Is Asking A Girl Out For Coffee Easy? 4 Steps To Make Your Wish Come True

Going out for coffee is a popular reason if we want to go out or invite somebody to date. It is an exciting topic because most guys want to request a girl to go out for coffee when they want to establish a relationship or get to know her better. If you are a guy, have you ever invited your crush for a coffee or at least thought about it? With some guys, it is hard to speak out about asking a girl out for coffee because they are shy or they can’t find a reasonable reason. Do you meet these problems? Don’t worry because you are not lonely! And it is not difficult at all as you thought!

Many guys have difficulties giving their crushes a coffee invitation, especially the first time. I understand this issue because love is chance, seriously. If you meet your Mrs.Right, you have to take this chance to build a sustainable relationship. Don’t miss it because you can’t ask her to go out for coffee, and maybe you can’t meet a great girl like her again. It is a severe problem, and you shouldn’t think it is a flirting thing. It could be a start, but you need more to make a good impression on your crush. Now, let’s check it out!

Is Asking A Girl To Go Out For Coffee A Date?

Yes, it is usually a date. However, sometimes it is only an appointment. The problem is what you talk about and your purpose. If you want to invite a girl to go out for coffee to talk about your projects, it is only a regular appointment. In this case, you don’t need to spend time making up a reason to ask her to go out. Although it is a business appointment, you still should be polite to make a good impression on the girl. All relationships at work are essential, so you should protect them carefully for a promising career.

Young couple tasting coffee drinks enjoying flirt and conversation during weekend date sitting in cozy cafe
Young couple tasting coffee drinks enjoying flirt and conversation during weekend date sitting in cozy cafe

On the contrary, it is an actual date if you want to ask a girl out for coffee and get to know her. It is a different problem, and you have to use another way to persuade her and keep her interested in your conversation. Through the discussion, if you are lucky, you will be transferred from her friend zone to her love zone. However, you have to determine the purpose of the date and the script (if you are too shy to lead the conversation).

How Do You Ask A Girl To Go Out For Coffee Over Text?

In the era of 4.0, smartphones and texting apps have been developing fast, so you have more channels to interact with each other. Thanks to these tools, you can ask a girl to go out for coffee quickly because she will receive your message immediately, and you don’t need to talk directly with her. If you are a shy guy, these apps will help you effectively.

We have many popular texting apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, Messenger, etc. All of the apps have similar mechanisms, so you won’t find any difficulties using them. After adding her phone number or ID name to your contact list, you and your crush can interact with each other. Besides, these apps have many collections of icons so you can cutely express your emotions. However, you need to have her phone number or ID name. And how to get this information is also a challenge. I will discuss this issue in another article, so you should manage to have her contact number as soon as possible.

Beautiful couple having coffee on a date

To have a perfect date with your crush, please follow these steps below:

Step 1: Don’t be in a rush; you should keep in touch with her for a few days or a few weeks to build the trust between you two. All girls want to date a reliable guy, so you need to be patient. In this step, you should talk about typical topics: work, films, music or a boring topic – weather. The purpose is to help you better understand each other and find everyday things. 

Step 2: When you know what your crush likes, what she dislikes, or what her job is and other information, you can tell her more about yourself about your hobbies, your dreams, your goals for this year, etc. In short, they should be more personal details but not too personal. It would be best if you were delicate in controlling the conversations.

Step 3: When you and your crush have something in common, it is good news. You can boost your conversations to a new level but don’t forget to be patient. When you two maintain the hobby of talking with each other every day, you should be ready for an actual date.

Step 4: It is time for your date! Let’s choose a special occasion such as Valentine’s, Christmas, her birthday or a weekend. Then you can send her a text message for coffee. You can ask her where she wants to go but don’t because most girls will say, “It’s up to you.” Therefore, choose a restaurant, prepare a gift (if available) and take her there.

Woman texting with phone outdoors

Asking a girl to go out for coffee via text is more comfortable with modern people, so you should take advantage of this channel. Many guys are successful, and you can be one of them if you follow the instructions!


Here is the end of the article about instructions to ask a girl to go out for coffee. Hopefully, you have found an excellent way to have a date with your crush. Coffee may be a bridge with your love, and it is so cool! Don’t forget to look forward to my following articles, and I will try my best to write more unique topics related to coffee. Thank you for your reading, and enjoy your coffee!