How To Fix A Broken Starbucks Cup

First released for sale in 1995, the cups stamped with the Starbucks logo have become famous around the world and are loved by many people. Referring to Starbucks cups, we will immediately imagine colorful, youthful, bright cup collections with high aesthetics. 

However, Starbucks also received some controversial feedback about the material as well as the quality and warranty issues of this item… It is not desirable for the favorite cup to be damaged. If you don’t know what to do with a broken Starbucks cup, stay calm because everything has a solution. In the article, we will show you how to fix broken Starbucks cups in different directions depending on the condition of the damage.

Does Starbucks Have A Warranty On Its Cups?

As the company has revealed, Starbucks will only guarantee their cups for 60 days after they are sold. That means there’s no refund policy after 60 days from the date you buy their cup. If during the warranty period, you do not keep the receipt of the purchase of the cup, you will not be entitled to the warranty policy from Starbucks. As for the case that is still in the warranty period and has a receipt, you should go to the right store you bought it to get the fastest support from Starbucks.

Why Is Your Starbucks Cup Broken?

According to the information on the Starbucks website, different materials will be used depending on the cup model. Popular plastic cups with famous collections each year are made of plastic. The company’s thermos flasks are made of high-quality stainless steel. The porcelain cup has the same design as a normal cup, but the material of the product is made of high-quality porcelain. 

The reason for a broken Starbucks cup depends on many causes and most of the reasons come from the impact of falling. If your Starbucks cup suddenly breaks, it may be due to uneven thermal expansion. An example of this would be the thermal effect of an automatic dishwasher during its drying cycle.

Can You Fix A Broken Starbucks Plastic Cup Yourself?

It is possible if the damage is not too severe.

Starbucks cups often have errors such as peeling off the printed layer on the cup, yellowing, dirty, more serious and puncturing. Because the cup is made of plastic, one of its disadvantages is the limited storage of hot items. As for porcelain cups, chipping is inevitable when bumps and falls occur. In these cases, it can be completely repaired with specialized glues if the damage is not too severe.

How To Fix A Broken Starbucks Cup

The common material that Starbucks uses for the cups they sell is plastic or porcelain, when damaged, they will use a separate treatment method suitable for each type of material. However, the simplest and most suitable way to repair broken, damaged Starbucks cups is to use glue. Here, in this article we will go into the types of adhesives that can repair both plastic and porcelain:

Use Epoxy Glue

Carpenter pouring epoxy resin into liquid cup

Epoxy glue is glue made from two main components, resin, and hardener. This type of glue is highly adhesive, effective water-resistant, and easy to use. This glue is effective in gluing and re-sticking the cracked holes on Starbucks bottles easily. 

This is a type of glue commonly used to process artistic objects, and finished products after use to ensure durability and high aesthetics. Detailed instructions on how to apply the glue will be on each epoxy glue when you buy it, so using it is very easy. However, please note that the drying time of the glue is relatively slow, usually 3 to 4 hours after manipulation before it can be used.

Use Super Glue

Super Glue Creative Advertising Banners Set Vector

Super glue is a glue originating from Japan with super strong adhesion. Glue can create durable adhesions after use, moreover, when the glue dries, it does not leave opaque or yellow patches, ensuring the aesthetic surface of the pasted items. 

Therefore, the super glue will handle the cracks and damage on the Starbucks cup perfectly. Super glue can be permanent, but it can degrade when exposed to moisture or some solvents such as acetone. Most super glues are sold everywhere so you can find them easily. Note, carefully check the packaging of the glue to make sure that the glue can stick on plastic or porcelain materials.

Use PVA Glue

PVA glue is a type of glue whose main ingredient is PVA, an industrial chemical with a white powder form synthesized from Polyvinyl acetate. The main ingredient in PVA glue is water-soluble and non-toxic. PVA glue comes in powder form and milk glue form. In this case, the Starbucks cup would be more suitable for using milk glue. Glue powder is often more complicated to use because there are quite messy cooking steps.

How To Use Glue Properly

In order for the glue to be effective, it is first necessary to clearly identify the damaged location on the cup. Then choose the most suitable glue to repair cracks and gaps… Each glue will have its own instructions for use when you buy it, the following are just general instructions for gluing different types of glue:

  • Step 1: First, you clean the surface of the broken place so that it can be glued again, and clean here also includes smooth and not rough, messy, it is easy to stick the glue.
  • Step 2: Apply glue to the cracked area, then let the glue dry on the surface automatically
  • Step 3: Check the hardness of the glue, if the glue has firmly adhered to the surface, the object can be used as usual. It is possible to spray an extra layer of paint on the glued surface to ensure aesthetics.

Is It Safe To Drink From A Cracked Plastic Cup?

Hands crumpling paper cup

The answer is no.

Although the crack may be insignificant, it does not exclude the case that the crack is on the plastic cup and flows into the drink a small number of plastic substances that are harmful to health. Dangerously, those cracks gradually peel off other pieces of plastic and get mixed into the drink. As for porcelain cups with cracked enamel on the inside, the enamel can also be mixed into the drink.

It is possible to repair damaged Starbucks cups as long as the condition of the cup is not severely damaged. Using glue to glue and reattach cracks or fragments is the most effective and simplest solution.