Starbucks Cold Brew While Intermittent Fasting? How Do You Keep Fit But Still Enjoy Your Coffee?

Coffee is a good drink that helps us stay awake; however, it will affect weight if you follow a diet or a unique daily menu. Have you ever thought of adding coffee to your diet? Or do you want to keep drinking coffee through your intermittent fasting? I recently received many questions from some ladies who have intermittent fasting but still want to drink coffee, namely Starbucks cold brew. Starbucks is a famous coffee brand. Its coffee flavors are various and delicious; hence, if you are a coffee addict but experiencing intermittent fasting, you should read this article because it will help you find a suitable solution for Starbucks cold brew while intermittent fasting and get the best result of your eating plan. Don’t forget to share interesting things from this article with your friends and support them in enjoying their coffee healthily during their intermittent fasting. So now, let’s check this out!

Something About Starbucks Cold Brews

Cold brew coffee is one of the most prevalent coffees in the Starbucks system. Apart from hot coffee, cold brew is favored in the summer because it combines coffee, cream, ice, or other ingredients. Therefore, it can cool you down fast despite the scorching weather. Besides, this drink is straightforward to prepare, and you don’t need to wait too long to get it.

Pouring cold brew coffee

However, Starbucks is a famous brand, so they have a list of cold brew coffee. You can freely choose your favorite one, and don’t worry, I have tried them all, and they are great! They have Salt caramel cream cold brew, Starbucks reserve – cold brew, Starbucks cold brew coffee, Vanilla sweet cream cold brew, and Starbucks cold brew coffee with milk. As you see, they are all familiar with coffee fans and nearly don’t contain allergens.

Besides, you totally can customize your level of sugar if you are on a diet or have any health problems or simply you don’t like over sweetness.

And What Is Intermittent Fasting?

As its name suggests, intermittent fasting is an eating plan which focuses on your eating timetable. In other words, you don’t need to care about what you eat but when you eat. According to nutrition experts, an intermittent fasting schedule will allow you to eat at certain times to ensure that you are nutritious enough but not overweight. Maybe you can eat only one meal a day or a meal in several hours. The key is you have to follow the timetable to ultimate the result of your eating plan. 

Thanks to this eating timetable, your body will digest its stored sugar and fat. As a result, you will be thinner as you wish. Indeed, this miracle only happens with people who are patient and follow the plan. Do you belong to this group?

You are permitted to digest zero-calorie beverages and low-fat food—for example, vegetables, fish, chicken breast meat, grains, water, and tea. Surprisingly, black coffee or cold black coffee is permitted to be drunk during intermittent fasting. If you are a coffee addict, you can still enjoy your favorite beverage while having intermittent fasting. Coffee won’t have any adverse effect on your diet plan. 

Can I Drink Starbucks Cold Brews While Intermittent Fasting?

As said below, coffee is on the list to validate beverages in intermittent fasting. The reason is that coffee is zero-calorie. You can drink coffee as much as you want, but you won’t have any calories. It means your weight is still the same. Starbucks cold brew is coffee, so that may be allowed, but we will discuss it more.

Tall glass cold brew coffee with ice and milk on black or dark background

Please remember that you have to drink zero-calorie coffee, which means not all kinds of coffee are suitable for your eating plan. Starbucks has some cold brews with vanilla and cream, and you shouldn’t drink these drinks if you don’t want to burn all of your efforts. However, it doesn’t mean that Starbucks cold brews are not healthy. They are healthy and delicious because they contain low sugar and cream. On Starbucks’ website, cold brews still have calories depending on your chosen ingredients. If you still want to drink Starbucks cold brew, please drink plain coffee to ensure it won’t affect your diet.

One more thing, Intermittent fasting requires you to eat at certain times, so you may not keep three meals per day. Therefore, you should consider when you drink coffee. You should only drink coffee after eating to protect your stomach. If you want to drink coffee in the morning, please ask your doctor for advice and create a reasonable eating timetable. 

Some people think that cold-brewed coffee can help you lose weight. This claim is valid because caffeine can burn fat by boosting your metabolism. However, please don’t abuse it because it will harm your health.

What About Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew?

Starbucks has another kind of cold brew, Nitro cold brews. It is considered a signature drink of Starbucks. If you order a Nitro cold brew, you will see nitrogen when the bartender pours it on the tap. It is unique, making the coffee cup smoky and frothy. Starbucks has Nitro cold brew and Nitro cold brew with sweet vanilla cream. 

Although it has a different name, Nitro cold brews won’t break your intermittent fasting. However, please control the amount of sugar and cream. If you are unsure, you should ask your doctor or your mentor for advice.

Woman wearing yellow jacket sipping Frothy Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in drinking glass with green blur background
Woman wearing yellow jacket sipping Frothy Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in drinking glass with green blur background


Are you on a diet or intermittent fasting? If yes, don’t worry because you can still enjoy your coffee in the morning. The only thing you should pay attention to is the number of calories you will digest. Hopefully, my knowledge about this field has helped you have a suitable eating plan. I believe that if we drink coffee correctly, it will be a great addition to our daily menu. Don’t forget to look forward to our following articles with more new exciting stories about coffee! Thank you for reading, and enjoy your coffee!