their greasy taste is a good choice for stimulating your appetite. Not only that, Mini-Moos is definitely a perfect choice for your coffee cups. It is undeniable that the greasy taste that Mini-Moos brings will make your cup of milk coffee to be elevated.

Is refrigeration necessary for Mini-Moos products?

It is a fact that Mini Moos really do not need refrigeration. On average, Mini-Moos products usually have a shelf life of about 6 months. Within those 6 months, you just need to keep them on the counter in your kitchen or office, out of direct sunlight without storing them in the refrigerator.

Many people wonder why it is possible to do so, or whether any bacteria enter Mini-Moos when stored outside like that. Do not worry. All Mini-Moos cream containers have been pasteurized and sealed very carefully, invasive bacteria will not happen.

However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that they will not be invaded by bacteria when unopened. If your Mini-Moos have been opened and haven’t been used up, put them in the fridge. Opening the lid will make it easy for bacteria to enter, affecting the quality and taste of the product when left at an average temperature.

Why does non-dairy creamer need to be cooled?

A top-down view of a bowl of non-dairy creamer cups in a restaurant setting.

Non-Dairy creamer is known to be an item you can find right on the shelf at the grocery store without needing to chill in the refrigerator. In fact, this cream can be kept for quite a long time, about 1 month, at normal temperature. However, the advice given here is that you should still store them in a cooler instead of storing them at room temperature.

Unlike regular creamers which can only last a few hours if not refrigerated, non-diary creamers can be stored better and longer. But it is not without adverse effects on the quality of non-diary creamer when stored outside, even if only very little, it still exists.

There is no denying that a cold environment helps preserve creamer better, as does non-dairy creamer. Especially for non-diary creamers that have been opened, refrigeration is a must if you want to preserve them until your next use. According to a study by Charles P. Gerba, at the University of Arizona, pathogenic bacteria always exist at room temperature and they can stick to your creamer, affecting quality as well as being unsanitary.

Does Powdered Creamer need refrigeration? 

Creamer on a cup of coffee on wooden background.

Refrigeration is necessary for most liquid creamers to keep them at their best. However, for powdered creamer, this will be solved without the need for a cooler.

Powdered creamer just needs to be kept at a cool temperature, it will not have any problems with the quality of the product as well as the taste it brings. This product is really suitable for offices without refrigerators because you can enjoy delicious milk coffee without the need for liquid creamer. Powdered creamer is also becoming more and more popular thanks to this advantage.

How will the quality of Mini-Moos be affected? 

Whether the quality of Mini-Moos becomes worse depends on how you use and maintain them.

Usually, the shelf life of Mini-Moos is 6 months. After those 6 months, it is inevitable that the product quality will deteriorate. However, if you keep them in an environment with a slightly higher temperature than usual or do not avoid direct sunlight, the product will be affected quite a lot in terms of quality.

Besides, if you open the lid of Mini-Moos but do not store them in the refrigerator, or store them in the refrigerator but do not seal them, their shelf life will be greatly shortened, even cannot be used immediately after half a day because of the invasion of harmful bacteria.

Final thought

Mini-Moos is the product that should be trusted for their convenience as well as the quality and great taste they bring to consumers. To be able to use them with the best quality, remember to store them properly and appropriately, the taste that Mini-Moos brings will never let you down.