Is The Humor: “Expired Instant Coffee Could Cause Death” True?

Dear all my coffeeholic who are also overthinkers, I have a fun question for you: Have you questioned what would happen if you used expired coffee? There is humor: Expired instant coffee could cause death. Is it true? Let’s find out together!

expired instant coffee could cause death
Coffee cup and coffee beans on table

Well, from my knowledge, coffee doesn’t go rancid like the way bread gets mold and fruits rot. Therefore, drinking expired coffee does not make you pass away, but the coffee with the expiration date has given some considerable problems.

The most considerable problem is the coffee will definitely lose its quality. Unlike usual coffee, expired coffee has a bitter taste and is flavorless. It also might disgust some people when they realize that dead coffee makes them drunk. 

However, if the coffee beans have mold before brewing, it can make you sick with expired coffee. And drinking a massive amount of out of dated coffee can lead to some health issues, such as stomach pain, bloating, etc. 

So how to protect your coffee bean from having mold? Coffee beans or grounds go bad or have mold because of poor storage. Therefore, if you do not want your grounds to have mold, you need to notice the temperature, light, oxygen, moisture, and time. 

In general, expired coffee will not make you immediately die after drinking it, but the ground with mold will definitely make you sick. Therefore, you need to consider keeping them in suitable places.

What Happen If You Drink Expired Coffee?

We usually catch food going bad, such as donuts have molds and orange rot. However, it is pretty rare to see expired coffee in real life, so there are so many questions around them, but the most popular one is what happens if you drink expired coffee? We can find the answer through the explanation in this post.

Does coffee actually go bad? The answer is, of course, that all the drinks exist. Coffee lasts longer if you know the way to store it correctly. 

Based on each quality, form, type, and storage, coffee has different expired dates, and the date on the coffee bag often stands for best before. 


However, because it can be expired so, what happens if we accidentally drink it? There are two situations that maybe occur. First is that your liquid of coffee tastes bad because it goes bad after brewing. In that case, you are alright, but the coffee will not taste good. Instead, it doesn’t taste very pleasant. Second, your coffee is expired because the grounds have mold. In that case, you maybe want to check on yourself because it may lead to some illnesses such as bloating, stomach pain, etc. Therefore, you have to make sure you store them in the right temperature, light, oxygen, moisture, and time. 

In conclusion, coffee can go bad, and if you accidentally drink expired coffee, you may catch some health problems, but they are not really serious.

Can You Drink Expired Instant Coffee Mix?

Studying makes me buy coffee every single day. I usually buy my cup of coffee on the way to my school every morning. I stopped buying it because now most of my classes are online. Therefore, instead of a fresh cup of coffee, I have so many boxes of instant coffee. And they lead to a concern: maybe I will accidentally drink expired instant coffee. What happens if we drink expired instant coffee?

Hand pours instant coffee from a spoon in a coffee cup

Like all types of instant food in this world, instant coffee can be expired according to the date on each pack of them. However, in fact, instant coffee does not expire because it does not have moisture in it. That means the date on their bags stands for “best before” date instead of the expiration date. 

However, there are still some problems that will come along with your expired instant coffee, especially if it loses its aroma and flavor. 

In some cases, if you use the types in a jar, you have to consider using all of them before the date. Unlike the bag type, the jar can be effect by the temperature and moisture. Therefore, if you open the jar, it depends on how you store it. It could even taste as good as when you initially got it if it’s been preserved correctly. Suppose it has remained unopened for this long; the odds of a favorable outcome increase much more. If instant coffee, on the other hand, has been exposed to exceptional levels of light, heat, or humidity, the flavor will be significantly influenced by inappropriate storage circumstances. 

In conclusion, you can drink your expired instant coffee if it is packed in a small bag, but if it is in a jar, you need to rethink it. However, who wants to drink expired coffee?

What Can You Do With Out Of Date Instant Coffee?

From the pandemic’s beginning, I started using instant coffee, which I had never drunk before. I discovered so many types of fabulous coffee, such as instant coconut macchiato, caramel coffee, hazelnut, etc. My house is full of instant coffee. However, I can’t drink all of them before they go bad, so I wonder what I can do with expired instant coffee?

Closeup photo of powdered coffee product, Instant coffee

There are two types of out-of-date instant coffee. The first one is packed in a small bag, and the second one is packed in jars. With the first one, the date on it stands for “best by” date, so you can use it after they are out of the day. The second one may have mold before their date because they are often sensitive to moisture, time, light, and temperature.

With expired instant coffee, you can recycle them in some ways. First, if you have pets, you can help your pet get rid of fleas without instant coffee. Second, you can make it a homemade fertilizer for your garden. Next, you can also use it as a homemade natural cleaning scrub. Or you can consider reusing it in my favorite way: making your own body scrub with some honey or adding some sugar to make your own lips scrub.

There are several ways to reuse your expired instant coffee. If you have any ideas, let me know!