Spilled Coffee On Your MacBook Pro !!! Please Follow This Guide Immediately

If you accidentally spilled coffee on your MacBook pro, stay calm and figure out how to handle it properly. Don’t worry too much and don’t rush to start the machine. You should bring it to a laptop repair shop immediately to ensure the best safety. Do not be subjective, even if the amount of coffee poured into the machine is not much. It would help if you prioritized the security of your Macbook first.

Is It Serious When I Spilled Coffee Into A Macbook Pro?

Water and coffee are the top risk factors for computers and Macbooks. When you spill them into the microcontroller part, it will cause the entire operation of the Macbook to be locked. When it happens, it will make you extremely worried. But for common errors like this, you should bring your Macbook Pro in for repair. Most of the staff will fix the error for you at a specific cost.

What should you do when you spill coffee into a Macbook pro?

But you should not turn on the Macbook in such a case. Because when there is power in such a situation, it will cause to short out the entire microchip system, and then the chance of repairing it seems to be nil. If you accidentally spill coffee into your MacBook Pro, you also need to pay attention to following these steps.

What Should You Do When You Spill Coffee Into Your Macbook Pro?

Step 1: Turn Off The Power Immediately

Try to stay calm, don’t panic! Quickly turn off MacBook Pro. Pressing the power button for 5 seconds is the fastest. Unplug the power cord, unplug any connected peripherals such as flash drive display cables, and remove the battery. Don’t waste time to shut down properly. If the computer stays on, you could cause a short circuit, causing permanent damage to internal components even for a few brief moments. The faster the shutdown, the better your chances of saving the MacBook Pro.


Step 2: Remove The Coffee On The Surface

You have a few seconds to look around for absorbent materials such as paper towels, soft lint-free cloth, especially the keyboard area, and vents. Do not further spread the liquid.

You should remove the liquid from the surface

Step 3: Turn The Computer Upside Down

Next, spread out a towel and place the Macbook pro with the keyboard facing down – this can help remove some of the liquid. Every minute is precious. You don’t need to disassemble each component if it doesn’t form, but if possible, remove the back panel and clean the pieces with a lint-free cloth before letting it drain.

Step 4: Use Compressed Air To Push The Liquid Out

After drying for 1 hour, use a cleaning blower to remove liquid deep inside nooks and crannies. Also, use a hairdryer in cooling mode: move continuously and keep it at least 20cm higher than the Macbook pro.

Step 5: Let The Computer Rest Until Completely Dry

Let the Macbook pro open in an inverted “V” shape in a warm area, and let it dry completely. Please do not put it under sunlight or on a radiator. Wait for 24 hours or so, making sure the keyboard is completely dry before reinserting the battery and peripherals.

Some Notes When Using A Macbook Pro

Using Hardware, Ram Suitably.

Maybe you don’t know, in the process of using the computer to work. For study and entertainment, the system will simultaneously generate junk files and folders. It will cause the laptop’s memory to fill up. Besides, you accidentally install unused programs. Moreover, the computer starts up slowly because many programs start simultaneously.

I am using a Macbook Pro

To use your Macbook pro more scientifically, you should not install unused or accidentally installed software; remove it as quickly as possible. When you install a program or application, you should pay attention not to install the toolbar feature related to the browser. Besides, you also need to go to periodic computer repair and cleaning with specialized programs such as Ccleaner computer cleaning software.

Stay Away From Items That Are Harmful To Your Macbook

Many users habit use Macbook pro or laptops while eating and doing other things. Therefore, inadvertently, the keyboard is where notebooks, pens, water cups, etc go up. And if you do not pay attention and spill water or food on the keyboard, it is a disaster. It will help if you avoid bad habits that can damage your laptop as much as possible.

Place Your Macbook Pro Properly

According to some habits, they often put their laptops on a winter blanket and on the floor. These are places where heat is prolonged, and your computer suffers greatly. As a result, the cooling process slows down, affecting the operation and performance of the Macbook pro.

Moving The Macbook Properly

A shockproof bag is an essential tool for you to protect your Macbook pro. It helps you to move without much impact on the device, and so it will serve you anytime, anywhere. The devices inside the Macbook pro are pretty sensitive, and you need to be more careful when moving them.

Do Not Repair And Disassemble It Yourself

Computers are sophisticated and complex devices. That’s why you need to consider repairing and disassembling the device yourself without professional knowledge. Many users have tried to fix and disassemble components themselves, but the result is not as good as expected.
Above are the steps to handle when you spilled coffee on a Macbook pro and notes to use the computer safely and effectively. If you want to see more helpful information related to brewing or interesting information about coffee, please visit our website regularly to read more of our new and exciting articles.