Can You Use Coffee Filters As Cupcake Liners? Let’S See How The Answer Will Surprise You!

In all of my articles, I always claim that making homemade coffee is an exciting journey for all fans of this beverage. You don’t need all the professional tools to prepare a perfect coffee cup. You can take advantage of many available things, for example, a tea ball to brew your coffee. Do you think that making coffee or baking cakes at home is easy? Well, yes, but you still need to follow some rules. You can use other equipment to make coffee, but not all equipment can be used to make coffee. It means you have to choose tools carefully. Recently, many people have asked me, “Can you use coffee filters as cupcake liners?”. This article will give you an answer to this question. Hopefully, you will become a coffee pro in the future with a flexible method. And now, here we go!

Coffee Filters Vs. Cupcake Liners

Coffee filters and cupcake liners are two different tools—one for making coffee and baking cakes. However, the common thing about them is their shape. They look like a cup, but their structure is different. 

Barista pouring hot water on rough brown bubbles coffee through drip filter

A coffee filter is a filter that specializes in brewing coffee. Its materials vary, such as paper, cloth, plastic, or stainless steel. These materials are safe for human health, so you shouldn’t be worried about that. You can put the coffee filter on the cup when you make coffee. Then, you put the ground coffee, pour hot water, and the filter will allow the liquid to go down to the cup and keep the coffee ground. Its mechanism is straightforward, so you don’t need other additional tools. According to coffee experts, plastic or metal filters are recommended. Paper one is prevalent, but it is not strong enough because sometimes it lets the ground coffee go through, and you can feel grainy when you drink it.

As its name suggests, a cupcake liner is used for baking and dressing cakes. A cupcake liner is a piece of paper used only for baking cakes. Therefore, its material is thin, but it can be heat resistant because bakers will put them into the oven to bake cakes. Cupcake liners can be decorated with colorful paper to attract customers, and they are easy to remove from the cake. Besides white, cupcake liners have different colors to decorate and attract customers. So you can choose your favorite colors and patterns to decorate your lovely cakes and make them more excellent.

Cupcake cases

Can You Replace A Cupcake Liner With A Coffee Filter?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. Their mechanisms are different, so a cupcake line can’t be used to make coffee and vice versa. A cupcake liner is used to contain the batter, not filter it. If you deliberately use a cupcake liner as a coffee filter, you will fail because the hot water will make the liner melt, and you can’t keep the ground coffee. In the end, ground coffee, water, and the liner will be mixed. Well, I am sure that it is not what you expect. 

A cupcake liner is not like a tea ball. A tea ball can filter tea leaves from the liquid. Therefore, it is suitable to replace a coffee filter. The structure is the only reason making the cupcake liner is not the right candidate for homemade coffee makers. 

Coffee Filter

On the contrary, you can’t use a coffee filter as a cupcake liner. The bottom of the filter is designed with many tiny holes for the liquid to go through. If you put the batter in it, it will drip through small holes, and your cakes can’t keep their shape. The best replacement will be parchment paper, but never a coffee filter. If you are a baker, you shouldn’t try it because it will waste your battery and time. 

Finally, please remember that each tool has its role. Hence, don’t use anything if you don’t understand its function. If you use the wrong tools to make coffee or bake cakes, you will ruin all of them.

But A Coffee Filter And Parchment Paper Are Best Friends!

Well, here is the surprising part. You can’t use coffee filters as cupcake liners, but as parchment paper, you can use coffee filters. Even if you are a professional baker, you sometimes forget to prepare parchment paper. Don’t worry; a coffee filter will be an excellent choice to line the pan. When you run out of parchment paper, you can put a large coffee filter (8 or 10 cup size) on the bottom of the pan. This filter may be fit with the pan, so you don’t need to cut it.

Hands pouring grounded coffee in filter

Please note that you have to use a paper filter because its material is similar. However, you shouldn’t use this method too much because sometimes the quality of cakes can’t be as you expect. It is only used for emergencies, and you shouldn’t rely on them too much. 

Some people wonder whether paper coffee filters are toxic; there is no exact answer so far. However, some paper coffee filters are bleached with chemicals, and some studies have indicated that they can contain a certain amount of dioxin. If it meets hot temperature, the dioxin can go to your coffee or yoủ cakes. However, it is still vague, but you can find some green materials to use for safety. If you don’t know where to find them, let’s go to Amazon and other big e-commerce websites. Maybe you can find them in a few minutes.


It is the end of my article about coffee filters and cupcake liners. They have similar appearances, but they have different functions. Hopefully, you can find some interesting tools to make coffee or bake cakes through my article. In my following articles, I will continue discussing more topics about coffee, and indeed, they will excite you. Don’t forget to look forward to my next writing! Thanks for your reading, and enjoy your coffee!