How Many Ounces In A Large Dunkin’ Donuts Hot Coffee And How They Differ From Other Brands?

If you’ve found your way to this page, you’re presumably interested in coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts, a well-known brand among coffee drinkers in the United States and across the world.

Generally, when we have a coffee thirst, we often just bring money to the store and get a favorite coffee, which we then enjoy. However, you may be curious as to how many ounces in a large Dunkin’ Donuts hot coffee and other different sizes in order to draw comparisons among some favored cafes. The sizes of coffee cups might indeed vary slightly but there isn’t much of a difference between them. Let us learn more about this topic and find out the answers to the above questions in this article.

A Quick Rundown Of Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the most well-known coffee and cake franchises in the world, as well as one of the top ten most prominent F&B (food and beverage) brands in the United States.

Dunkin Donut (commonly known as Dunkin) began as a little store selling donuts and coffee in Quincy, Massachusetts (USA) in 1948 before becoming a famous global brand. Surprisingly, due to excellent service quality, it was only two years later, in 1950, that it became a company directed by Mr. William Rosenberg.

When owner Rosenberg began selling franchises to others in 1955, the brand took a huge leap forward. By 1963, the company had opened 100 outlets across the United States.

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Dunkin’s quick expansion has prompted many other companies to follow suit. Two typical ones at that time include two rivals, Mister Donut, and Dawn Donuts, which Dunkin eventually purchased as a chain. Dunkin’ Donuts has 2,500 outlets globally now with yearly revenues of $ 2 billion as of 1998.

The brand now has over 12,900 franchise locations in 42 countries. According to several sources, Dunkin is considered one of the world’s largest coffee and doughnut franchises. In addition, as reported by two market research firms in the United States, NPD and CREST, Dunkin’ Donuts leads the US coffee industry with over 1.7 billion cups sold each year.

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Dunkin’ Donuts has remained one of America’s best-selling stores since its debut. This is in line with the company’s mission statement: “making and providing the freshest, most delicious, and quickest coffee and donuts.” Furthermore, Dunkin’ Donuts’ goods are constantly clean, adhering to US food hygiene and safety regulations. Regardless of the sort of cake, it will be discarded if it is not devoured within 6 hours after being made.

In terms of the product, Dunkin’ offers a variety of options based on the market. Generally speaking, donut items and drinks (coffee, fruit tea) are the most favored. In addition, depending on the nation, extra bacon sandwiches, omelets, and other breakfast items will be available. 

How Many Ounces Are There In All Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Sizes?

Like other coffee chains, Dunkin’ Donuts offers hot and iced coffee in a variety of cup sizes to suit customers’ requirements and budgets, including small, medium, large, and extra-large. The capacity of each cup varies, including:

The Extra-Large (XL) cup holds 32 ounces of iced coffee, while the Medium and Small cups contain 24 and 16 ounces, respectively. Hot coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, on the other hand, is available in four sizes: Extra-Large (24 oz.), Large (20 oz.), Medium (14 oz.), and Small (10 oz.).

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As for coffee prices, Dunkin’ Donuts charges between $ 1.59 and $ 2.29 for hot coffee while those for iced coffee range from $ 1.99 to $ 2.79, depending on the size.

The Dunkin’ Donuts Distinction

When you look at the menu at Dunkin’ Donuts, you can see that the company’s concentration is on great efficiency, time savings, and a low price – Me Too Cheap. Dunkin’s goods are made up of the most popular drinks and snack cakes on the market. Dunkin’ will be able to quickly maintain high operating system performance and save money by having a few items and options.

In fact, Dunkin’ promotes consumer convenience by providing a short, uncomplicated menu. Dunkin’ produces value by saving time since it is more likely to service consumers within 8 hours.

Furthermore, limiting product selections and combinations will lessen customer service problems. Dunkin’s approach is clear when they focus on the most popular goods with the highest frequency of use in their shop. “Why should you have to pay more for your favorite food/drink at Starbucks or other brands, but not in our store for a reduced price?” is the business concept here.

In other words, Dunkin’ Donuts is attempting to focus on essential items from the market and sell them at a lower price by eliminating extraneous services such as too many options and products. This method is also viable if Dunkin does not prioritize investing in large spaces and high-end furnishings. Dunkin’s business strategy is similarly built around its core competencies, which include donuts and other pastries. Donut cake fans will be able to purchase a choice of drinks and items at the store.

Fundamental Disparities Between Dunkin’ Donuts And Starbucks’ Cup Sizes

For a long time, Dunkin’ Donuts was seen as a competitor to Starbucks, since both companies are long-established and offer excellent coffee cups. Except for hot coffees, Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee pricing appears to be lower than Starbucks’ while Starbucks provides a premium experience with add-ons that are customizable for customers.

However, this article will not discuss their quality; rather, let us take a look at the sizes of coffee cups of these two brands.

Specifically, for iced coffee, Starbucks has offered 4 different cup sizes consisting of Trenta (30 oz. ), Venti (24 oz. ), Grande (16 oz. ), and Tall (12 Oz.). Dunkin’ Donuts, on the other hand, provides only three cup sizes: Large, Medium, and Small, which hold 32 ounces, 24 ounces, and 16 ounces, respectively. Obviously, the largest cup of Dunkin’ Donuts indeed has a bigger volume in comparison with that of Starbucks.

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In terms of hot coffee, Starbucks cups come in four sizes which are comprised of Venti (20 ounces), Grande (16 ounces), Tall (12 ounces), and Short (8 ounces). Meanwhile, Dunkin’ Donuts has designed one more type of cup which is Extra-Large (XL), which means that they have four cup sizes in total, including Extra-Large (24 oz.), Large (20 oz.), Medium (14 oz.), and Small (8 oz).

Final Thought

Certainly, Dunkin’ Donuts has a pricing advantage over other coffee brands, and the cups have bigger volumes as well. Having said that, each of us has the right to drink coffee at a variety of locations to decide which one will be your go-to in the future.