I Like Coffee, But I Don’t Like Tea

Are you a fan of coffee, but you don’t like tea? It’s often inexplicable that we like or hate something. It comes from personal desires and preferences and depends on each person’s feelings and experiences. We do not look at it critically but only see this as a hobby and sharing. To allow us to understand better: I like coffee, but I wouldn’t say I like tea.

What Is The Difference Between The Benefits Of Coffee And Tea?

According to scientific studies, coffee contains caffeine, so it has many benefits for human health. Coffee stimulates brain activity and the digestive system, prevents cancer, relieves pain, helps lose weight, and enhances a happy and comfortable spirit. While tea also has the effect of losing weight, reducing stress, helping to relax the mind, preventing cardiovascular diseases, helping enhance hormones, and helping control blood sugar.

Difference between coffee and tea

Coffee and tea have a similarity in helping to improve mood and reduce stress weight loss. Coffee is better for neurological problems, and tea is for cardiovascular diseases and helps with rejuvenation. Both are essential organs in the human body in terms of the brain and heart. Therefore, considering the exact role of coffee and tea with health is equal.

Why Do I Like Coffee But Don’t Like Tea?

As I wrote in the introduction, liking or disliking something is difficult to explain. It is associated with personal feelings. But not that you can’t change your preferences. If compared in taste, coffee is attracted by the variety and depth of flavor, while tea has an elegant, light, and ethereal taste.

Coffee helps awaken the senses, while tea helps the drinker calm down mentally. When we are in a depression, a cup of coffee is worth it. And when our mood is confused, you need to calm down with a pot of sweet, excellent tea. Someone who wants to have an active life is often under work pressure. Coffee is an important beverage. Especially when you have a relatively relaxed mental energy, you can calm and control yourself; you will feel that tea is not exactly the kind of beverage you need.

The effects of coffee and tea are also relatively similar. So you can also use one to replace the other. If you’re like me, I bet you prefer coffee to tea. You are someone who likes the bold, hot, and diverse flavors of life. You prefer to explore and experience new things rather than a quiet and closed life.

What Are My Favorite Coffees?

Arabica Coffee Tastes Bitter Sour

It is a kind of long-grain coffee, grown at an altitude of over 600m, cool climate, grown mainly in Brazil, and accounts for 2/3 of the current coffee in the world. The processing method of Arabica is different from Robusta. When harvesting Arabica fruits, they are then fermented, cleaned. Therefore, Arabica coffee is slightly acidic, and this is also a unique aroma of this coffee. 

My favorite coffee is Arabica

As a result, talking about the aroma of coffee is real, it changes from sour to bitter (Italian coffee style). People often compare that horrible taste too when we eat a lemon. It is sour but bitter like the taste of the coffee

Robusta Coffee Has A Strong Bitter Taste

The seeds are smaller than Arabica and are dried directly, not fermented; the bitter taste is dominant; this type is more coffee. It grows at an altitude of 600m, the climate is tropical, so it is present in more countries (Vietnam only grows this type). Vietnam is one of the largest coffee exporters in the world (after Brazil), and most of it is robusta, accounting for a third of the world’s coffee consumption.

Culi Coffee Has Unique Flavors

They are full of coffee beans. Especially in fruit with only one seed. Bitter taste, intense aroma, high caffeine content, comparable with what Culi coffee brings. It is the quintessential union of uniqueness.

Cherry Coffee Tastes Bitter

Cherry, also known as jackfruit coffee, consists of two main varieties, Liberica and Exelsa. This variety is not very popular, but it is resistant to pests and diseases and has a very high yield. It is grown in the dry, sunny areas of the highlands.

Cherry has a very different character and flavor from a tree that matures in the sun and wind of the Highlands. Golden coffee beans are shiny and beautiful. When mixed, it creates a faint aroma, especially the sour taste of cherries, creating a very refreshing feeling. Cherry is very suitable for women’s preferences, with the blend of smell and taste creating a sense of rustic, noble, and deeply intertwined.

Moka Coffee Is Delicious And Unique

Moka is a coffee belonging to the French, introduced in the 30s of the last century. This coffee variety is the most difficult to grow among the families, requires meticulous care, is susceptible to pests and diseases, needs specific environmental conditions and fertilization techniques, but yields very little. Moka coffee trees can only grow and develop at an altitude of 1500m. 

Moka coffee

People say that Moka is the queen in the kingdom of coffee. Moka seeds are larger and more beautiful than other varieties. Its fragrance is exceptional, luxurious, ecstatic, slightly sour, elegant, and stylish. Once Moka enjoys the authentic taste, people will never forget it more than any other coffee. Moka is the first choice of European and American countries with the aristocratic aroma and characteristic flavor.

Above is the author’s share of the personal point of view:  I like coffee, but I wouldn’t say I like tea. If you love such shared articles about coffee, don’t forget to visit our website to read more such articles about coffee.