Paper Coffee Filter Not Draining

Professional barista preparing coffee using chemex pour over coffee maker and drip kettle
Professional barista preparing coffee using chemex pour over coffee maker and drip kettle

It can be said that at present, coffee is gradually becoming a beverage as well as a trend that many people seek to come and choose. Choosing this drink helps them stay awake as well as work more productively and efficiently. However, to ensure that your cup of coffee is not affected by the surrounding factors, it is extremely important to choose and use a “paper coffee filter not draining”. But this is an issue that few people care about or take the time to find out. Therefore, our article will help you better understand this product line as well as help you find the right filter when choosing to make coffee.

Origin And Birth Of Filter Paper

Four coffee filters isolated on a white background

Before we start discussing filter types, we need to have a clear understanding of where this filter comes from. While filters made of other materials such as cloth have been around for a long time, filter paper has only recently appeared. The reason for this appearance is that people in Western countries feel tired when making coffee and always find grounds in it. That’s why they experimented with different filters, even a piece of their son’s blotting paper. They cut out a piece of paper for themselves to shape and use.

 And for that reason, they applied for a patent and got it recognized. From there, it shows that today the selection of coffee brewing requires the use of a filter. At the same time, some people have also opted to use a gold filter, however, most people usually choose bleached or unbleached filter paper.

Filter Paper Material

To start, consider what your filter paper is made of. Common paper-making materials include grass, straw, and wood. Once you’ve got the raw material, these plant-based cellulose fibers are then hot pressed together on the sides to form a cone, or whatever shape it needs to be.

The length of the raw cellulose fibers often determines the porosity of the filter paper, which then affects the compounds and oils extracted into the coffee cup. Bamboo and abaca (a type of banana) have the longest fibers of the common raw materials used to make filter paper and are therefore more porous (which means more oil in your cup). In contrast, eucalyptus pulp has the shortest fiber and is the least porous of the pulps used to produce filter paper.

Learn About Bleached Coffee Filters

When it comes to bleached coffee filters, they will have the same essence as their name. This is a filter that has been whitened through an operation called oxygen bleaching. Although many people think that bleaching filters will put them in danger, however, now we have widely accepted and safely use them. At the same time, this bleaching process also prevents your coffee from being added or affected by any flavors.

Learn About Unbleached Coffee Filters

As for unbleached coffee filters, they will not have a bright white color like the filter I just mentioned above. But this is a product line that is good for the environment. Therefore, there will be a slight difference between bleached and unbleached filter paper if you search and choose filter paper.

Ways You Can Get Rid Of Paper Taste

If you want to get rid of flavored paper, rinsing the filter paper will save you from that. And it will be more perfect if you warm the product of your choice to make coffee. You can take steps such as placing filter paper on the coffee product. Wet your filter paper by pouring hot water over it. Pour the water out of the brew option. And if you feel the need, you can repeat these operations a second time. And finally, continue to make coffee to enjoy.

How Is The Quality And Thickness Of The Filter Affected?

Making fresh coffee by woodneck jar and paper filter

Recently, I mentioned to you some information about the comparison of unbleached filter paper with bleached filter paper. Therefore, you can imagine the most basic view of this product line. However, you should also look for filters with excellent quality to be able to ensure that the coffee is clean and delicious after being prepared. Because seemingly small influences will have a huge impact on your cup of coffee.

At the same time, you also need to look for filters with sufficient thickness. Filters with low quality and not the right thickness will cause water to flow through very quickly. At the same time, it is also possible that it will cause the coffee grounds to flow down. On the contrary, a filter with sufficient thickness will help you retain more oil in your coffee, but you will have to pay a higher price. And fortunately, the difference between the prices is not a big one.

Which Is The Best Choice When You Need To Search For Filters?


If you wonder which filter paper is better to choose, this is a completely difficult question to answer. It depends on your needs as well as your desires when it comes to taste choices or the environment they are affected by. If you want to choose an eco-friendly product then you can look for unbleached filter papers and can wash them before use. If not, you can buy filter paper that has been bleached to remove odors from the paper. Therefore, the choice of which filter paper completely depends on your decision when looking for this product.

If your coffee maker is clogged, not draining, you should clean it regularly (clean with a little vinegar is recommended). If the situation still does not improve, your coffee maker is probably broken

Above, I have just informed you of the most basic information when learning about waterproof paper filter coffee that you need to know when choosing to enjoy coffee. With each type of filter paper, they will have their differences. At the same time, this is also a product line that is suitable for people with different needs and desires. Therefore, deciding and choosing for yourself which type of paper is completely in line with your wishes when looking for this product. 

Therefore, you can completely refer to the information that I have just given to decide for yourself when looking for filter paper. And keep in mind that choosing unbleached filter paper will help you ensure environmental friendliness while bleached filter paper will help you get a cup of coffee that is less affected by odors as well as chemicals. another element of filter paper.