Did McDonald’s Really Make Sweet Tea In A Mop Bucket?

Mcdonald’s is a fast food restaurant franchise opened in San Bernardino, California, the United States by Richard and Maurice McDonald. The business’s foundation of the brand is a hamburger stand, then promoted and became a chain.

Sweet tea is a recent addition to the menu that has been easily beloved by many customers. However, a question has been raised by several people about whether sweet tea is made in a mop bucket since they saw a picture of a mop bucket containing tea in a Mcdonald’s store in 2020. Did McDonald’s really make Sweet Tea in a mop bucket?

Within this article, you will know more information about this McDonald’s summer drink and eventually find out whether it is the truth when saying the brand made sweet tea in a mop bucket. 

Is McDonald’s sweet tea made in a mop bucket?

Besides the argument raised some years ago about the taste change of sweet tea, there was another controversy around the question of whether McDonald made sweet tea in a mop bucket in 2020. This originated from a Tiktok account “jodessy” whose real name is Dessy Joseph. 

This woman is an ex-employee of a McDonald’s restaurant and she had revealed shocking truths about McDonald’s food, drink, and facilities while she was working for them. She uploaded more than 20 videos to talk about these problems and “sweet tea is made up in a mop bucket” was also a topic involved. 

This surprised many people and it had been on top of the trending on social media, especially Tiktok and Twitter. She once said in a comment under her video and clarified that the tea made in a mop bucket is not the one used to contain the cleanser. She even posted one more video to confirm the appearance of a mop bucket which was misunderstood as the one containing tea.

Many other users insisted that they had never seen any Mcdonald’s restaurant in their locations use mop buckets to brew and store tea. Some said they had seen a bucket of tea in Mcdonald’s restaurants.


In 2020, not every McDonald’s has a machine. Thanks for the video @Meghanis.super #jodessy #greenscreenvideo #mcdonalds #jodessysecrets

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However, whether it is all true or not, there was a huge confusion among consumers about the certainty of Mcdonald’s sweet tea’s brewing process and the quality. 

Did McDonald’s change their sweet tea?

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A few years before the argument about the “mop bucket”, there was uncertainty among Mcdonald’s consumers about the changing taste of one of the most loved drinks, sweet tea. 

Sweet tea in McDonald’s used to be considered the best summer fresh drink with a comfortable price which is just 1 dollar for each serving. The simple combination of ice, black plain tea, and sugar brings a flavor that can easily satisfy consumers.

Due to the description of sweet iced tea on the official online website of McDonald’s, McDonald’s Sweet Tea is made from a briskly refreshing blend of orange pekoe and pekoe cut black tea. And Lipton tea bags are all Mcdonald’s use for their sweet tea. 

However, several customers expressed their anger with this kind of drink on social media by insisting it tasted much worse than before. Many other McDonald’s customers who have a partiality for iced sweet tea also said they would never call for this drink again. Some demonstrated that the brand had lessened tea and the amount of sugar to make it cheaper, the others reckoned that the sweet tea was made with artificial sweetener and this resulted in the chemical flavor. 

Mcdonald’s has never published any announcement about the change of their sweet tea or given a satisfactory answer to the consumers. But according to so many accusations of the customers, McDonald’s lovers gradually accepted the truth that sweet tea’s recipe was somehow really changed. 

What is wrong with McDonald’s sweet tea?

It cannot be denied that although there were some complaints about the taste of McDonald’s sweet tea before, at the present it is still beloved by many tea lovers. Nevertheless, sweet tea in Mcdonald’s stores is considered to have an impact on people’s health.

More specifically, it is claimed that Mcdonald’s sweet tea has a lot of sugar in it. In a post on Reddit, there was an ex-employee who said that “Mcdonald’s sweet tea. Pound. Of. Sugar. Per gallon”. This seems to be true. As stated in the McDonald’s USA Nutrition Facts for Popular Menu Items, a small serving of sweet tea which is 16 ounces contains 36 grams of sugar, 45 grams for each medium cup, and 69 grams for the large one. 

A person a day should just absorb 200 calories from sugar in a 2000 calories diet. The number of calories in different sizes of sweet tea ranges from 180 to 270 calories. It means when you drink a large cup of Mcdonald’s sweet tea, you’ve exceeded the limitation of calories for a day. It is very harmful to your health if you consume too much and frequently sweet tea from Mcdonald’s. The most common result would be diabetes. 

Therefore, Mcdonald’s sweet tea is not a wise choice for your health since it contains too much sugar that can worsen your health condition gradually.