What Kind Of Cream Does Dunkin Donuts Use?

Dunkin’ Donuts stays in the high rank to be one of the world’s biggest global quick-service chains, famous for its freshly made coffee and baked pastries. Depending on different markets, Dunkin Donuts develops several kinds of products. In which, donut products (all kinds of cakes in general) and beverages (coffee, fruit tea) are the most famous. In addition, regarding the country’s cuisine preference, the menu would include more options such as bacon sandwiches, and omelets…

The highlight secret on almost well-known items of this fast-food chain, especially the coffee, is the cream. Since the cream is an ideal addition for types of coffee in almost famous coffee chains like Dunkin Donuts, the consumption of creamy products is increasingly in demand. Furthermore, by the reason why this brand has made its cream much more special and unique than usual ones, that buyers have a tendency to find out the cream that Dunkin Donuts utilize. 

To make the question “What kind of cream does Dunkin Donuts use?” clearer, this article will help you to know more about the Dunkin Donuts special cream. 

Does Dunkin Donuts have cream?

Half and Half Cream in a Measuring Cup

Yes, Dunkin Donuts have cream in their products like coffee, donuts, munchkins, and iced blended coffee. Dunkin’ Creamers are dairy, made with skim milk and cream. The Dunkin’ menu includes skim milk, coconut milk, oat milk, almond milk, and cream along with whole milk. These kinds of milk are ideal options for iced coffee drinks, additionally cream, whole milk and skim milk are suitable for frozen drinks as well. 

What brand of cream does Dunkin donuts use?

Most Dunkin Donuts shops have light cream from big-brand suppliers (which develop their main dairy products as milk, cheese, cream, and bakery products…) such as Dairypure, Hood, and Borden Dairy. Other shops use heavy cream, whole milk, and skim milk to produce their cream. 

Is heavy whipping cream or half cream the right answer?

Mixing Whipped Cream in a Stand Mixer with a Whisk Attachment: Heavy whipping cream mixed with a stand mixer wire whisk

Purchasers might feel so different when they try Dunkin Donuts cream because it tastes unique among the kinds of cream provided in other coffee shops or even those you use at home. It is said that the explicit difference is the sweetness and the fat in the cream. The cream seems to be richer, thicker, and has a stronger cream flavor than any other kind. 

The answer is “No, neither they are ”. Heavy whipping cream whips up well and holds its shape. It doubles in volume when whipped. In fact, if heavy cream itself without any flavor added and form adjustment from other ingredients, it will be presented at an original denser form than the cream placed on the top of a cup of Dunkin coffee or inside a donut. And the texture of half cream is described as thicker and more luscious than milk, but less decadent and rich than cream as it is a mixture of milk and cream. Half and half cream is a mixture of ½ cream and ½ whole milk (therefore it is not whipped well), considered to have less fat content to be the substitute for heavy cream in many cooking recipes. 

As a result, none of them is the right answer that matches the cream kind of Dunkin Donuts. 

What cream does Dunkin Donuts use?

Whipped cream white in bowl, top view

Many people have had great experience with Dunkin Donuts items and tried to make the dupe of these foods at home. However, they are not sure what cream Dunkin Donuts uses in their bakery foods and beverages because the taste when they make it does not match the original ones in Dunkin Donuts stores. The cream’s taste of this brand is said to be so different and hard to create. 

The answer is that Dunkin Donuts uses light cream

Light cream has several different names such as single cream, and table cream. This kind of cream is quite the same as half cream and it is very suitable when added to coffee. The cream will be whipped in case it contains 30% butterfat but will not be able to stay well-built. It is also called thin cream because it doesn’t contain a lot of fat in it, it generally contains only 20% butterfat. Light cream is the cream that is thinner and contains less fat than other types of cream. In contrast to many other types, you cannot always find places to buy light cream. According to Dunkin Donuts’ unique cream-making recipe, the cream involves: skimmed milk, sugar, and cream, and contains 2% or less of the following ingredients: natural and artificial flavors, potassium phosphate, potassium citrate, and carrageenan. 

The key is the difference in the ratio of milk and cream between the heavy cream and the whole milk in the light cream that Dunkin Donuts uses. Compared to the half and half cream which contains equally 50% of heavy cream and 50% of milk, the light cream only comprises 33% of milk but 66% of cream. 

It results in the proportion of fat in each kind: 12% for half and half cream, 36% for whipping cream, and 18-20% for light cream. Basically, if over 35% fat content cream is whipping cream or heavy cream, Dunkin Donuts would be whipping cream’s lighter version. 

In conclusion, Dunkin Donuts uses light cream with 18%-20%  fat content in their items. Dairypure, Hood, and Borden Dairy are the reliable dairy brands that Dunkin Donuts rely on since these brands provide high-quality products. Not too fatty but bringing good enough taste, Dunkin’s food and beverages made with cream has given the customers a big impression that cannot be mistaken for any other kind.