Why Does My Ex Want To Meet For Coffee: Is It Okay And What To Remember? 

Many people have undoubtedly had remarkable love encounters in their lives. I don’t wish to offend you, but have you ever had a lover or been in a relationship that ended in a breakup?

No matter who’s right or wrong in a love separation, there will be times of loneliness that make you wish you were back with your ex and cherished and protected by him. So, if you get the chance, would you like to invite your beloved to coffee to confide in together? This may appear to be a weird and crazy idea, but relax, guys; it happens all the time in many places of the world, and it’s really not that ridiculous, right? Within the allowed boundaries, you have the right to ask your ex for coffee. By contrast, if you’re the invited guests, you might be wondering why does my ex want to meet for coffee. Continue reading to get more interesting facts about this topic.

Is It OK To Have Coffee With An Ex?

We’ll look at two different scenarios. When one invites his/ her ex to coffee, it’s absolutely fine and there’s nothing to argue about in case you and your ex are single. What matters is whether you or that person wants to go and it all relies on whether you still have enough respect and a reasonable feeling for the other one. 

If your ex is a decent person and you broke up because you were impetuous and inconsiderate, a coffee date could help you heal your feelings and get back together or at least, you both can be good friends then. Conversely, if you know the other person has had a poor connection with you, though, try to avoid contact with them since you may become weak and suffer again.

Couple date at cafe

On the other hand, when you or that person is in a relationship, going out for coffee with your ex is not really advisable. From an objective standpoint, this is absolutely acceptable if your purpose is only to drink coffee. Otherwise, you should avoid spending time with them if you suspect your ex has a hidden agenda as you might risk ruining another relationship and causing misery to other individuals. 

Sometimes, the meet-up can be for work only. In these situations, it is not too concerning to say yes for the invitation. According to experts, if you have the need to control what your ex does or who they spend their time with, you’ll never be able to have a truly healthy relationship. Each connection will eventually fade away if there is no trust in it. In fact, many couples have broken up but they still remain in touch since they were closest friends in the past. 

All in all, despite the fact that you’re in a relationship or not, going out for coffee is always a good idea if you and your partner have built enough trust in each other. If you try to cheat, the other person will progressively avoid meeting you, and no one will want to have coffee with you because they don’t believe in you.

When You Meet Your Ex For Coffee, What Do You Do?

If you’re the one who’s inviting the ex, pay attention to your look, your clothes, and, most importantly, what you want to say to them. If you are one of the invited guests, simply dress appropriately and depart, allowing your mind and heart to lead the way.

When Asking Your Ex To Coffee, What To Keep In Mind?

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should only do it if you and the individual are not dating with other people. Furthermore, when sitting in crowded areas such as a coffee shop, be mindful with your words and movements to avoid making the other person uncomfortable.

Romantic relationship is a term that defines something incredibly holy, therefore never take it for granted. If you’ve ever fallen in love with each other but had to break up for a variety of reasons and now you want come back with that one, it is crucial to arrange an appointment to meet he or she in person and tell them what you long for.

Close up view of the small wooden table and hands of a young couple enjoying a cup of coffee at an outdoor restaurant or cafeteria

The ideal location is a quiet but not too inconspicuous coffee shop. Always keep in mind that trust comes first. Please extend a genuine invitation to them for coffee. If you’ve lived together, don’t go to the old destinations since it’ll bring back a lot of memories. It’s important to think critically about your future so that you don’t make poor judgments based on your emotions.

As mentioned previously, it is OK to actively invite your ex for coffee (if socially permitted), regardless of whether you are a lady or a man, just make sure you look good. Make an effort to appear like someone he or she would want to spend time with, appreciate and want to discover more about you. 

How Can You Tell Whether You Still Have Feelings For Your Ex?

Most essential, while speaking with your ex, be truthful. You can begin by asking questions about your current life, but don’t try to beat around the bush. Let your ex know how you feel if you still have feelings for her/ him. Tell him you’ve been thinking about the relationship and that you think it might have gone better. Make a list of the obstacles you’ve faced in the past and see if you can conquer them together.

You don’t need to chat a lot or attempt to make him think you’re doing great. Simply inform him that you are changing for the better and would like them to consider contacting you again.

If necessary, express regret if the split was your fault. It’s critical to offer a clear and firm apology if you cheated on your partner or did something else that caused him to leave the relationship. Saying “I’m very sorry” isn’t enough in this case. Instead, show him that you understand why he was disappointed at you and that you’ve been aware of the consequences of your actions.

In addition to that, it’s critical to keep your ego out of the way, even if you believe he did something wrong for which he should apologize. Please be a good listener in any conversations with each other. However, you may not need to apologize for anything if your relationship has ended from both sides.

Subsequently, say you’d want to hear what he thinks after hearing all the things. He may have annoying feelings for you and become irritated with you, or he may comprehend what you’re trying to express. Even if you disagree with what you hear, try to understand why he acts like this. This is unlikely to go well if you just become enraged and start a new battle.

Portrait of young man and woman looking at each other and smiling, meeting in cafe for coffee

If your ex says he/she still has feelings for you, talk about what occurred in your relationship. Concentrate on the issues you’re having and see if you can get it functioning again in the future.

If he replies he doesn’t feel that way, simply reply, “I hope you feel different, but I’m delighted to inform you. If you have similar feelings, please contact me.”

Don’t hold your breath for a prompt response. Accept the ex’s request for time and let them decide when to react.

Final Thought

Will you select a sweet milk coffee or a harsh black coffee when you drink coffee with your ex? Regardless of his/her choice, do not look down on your ex because everyone has their own thoughts and decisions. Wishing your coffee dates with your ex will always end happily.