How To Rematch On Coffee Meets Bagel? Finding A Quality Crush Is Not Too Tricky At All!

Today, we will discuss a topic about coffee, but it is not our favorite beverage. It is a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel! Does it sound great? I am very excited to write about this topic because I am sensitive to coffee-related issues. A dating app is not my type, but it has coffee in its name, so I have to research it. And I am not wrong; everything related to coffee is charming.

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app that focuses on people sick of swiping. Although I don’t understand too much about the targeted users of this app, I have found that many people use it and don’t know how to rematch on Coffee Meets Bagel because they don’t want to miss their bagels.

Something interesting about the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app

As said above, Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app. Dating apps are popular products of technology companies because people are getting busier, and most don’t have enough time to date. Therefore, people tend not to get married or live with their partners. They choose to live alone and enjoy their lonely lives. However, some still want to find love and end their single days. However, they hate swiping. As a result, Coffee Meets Bagel wants customers to have quality dates with the right people.

As its name suggests, Coffee Meets Bagel refers to two people born for each other. Breakfast with a coffee cup and some bagels is ideal to start a new day. In other words, coffee and bagels are a perfect couple with many people. They are simple, maybe cheap, but they match each other. Let’s imagine that you eat a bagel with a cup of cappuccino. I believe that this combination will awaken all of your senses. 

Although I hadn’t heard about this dating app before, when I read about it and started writing to answer the question of how to rematch on Coffee Meets Bagel, I knew it was a great product. Hopefully, you can find your “coffee” or “bagel” through this app with my support.

How to have a match on the Coffee Meets Bagel app

This matching mechanism of Coffee Meets Bagel is similar to other dating apps. The programmers constantly update profiles of bagels every day, and they will appear on your smartphone’s screen. Therefore, you will have a chance to meet many bagels, and it is excellent for a workaholic.

Instead of swiping, you can like or pass them. You are matched if you press like a bagel, and your Bagel likes you too. You can start chatting to talk, share and be ready to have an actual date.

All users are required to provide necessary information to minimize the number of clones. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the bagels, you need to choose the best one for you.

Is rematching on Coffee Meets Bagel possible?

Unfortunately, the rematching function is no longer available because the programmers disabled it. In the past, this function was enabled, and it helped many people find their favorite bagels again. Thanks to this, many couples didn’t miss each other and had a happy ending. Therefore, if you want a rematch with a bagel, you can’t do it anymore.

However, the creators of Coffee Meets Bagel are developing new features to support users to keep in touch with their favorite bagels. You can follow the social media channels of Coffee Meets Bagel to update these functions.

One of them is reopening an expired chat. If you want to contact a bagel again but your conversation ended. You have to pay by beans – a unique currency of the Coffee Meets Bagel. The price for reopening a chat is under 380 beans. After that, you guys can meet again, and it is your second chance to build your relationship.

If you have any concerns about using Coffee Meets Bagel, you can freely contact the customer service team, and they will support you as soon as possible. In addition, the website of Coffee Meets Bagel has published all essential information so you can research it before registering an account.

Other important notices of the Coffee Meets Bagel app

As a leading Jewish dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel has had millions of users. It is free, so you don’t need to pay any fees to join, like, or contact your Bagel. Unlike other dating apps, Coffee Meets Bagel provides users with all functions, so you don’t need to pay more to upgrade or use VIP functions. 

Moreover, if you are a member of the LGBTQ community, feel free to join Coffee Meets Bagel because it doesn’t have any limitations. You are welcome to find your Bagel and start a great love story! I believe that it is a human feature of Coffee Meets Bagel because love is a traditional gift of humankind, so we all have a right to love. Hopefully, you will find your true love with Coffee Meets Bagel, no matter what your sexual orientation is.


After many articles about coffee knowledge, I hope an article about a dating app related to coffee will keep you excited. You can join Coffee Meets Bagel and find your true love, and you two can enjoy coffee together? Everything can happen. If you want to read more articles about coffee, including something named coffee like today’s article, don’t forget to look forward to my following writing pieces in the future. Thank you for your reading, and enjoy your coffee or try joining Coffee Meets Bagel to find your true love!