What Makes A Perfect Coffee Cup? Great Coffee Beans Are Not Enough!

A coffee drinker tends only to pay attention to the quality of coffee beans. It is expected, but it is not enough if you want to experience a perfect coffee cup. Great ingredients, great coffee makers are good, but you need to have a thing to put under cup. Maybe you think it is nonsense because it doesn’t influence the coffee quality, but it can enhance your experience to a higher level. Either you drink hot or cold coffee, you still need it. 

Do you know what it is? Yes, it is a coaster. You can call it a drink coaster, a beverage coaster, or a beermat. However, this article only focuses on the coaster and its other versions. Therefore, if you haven’t used it before, you should read this article carefully because you may discover something interesting from this tool. Besides, I will release surprisingly practical advantages of coasters for your house. Please read this article to the end, and you won’t regret it!

What Do You Know About A Coaster?

Maybe you don’t know too much about it and how it can help you with your drinking experience. That is fine because we all focus on the coffee and ignore the rest of things. A coaster is what we put under a cup. It may have round, square, or other shapes with a plain color or various patterns. Also, they are made of plastic, wood, or silicone. There are many kinds of coasters so you can easily find them in supermarkets, stores.


When you order a cup of coffee in a famous restaurant or a local café, you may also receive a coaster along with your coffee cup. I am not sure if a small local café gives you a coaster or not, but a restaurant that is a famous chain will do it. A coaster doesn’t only prevent the cup from slipping but also protects the table surface from high temperatures.

You can even use coasters for your homemade coffee. Please don’t think about it as a protracted step because it can protect you from unexpected incidents. If it is useless, famous brands don’t invest money in buying collections of coasters, do they?

In addition, coasters are for decoration if you want everything to be perfect in your house. A coaster collection with your favorite colors or patterns will make you feel better when drinking coffee. Anyway, a small coaster will enhance your coffee experience, and I believe it is worth it.

Is There Any Coaster For Takeaway Coffee Cups?

The answer is yes, but we don’t call it coasters but coffee cup sleeves. It plays a role as a barrier to protect your hand from heat, and you can hold it easily. It is such an incredible invention for the generation of takeaway beverages. These barriers are made of thick and strong paper. The exciting thing is that many brands use these sleeves to attract customers. They can print their messages, logos, or something cute on the cover. Young customers belonging to Minimalism or GenZ generations love creative things, so they are ready to pay to enjoy them.


If you want to see how famous brands show their creativity with these coffee cup sleeves, you can go to Starbucks or any big restaurants in your region. I was very excited to get a coffee cup with a sleeve designed as a cute face. As a result, my boring white cup turned into a smiling boy with a hat-shaped lid. Again, creating a coffee cup sleeve is not difficult but making it attractive is tough.

So, when we buy a takeaway coffee cup, we don’t only enjoy the coffee taste but also examine the creativity of coffee brands. As a coffee lover, I think I will appreciate these chances to understand more about coffee in different styles. In particular, nowadays, takeaway coffee is more and more prevalent, so we can’t deny that coffee cup sleeves make our first impression effectively and affect our decisions. 

What If I Want A Multi-coaster For Some Cups?

A single coaster can be put under only one cup, so it may not suit your demand. Fortunately, there is a drink carrier that allows you to put some cups in at one time. Therefore, restaurants always use it when they have to ship various coffee cups to customers. 

A drink carrier has a design as a tray with holes, maybe 2 or 4 holes to put coffee cups inside. Thanks to these holes, the cups are placed so they can’t be spilled. Not only coffee but these carriers are also used to identify milk tea or other beverages. 

Cropped view of barista in brown apron holding take-out cup carrier with coffee

In terms of material, drink carriers are mainly made of plastics or thick paper so you should reuse them at home. Their colors are straightforward black, white or beige. You shouldn’t expect to receive colorful carriers from brands because they are only tools to ship beverages.

However, if you have a plain carrier, you can paint it with your favorite color. On Youtube, many videos are instructing to recycle or reuse tools. You should watch them and decorate your drink carriers. 

Do You Need A Coaster For Your Coffee?

There is no fixed answer to this question because it depends on your demands. Nevertheless, as I said above, drinking coffee is an art, and we should upgrade our experience if we have a chance. And a small coaster can do it well. If you haven’t used a coaster before, you should try it for a change.


Here is the end of my article about a small thing put under a coffee cup. So what do you think? It is more significant than we thought, right? Hopefully, you will find something fantastic from your coffee cup’s small, lovely coaster and sleeves. Besides, don’t forget to look forward to our following articles. Thank you for reading, and I hope you choose the best coaster for your coffee cup!