You Are A Plant Lover, So Do You Know That Are Coffee Grounds Good For Avocado Trees?

Through my articles, we all agree that coffee is one of the most fantastic beverages worldwide. However, one thing that makes me love coffee more is that it has other advantages for many things around us. Don’t you know that coffee grounds are considered a good fertilizer for plants and deodorant for the kitchen, refrigerator? 

Many people think coffee grounds are only rubbish, and they throw them away. But as coffee lovers, we should research deeper, and sometimes, coffee grounds can be a helpful tool for you. 

This article also discusses coffee as fertilizer for plants or trees. Some people have asked me, “Are coffee grounds good for avocado trees?“. Well, I will give you the exact answer below, so don’t forget to read my writing pieces until the end. I assure you that you will be satisfied with it and if you don’t have a tree, you will start gardening after reading my article.

Why Are Coffee Grounds Good For Plants?

According to many pieces of research, coffee grounds have much proper nutrition for trees. Although it is not a product from a famous fertilizer brand, it still proves its advantages in taking care of plants. Many people add coffee grounds to the soil because they think that nitrogen from coffee grounds will provide nitrogen for the soil. However, they are wrong; nitrogen from coffee grounds will go to the layer of compost, not the earth. Therefore, you should bear it in mind to use this natural fertilizer effectively.


Coffee grounds are suitable for your plants because they are natural, organic materials. Therefore, when you add it to the soil, it will help to improve some factors such as aeration, water retention, or drainage. If these functions run smoothly, your plants will be healthy and stay away from diseases caused by earthworms.

Some people believe that the high pH of the soil can be lowered by adding coffee grounds. It is true, but you can use the usual coffee grounds. You have to use unwashed coffee grounds to take advantage of it. The reason is that unwashed coffee grounds are acidic. When you put them in the soil, it will lower the pH. On the contrary, the neutral feature of used coffee grounds can’t raise the soil’s acid level.

Coffee Grounds Are Excellent Fertilizer For Avocado Trees

We can claim that coffee grounds are good for avocado trees with everything explained above. You can add coffee grounds to the soil of avocado trees to give them enough nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, and other valuable nutrients. In particular, the available amount of caffeine in coffee grounds will prevent insects or earthworms. Instead of using chemical fertilizers, coffee grounds will help you taste organic avocados and effectively protect your health.

So coffee grounds are not insufficient for avocado trees at all. However, if you want to ensure its advantages, you can ask some experts in plants for advice. You have to tell them what kind of avocado cultivars, what diseases they have, or other issues related to their health. Depending on the current situation of your trees, experts can give you sound pieces of advice.

Green Hass Avocados fruit hanging in the tree

Other Plant Food For Avocado Trees That You Can Also Use

Apart from coffee grounds, you have other choices of fertilizers to feed your avocado trees. Therefore, don’t worry if you don’t have enough coffee grounds for your plants. I will list some of the excellent food for your avocado trees below:

Citrus Tree Fertilizer – Best Food For Avocado Trees

This kind of fertilizer is the best food for your avocado because it is born to raise these trees. Coffee grounds could be reasonable, but it is a different food, but citrus tree fertilizer is essential. Citrus tree fertilizer is an excellent source of nutrients such as iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, boron, copper, and other components. Also, citrus tree fertilizer has an acidic feature to raise the acid level of the soil. Thanks to it, your avocado trees will bloom and be healthy. 

Top view of grower in gloves holding plant and garden shovel

If you use this kind of fertilizer, you should follow its instructions to ensure you don’t exceed the required amount of fertilizer. You can put it in the soil or spray it on the leaves. However, you only have to choose one of the two ways. After that, the leaves or dirt will absorb the fertilizer and raise the trees. However, please remember that don’t put the fertilizer near the trees’ trunks because it is not the way for fertilizer digestion. 

Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Another kind of organic fertilizer for avocado trees is fish emulsion. It is not a new fertilizer, and it’s available. If you are a newbie in gardening, you can use this fertilizer. Because it is made from fish, fish emulsion fertilizer is full of nutrients, and it can boost the level of nutrients for trees very fast. However, the amount of protein, fat, or oil in fish emulsion is not higher than the main parts of fish. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that your avocado trees have excess nutrients.

Mulches Fertilizer

Have you ever heard about this fertilizer? It is a natural fertilizer from leaves falling around the avocado tree. These leaves will be rotten but provide the root with many nutrients. In particular, if you have a baby avocado tree, you need to put leaves around it because leaves will improve its water-holding. Besides, it is free, so don’t clean the leaves under your avocado trees.


Do you have avocado trees in your garden? If yes, I hope my article has helped you take care of them better. Raising a tree is an incredible journey and a good hobby. It will be more significant when you combine it with your love for coffee. Don’t forget to look forward to my following articles and discover more great things about coffee! Thank you for reading and enjoy your coffee or avocado smoothie!