Do You Know How Many Ounces In A 12 Cup Coffee Pot? Discover The Secret Of A Professional Coffee Maker

Making coffee at home is a hobby of many coffee fans. They want to prepare and enjoy their coffee themselves. Although it could not be as perfect or flavorful as coffee cups of famous brands, it brings people a brand new feeling every day. According to homemade coffee makers, preparing coffee at home encourages them to discover new things. In other words, it is like a fantastic journey in the coffee world. If you love drinking coffee and want to explore more secrets of this beverage, you should follow our website. This article will show you the exact amount of ounces in a 12 cup coffee pot. The 12 cup coffee cup is a popular machine, so you may have a chance to use it. Therefore, if you don’t know how many ounces in a 12 cup coffee pot, you can’t have the best coffee cups with this maker.

What Does A 12-cup Coffee Pot Mean?

There are many kinds of coffee pots, and you can choose a suitable one with your demands. And a 12-cup coffee cup is one of the most popular coffee pots. If you are a newbie, you may think this machine can contain 12 cups. It is not valid. This machine can make 12 cups of coffee. However, if you want to make 10 or 8 coffee cups, you must calculate the precise amount of ground coffee, water, and other ingredients. Although the 12-cup coffee pot is a prevalent coffee maker, you can choose a smaller one if you only drink 2-3 cups per day.

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For example, if you have a 10 cup Bunn coffee pot, the amount of coffee it contains is 50 ounces. You can see the difference between 10 cups and 12 cup coffee makers. 

Each brand will have specific standards for its 12 cup coffee pots. What you need is to follow their instructions correctly. The amount of ground coffee, water, sugar, milk, etc., can vary a little depending on the technical parameters of each machine. If you don’t understand anything on the label, don’t hesitate to contact the brand for advice. Don’t try to do anything wrong to avoid any damage.

How To Prepare The Best Coffee Cups With A 12 Cup Coffee Pot 

Preparing coffee at home with a coffee maker is not a difficult task, especially with big fans of coffee. Therefore, if you have a 12 cup coffee pot, you can prepare 12 cups like a pro. However, it only happens when you know how to do it.

Firstly, you have to prepare all the necessary ingredients for a coffee cup. Remember that you are making coffee for yourself, not for customers, so you don’t need to buy all of them; buy what you like to save money. 

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Secondly, a 12-cup coffee pot can contain about 60-ounces of liquid. It means each cup will have 5 ounces of coffee. According to the Espresso and Coffee Guide, with 12 cups, you have to put 99.6 grams of coffee, equal to 18.2 tablespoons. However, you may not take a precise amount of coffee, so that it can be more or less than this standard. It is still okay with the 12 cup coffee pot. A barista has to calculate the number of ingredients very precisely so that you should get acquainted with this knowledge to make coffee better. If you are a perfectionist, you can use a formula from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) to estimate the golden ratio of coffee amount on this site. This number is 1:18 1 for coffee and 18 for water. You have to adjust the amount of coffee and water to match this ratio.

Thirdly, when you put everything in your pot with the correct ratio, you need to wait until it finishes its work. After that, you can drink your coffee with the best flavor because you have done everything correctly. 

Many people wonder what happens if they don’t follow the golden ratio; it may be okay. You make coffee for yourself, so you can do everything you want. The best ratio is what you like. Suppose you love more milk, more sugar, or less ground coffee. You should know that following the right proportion is good, but following your desire will be the best. Therefore, you can make your coffee with your flavor. If you want to have a change, you can find some recipes on the Internet, and absolutely, you can vary the number of ingredients.

The Right Amount Of Coffee For A 12 Cup Mr. Coffee Pot

In a previous article, I mentioned Mr.Coffee Pot. It is very popular with coffee fans so you can consider buying it. If you have a Mr. Coffee pot, you can put about 11 tablespoons of ground coffee into the pot. It means a cup will contain five ounces of brewed coffee. Please remember that each model will have different manuals; you should follow the instructions carefully.

Hot takeway espresso morning coffee in cardboard paper cup

Mr. Coffee has a good customer service team because they have provided all íntsruction manuals of most models on their website. You can go to Mr. Coffee’s website and find the Instruction manuals; a list of many manuals will appear. You have to check your model first to avoid making any mistakes.


Do you have a coffee pot at home? Is it a 4 cup, 8 cups, 10 cups, or 12 cup pot? If you have a 12-cup one, hopefully, my article has helped you understand more about your coffee maker. Preparing a coffee cup at home is a fantastic journey for any coffee lover. Hence, my writing is expected to make it more exciting and inspiring. If you still want to explore the flavorful world of coffee, please look forward to our following articles, and I am sure to satisfy your desire for coffee knowledge. Thanks for reading and enjoy your coffee!