Is Starbucks You Are Here Mugs Still In Production?

If you are a lover of the famous Starbucks coffee brand, the theme mugs that Starbucks launches at every event are certainly not strange to you. The You are here mug set launched by Starbucks has also made a splash with its unique designs of famous places around the world. Although these cups are sold at a low price, thanks to their interesting and beautiful appearance, they still become attractive to consumers who love this coffee brand. It’s been a long time since these mugs were released and they’ve barely even appeared on the market, so the question is, did Starbucks discontinue You are mugs?

Did Starbucks discontinue You are here mugs? 

‘You are here’ mugs are adorned with images of unique symbols of many countries around the world such as Belgium, Denmark, Scotland, etc. In the past, you could go directly to Starbucks stores to get a cup with the image of the country you wanted. At present, however, this is hardly possible. The reason is that the You are here cup set has been stopped by Starbucks and put on the market since 2018. This may cause regret for those who have not been able to collect the entire set of cups, but they can only be purchased by buying from others instead of buying from Starbucks.

After the You are here series of mugs were discontinued, Starbucks immediately replaced them with Been There, which had a similar theme to the previous You are here, and they were also very well received by Starbucks fans.

Some You are here Starbucks mugs you should know 

A variety of locations as well as countries are included in this You are mugs project. Each cup honors the beauty and distinctive features of each different culture, making users feel excited and want to own them. Below is a list of some of the You are here cups that Starbucks has launched.


The capital of Italy is known as the eternal city with a history stretching back millennia. We can immediately see images of the famous Colosseum, the Trevi fountain, and the famous dish Spaghetti on the mug.

VIENNA ver 2

The beautiful and famous tourist city of Austria looks both modern and ancient. Starbucks demonstrates this with images of its famous chandelier and Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel as well as the Danube tower, Austria’s tallest tower.


The famous city of Japan’s cherry blossom country. Famous landmarks such as Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, and bullet trains are presented by Starbucks in a very unique and outstanding way.


Instead of working on famous cities, this time Starbucks released a mug about Germany. On the cup is shown the famous food German sausage and beer. Besides, there is also the famous football culture of this country.


This is a county located in the north of the UK, with rolling hills and beautiful beaches. Starbucks has included a traditional drink here, Yorkshire black tea. Besides, there are also the iconic flower of this place, the white rose, and landmarks such as Whitby Abbey, and York Minster.


Located in the north of Belgium, this is considered a city worth visiting in this country because of the antiquity it brings. Printed on the mug are Graslei harbor, St Nicholas’ church, and Count Gravensteen’s castle.


A beautiful coastal city in Vietnam with traditional cultural features and famous landmarks such as Monkey Island, the Institute of Oceanography has been recreated by Starbucks on a You are here mug.

Starbucks rare mugs which hard to find  

Starbucks has always launched a series of interesting mugs, and among them, there are really outstanding mugs that make consumers look for and willing to buy them from others at high prices. Here are a few names that are hard to buy.

Seattle Mug

Released in 2019 in the ‘Been There’ collection. With their rudimentary brushstrokes of interesting icons, they really appeal to Starbucks cup collectors.

Rainbow Tumbler

With a combination of gentle colors like purple and pink, it really attracts female customers with the femininity it brings. This is also a very difficult cup to find nowadays.

Seville Mug

On the list of Starbucks city, but it attracts more buyers than other cups. The beautiful city of Spain is uniquely presented and extremely eye-catching by Starbucks.

Blue Ceramic Mug

This is the first ceramic mug produced by Starbucks and launched in 2006. Although it is simple in design, it gives a luxurious look. Perhaps also because it has been released for a long time, it has become a rare product in the series of Starbucks mugs.

Final thought

It is undeniable that Starbucks’ mug business strategy really attracts users, enhances the brand’s position as well as brings a lot of cultural value to the people who use them. What about you, do you also want to own these beautiful mugs?