How To Turn Off Reload On Starbucks App?

Starbucks has now become one of the leading coffee chains across the world. As several achievements it got, to be quite well-known, the company still wants to expand more and more. Therefore the “Starbucks App” is designed to substantially increase sales. This app at the present is installed by many Starbucks loyal customers, inclined to help them with ordering and payment.

As widely used, some users may know thoroughly about Starbucks App. Nevertheless, the question “How to turn off reload on Starbucks app?” pops up in the discussion among participants. Still, some find the auto-reload on this app very annoying and they want to get rid of it. People who are new to Starbucks or the online Starbucks app, might not know about canceling the auto-reupload.

Here, within this article, you will be provided the essential information about the Starbucks app including the auto-reload disusage.  

What should be known about Starbucks App?


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Starbucks’ mobile payment app is so popular that it had the most mobile payment users in the United States until recently. You can install Starbucks App on the App Store for IOS and Google Play for Android. 

Users will be able to pay for Starbucks drinks on the app using many payment methods such as a credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or even cash. Starbucks’ mobile app utilizes AI techniques to process the data and give tailored suggestions for other items that buyers might want to consume based on their previous purchases. 

It is also supposed to be attached to the company’s loyalty scheme. By a very simple scanning of the app, the customers can pay and earn rewards toward discounts on Starbucks orders as the number of stars collected. With the value of rewards gained effortlessly and quickly, Starbucks App creates a motivation for potential users to use it more regularly. 

How does “auto-reload” on the Starbucks App work?

Generally, automatic reload allows you to specify an amount on your linked Starbucks Card to recharge when the balance goes under a predetermined amount. Since you download the Starbucks App, you’ll have to sign in to your Starbucks card to make sure they are linked and you can have payment through this card. (Noted, the credit card is also linked to your Starbucks card)

For example, the specified amount you choose is $10, as the way it works, the reload will automatically recharge the money when the balance is less than $10. This helps customers steadily not to run out of money on the card.

Do you always have to reload your Starbucks Card? How to pay without reloading? 

Of course, you are not obligated to turn on the auto-reload settings on your Starbucks account. But, that is only when you purchase products at Starbucks stores and pay in cash without putting money on the app. In fact, you are not able to pay through the app without reloading


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Digital reload is required whenever you order things using the Starbucks app or Starbuck card. According to Starbucks Card Terms & Conditions,  there is a minimum amount that you may put on every Starbucks Card at any particular time, which is usually $5. And on any given day, the total value of all of your Starbucks Cards, the total value of additional Starbucks Cards you acquire, may not exceed $10,000. 

You can reload a specified amount which is exactly the price for the drink with the help of the barista, but this process must be done in-store. 


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However, you will not earn any star for your purchase that is paid in cash at the store if not reloading on the Starbucks app. To receive stars for your purchase, you need to pay while using the balance on your Starbucks app. When you pay directly through the Starbucks app using reload, you can earn 1 star per $1 paid for the purchase. 

How to turn off the auto-reload on the app?

For some people, the auto-reload brings them trouble when it continues to recharge their money from credit card to Starbucks card. 

They unintentionally have to pay for the orders which are completely not theirs once someone else has the account and then keep buying since the money is not allowed to be less than the setup amount. Especially those who have children have complained about how their kids messed things up with several orders. Therefore they need to stop this before being bankrupted. 

According to the Customer Service of Starbucks, it is totally not complicated to cancel or change the auto-reload on Starbucks App. You just need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Firstly, you select the face symbol in the top right-hand corner of the mobile app. 

Step 2: Hit the Starbucks card & payment button. 

Step 3: You’ll see the “Auto reload”, swipe off for auto-reload to completely turn off. 

Within a few simple steps, you can disable the auto-reload feature as well as the fear of losing money. 

Bottom lines

Starbucks App is a convenient way for customers to pick up, order, pay, and have rewards for purchases. However, the Auto reload sometimes turns the online buying and payment method into problems. Even some people might consider the Auto reload feature a scheme utilized by Starbucks to get money from customers by unwanted situations while using Starbucks App.

In conclusion, this article provides you with some details about how Starbucks App and its auto-reload feature work, followed by helpful answers about how to turn off the Auto reload on Starbucks App in straightforward steps.