What Does Chai Latte Taste Like?

When people think of latte, most of us probably think of latte, a drink originating from Italy, combined with espresso and milk. But have you heard of a drink called chai latte? While everyone thinks of latte as a type of coffee, chai latte is not at all. So what does chai latte taste like?

How would you describe a chai latte?

Chai latte is one of the oldest tea-based beverages in the world. This drink originated in India thousands of years ago and has since spread around the world.

Chai latte is made by mixing steamed milk with black tea and spices, then topped with foam. Between the cafes will use different spices, thereby creating the signature Chai mix and keeping the ingredients secret. So what is Chai? When we talk about Chai in chai latte as a specific blend of black tea and spices, it’s called masala chai. Malasa chai is made by steeping black teas in water, then mixing them with sugar, ginger, and milk. However, one can add other spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, or pepper. Also because of the combination of such spices, the bottle is often spicy and sweet, combined with a creamy texture.

Homemade Chai Tea Latte with anise and cinnamon stick in glass mugs on wooden rustic background

Chai latte is a modern variation of chai tea. They are prepared in different ways and so are the flavors. Chai latte is made with highly spiced tea, combined with milk, sweeteners, and whipped cream, so it has a stronger flavor than masala chai. Not only that, but chai latte also has a lighter texture than chai tea and it has a layer of foam on top, from which customers can enjoy the delicious taste of chai latte’s signature creamy texture.

Masala chai tea

In order for the latte to have a good texture, the quality of the milk used also plays an important role. The dense and foamy texture will usually be of a dense plant-based origin such as cashews or macadamia nuts. Conversely, one would use almond milk or soy milk for a lighter texture to the chai latte.

Are chai tea lattes healthy?

Chai latte has a very unique flavor of the combination of herbs. Besides, it also brings a lot of health benefits to consumers.

There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of chai latte every morning. This drink is made from black tea leaves, so it also contains caffeine, although not as much as coffee, it is enough to make you have an active and energetic day.

Thanks to a combination of herbs and natural spices, a chai latte is also a perfect choice when you want to keep your stomach healthy. For example, ginger in chai latte stimulates blood circulation, thereby providing oxygen to the organs in the body as well as improving the digestive system. Not only that, cinnamon and black pepper in it also work to prevent iron deficiency which is harmful to health. The metabolism in the body is also boosted by the black tea leaves found in the chai latte.

Aromatic turmeric tea with black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and ginger offers many wellness health benefits

Indeed, the ginger contained in chai latte brings a lot of benefits to our body. Thanks to the biological compounds found in ginger, gingerol, and shogaol, nausea associated with stomach pain are improved and the colic is also soothed. Ginger and cinnamon found in chai latte also help lower blood sugar levels, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes.

Interestingly, a chai latte also helps you lose weight. The milk contained in the latte bottle is a rich source of protein, helping you to reduce cravings and prevent overeating at the end of the day. Besides, black tea is a great beverage for those who need to lose weight because it promotes the breakdown of fat as well as somewhat reduces the absorption of calories into the body. The black pepper in the bottle is also known for its role in preventing fat accumulation.

Chai latte is a beverage that offers a healthy alternative to coffee. Instead of drinking a cup of coffee with high caffeine, why not enjoy a chai latte because it contains less caffeine? We can both enjoy their delicious taste and reap the health benefits.

How to serve chai latte?

Just like its name, people enjoy chai latte like a regular coffee latte. That means we can drink them both hot and cold. When served hot, a chai latte is often combined with steamed milk. and vice versa, a cold latte will be prepared with cold milk poured over ice, creating a refreshing drink.

Mocha coffee frappe

Final thought

You will definitely have a pleasant experience when you taste a chai latte for the first time because of the spicy flavor of spices and herbs, as well as the sweet and creamy taste of milk and cream found in a cup of chai latte. Besides the great taste, this is also a drink that brings high nutritional value and is extremely beneficial to consumers’ health.