Mixing Decaf And Regular Coffee: Sounds Weird But Surprisingly Delicious

If you love drinking coffee, you should try it this way because it will bring a unique flavor. However, decaf and regular coffee are two different kinds of coffee. But anyway, they are still coffee, with the main component being caffeine. 

Therefore, if you have an idea to mix decaf and regular coffee and wonder if you should be mixing decaf and regular coffee, the answer is a big Yes. I will provide you with essential information about decaf coffee and regular coffee. Through my article, you can understand more about these kinds of coffee because most people don’t know the difference between them or how they can affect our bodies. With this article, I hope we will broaden our knowledge about coffee and enjoy our favorite coffee correctly.

Drinking two kinds of coffee in one cup is a beautiful experience for all coffee lovers. Now let’s find out how we can do it and why we can do it; check it out!

Decaf Coffee And Regular Coffee: What Is The Difference?

The difference is the name “decaf.” While regular coffee is coffee, we drink it every day without any additional intervention in its components, and decaf coffee is coffee that removes an amount of caffeine. So “decaf coffee” means decaffeinated coffee. In other words, if you don’t want to digest 100% caffeine from coffee, you should try a cup of decaf. 

Decaf concept written on coffee beans and jute canvas fabric textile

In terms of flavor, decaf coffee and regular coffee have similar tastes in terms of flavors, so you don’t need to worry about whether the decaf one is bland. Also, you can still add more sugar, condensed milk to make it more sweet and flavorful. However, one thing that won’t change is the amount of caffeine.

When you drink decaf coffee, you only absorb about 1% of caffeine, equal to 7 mg of caffeine, while regular coffee has about 70mg of caffeine.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Decaf Coffee

Decaf coffee is more and more popular because it helps people get rid of the health risks from caffeine. As said above, decaf coffee only has 1% of caffeine, and you can reduce the chances of many dangerous diseases: high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, anxiousness, or insomnia.

Indeed, drinking coffee is not dangerous as most coffee drinkers won’t suffer from these symptoms. However,  it is undeniable that the high level of caffeine will contribute to the appearance of many diseases. Although caffeine helps us stay awake and focused, we still should control it reasonably.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, you are recommended to drink decaf coffee because your body will have difficulties digesting caffeine. Although you won’t meet serious health problems, you will find it hard to sleep or easy to be stressed or anxious. 

Cup with hot Beverage and Inscription Decaf isolated on white Background

Many people assume that decaf coffee is unsuitable for the brain, but it is only an unfounded rumor. On the contrary, decaf coffee can improve the glucose utilization of the brain. Thanks to it, you can reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 and some disorders related to the brain. 

There has been no evidence or research about the harm of decaf coffee to human health until now. Therefore, you shouldn’t bias this kind of coffee to avoid missing this helpful beverage.

Moreover, decaf coffee beans are still used for all types of coffee, such as Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Black coffee, and others. Therefore, don’t worry that decaf coffee is a bad-quality coffee. Good flavor and good for your health. Is decaf coffee what you are looking for in the world of coffee?

Does Decaf Coffee Dehydrate You After Drinking?

Dehydration is considered a widespread symptom that people meet after drinking coffee. It is even labeled as a disadvantage of this beverage. However, scientific research has whitewashed coffee. Coffee is not the main reason that affects dehydration in the human body. If you drink either regular coffee or decaf coffee, you won’t be dehydrated. However, coffee is not a good source of hydration, so you shouldn’t abuse it. 

After drinking coffee, you may feel that your mouth will be dry, and you have to drink water. It is a sign of slight dehydration, so you shouldn’t drink too much coffee to balance the water level in your body.

Coffee cup and coffee beans on wooden background

Who Should Drink Decaf Coffee Instead Of Regular Coffee?

Although decaf coffee has certain health benefits, many people tend to drink regular coffee because they want to taste coffee’s “original” taste. However, it is only an assumption. It would be best if you didn’t think about the “original taste” because, as I said, decaf coffee has a similar taste as regular coffee. If you belong to one of the groups below, you should drink decaf coffee:

Pregnant Or Breastfeeding Women

Caffeine is not a promising compound for the baby’s development, so you should limit the caffeine you absorb every day. Besides, if you drink too much regular coffee, it will affect your sleep quality and milk quality. Although you are a coffeeholic, you should control your addiction to protect yourself and your baby in this period.


Adolescents are experiencing fast development in both physical and mental health. They should have a healthy routine and stay away from stimulants. And coffee is one of them. If you are an adolescent, you should try a little decaf coffee and don’t drink too much coffee.

Insomnia People

If you can’t sleep easily and want to improve your sleep quality, please don’t drink coffee. If you love it, you can try decaf coffee but not regularly. Decaf coffee still has a certain amount of caffeine, negatively affecting your sleep. If you don’t want to open your eyes all night, watch your caffeine!


Hopefully, my article today has helped you understand more about decaf coffee and its benefits. Are you ready to make your drink by mixing decaf coffee and regular coffee? If yes, don’t forget to tell me how it tastes. Thank you for reading, and enjoy your coffee!