Facts About How To Prevent Squirrels With Coffee Grounds

Squirrels are adorable animals and it’s fun to see them from a distance. However, they will be less lovable if they invade your garden. If their numbers are not controlled, they will have severe consequences for the plants in the garden. They will eat vegetables, and fruits grown in the garden, and even damage outdoor or indoor furniture. You can choose from many ways to deter this mischievous animal such as setting traps or spreading nets around the house, however, you can also try a more straightforward way than using coffee grounds. However, many people are curious do coffee grounds keep the squirrels away? 

Curious squirrel looking at camera

What smell do squirrels hate? 

There are a few ways to help keep mischievous squirrels away from your garden by using scents they hate. When you smell these scents, they will definitely stay away from your area.

Green Mint Plant Grow Background

Squirrels don’t like the scent of mint. So there’s nothing easier than getting your garden covered with a spicy mint flavor that’s both pleasant and warding off the ravages of this adorable-looking animal. You can mix menthol with water and spray it around the garden for a good effect.

Squirrels don’t like spicy smells, so this is a great squirrel deterrent. Pepper or chili powder is a top priority for repelling squirrels. Just a little smell can make this naughty animal run away.

There is one thing that helps prevent squirrels that many people do not expect flowers. Who doesn’t love lovely flowers, however, squirrels are an exception. There are a few flowers that provide scents that make squirrels particularly unpleasant, such as daffodils, hyacinths, and lilies. Consider planting them in your garden for beauty and protection from squirrel infestations.

Apple cider vinegar is also a good choice for keeping squirrels away because of its scent. You can spray them directly on vegetables in the garden.

Another scent that annoys squirrels is garlic. Surely they will never return to your garden when they smell this scent.

Besides the above scents, coffee grounds can also repel squirrels very well. After brewing and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, don’t waste coffee grounds but use them as a means to prevent squirrels from wreaking havoc on your garden. Coffee aroma is very fragrant to humans, however, squirrels, produce a bitter scent that is considered a nightmare.

Coffee grounds deter animals

Overhead view of coffee grounds being added to baby vegetable plant as natural organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen for growth

Besides repelling squirrels, the scent of coffee grounds also annoys many other animals that harm your garden. The main example is the panda. Pandas don’t like the bitter smell of coffee grounds. However, they are rare animals and are certainly not likely to harm your garden.

You can understand that coffee grounds will help repel rodents, animals that eat roots as well as vegetables in your garden. Sprinkle coffee around the growing area to save you from the damage these animals bring.

Coffee grounds are known to be acidic products and they are very effective at repelling harmful insects such as ants and cockroaches. In summary, it can be said that coffee grounds have an unpleasant scent to most animals.

Some other ways to keep squirrels away

Besides the methods of using scents that make squirrels uncomfortable, we can also have other measures that are equally useful.

Many people use this method of distracting this gluttonous animal from their garden. Place nuts that squirrels love to eat in a separate area away from your vegetable garden, be it sunflower seeds, peanuts, or chestnuts. You can even put more drinking water in this area to avoid the squirrels going around looking for a source of water, and then getting lost in your garden.

The next very useful way is to keep pets like dogs and cats. Animals like dogs and cats are mostly curious about small creatures, and squirrels are certainly no exception. And because of fear, the squirrels won’t try to get in and destroy your garden anymore.

The final and most direct way is to protect your garden. Use nets to cover the vegetables in the garden, and make sure no animal can harm them. However, keep in mind that you only need to cover up tubers or fruit trees such as tomatoes and eggplants that are ripe, because squirrels will not eat vegetables or unripe fruit.

Why should we use coffee grounds? 

Coffee grounds are a method that can be used to keep squirrels away from your garden, so what are the advantages when we use them?

First, coffee grounds are a very cheap product to obtain. You can get them after brewing a cup of coffee at home without any extra cost. If not, you can also go to coffee shops and ask to buy them cheap.

The next advantage is that coffee grounds are also a fertilizer that can add a lot of nutrients to your garden such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and it can provide more pH for the soil.

Coffee grounds also provide a more pleasant smell than other squirrel deterrents. Everyone loves the lovely smell of coffee in their garden. Not only that, but the smell of coffee grounds can also keep other harmful rodents away from your garden.

Final thought 

Coffee grounds can definitely keep squirrels out of your garden. It is also effortless to use and has a lot of advantages for the user. So, consider using them to protect your garden.