What To Wear To A Barista Interview? Three Mistakes Make You Fail To Have An Official Position

Becoming a barista is not easy because it requires many complex skills to prepare a perfect coffee cup. However, if you want customers to taste your coffee cups, you must pass the barista interview first. In this interview, you have to persuade the recruitment board that you are good enough to lure customers with your coffee cups. Moreover, you have to make a good impression with a formal outfit. Your outfit will tell HR officers a part of yourself, and it can affect their decision. If you desire to work for a restaurant and have an interview, read this article now to know what to wear to a barista interview and avoid unworthy errors.

Why Should You Prepare Our Outfit Carefully?

Many people think that a barista interview is not as formal as an interview in state agencies. It is not wrong. However, when you are invited to a  job interview, you have to respect your employers. It is the first thing they want to see before testing your skills. If you are selected, you are a barista and a team member. Therefore, if there is a shortage of respect or solidarity, the business efficiency will be affected negatively.

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Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be worried because it won’t be a big deal if you know how to avoid an outfit’s mistakes. You don’t need to dress like an officer, but you can show your personality suitably. If you are a man, dark-colored pants with a shirt could be a good set. In comparison, a girl can wear a skirt and a polo T-shirt. This set is polite but still comfortable for all activities. Jeans are acceptable for the barista interview if your employers allow it, or you can combine jeans with polite items. 

To get the best result, you should research restaurants you have applied to as much as possible. The dress code of a Michelin restaurant will be different from a local café. When you understand its vibe, you can select a suitable set for the interview. For example, if you are invited to a Starbucks barista interview, you should prepare a business outfit even if you apply for the barista position. You can wear black pants, a white shirt or a black dress for women. Starbucks is a high-class brand, so they have specific dress codes for staff. On the contrary, a barista interview at a small café will be more comfortable so that you can choose your clothes, but they should be suitable for the interview.

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Three Mistakes Make You Fail In A Barista Interview

A barista interview is an obstacle that you have to pass before pursuing a career as a barista. Therefore, you should prepare for this event carefully and avoid all unworthy mistakes, especially your outfit’s ones as below:

Don’t Research Your Future Working Environment

As said below, the working environment can affect your daily outfits. Therefore, you have to research it deeply to choose the best clothes for the interview. If you think that a barista needs to make coffee, I suppose you might be wrong. You are also an ambassador of the brand you are working for. With high-end coffee brands like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Green Mountain Roaster, or any five-star restaurant, you must keep their images through a professional outfit. Many people have failed the interview because they don’t know anything about their working environment, so they wear underdressed costumes. 

In a professional environment, everything should be polite. You can be required to wear a uniform. However, in the interview, you have to show your interest and respect for your employers. If your employers know that you are willing to integrate into their team, you will likely have an official offer. 

Show Your Personality Ridiculously

A barista can be an artist in making coffee. However, it doesn’t mean you can wear ridiculous clothes at your job interview. You should control your personality and adapt to the working environment. If you don’t have experience researching your brands or dressing up, you should go to Youtube and watch barista’s videos. You can learn from their styles and apply them to your coming interview.

If you want to make sure about your outfit, you can call your HR officers for reference. They will give you some sound pieces of advice. You have to follow them and show up in your interview confidently. 

Using Inappropriate Accessories

It is a grave mistake because it denounces your negligence. As a professional barista, you have to understand what you should wear to perform well. For example, if you wear high-heels, you can’t prepare coffee comfortably. Besides, you should remove some items such as rings, long bracelets, or anything hindering your actions. However, some brands may not require you to make coffee at the first meeting, but everything can happen. It would be best if you prepared for a test and it will put pressure on your employers. 

If you are a newbie, you can search Google for related information. The Internet is a huge resource of many things, including outfits for a job interview, and it can support you effectively. In addition, many experienced baristas are ready to help you; don’t worry about it. Even if you wear unnecessary accessories in the interview, don’t be in chaos. You can remove them all before taking the real test calmly. This action shows that you are professional and prepared for your work. 


Do you want to become a barista? Will you have a barista interview next week or next month? Hopefully, this article can contribute to your preparedness. A barista interview will be your final challenge to be an actual barista, so please take advantage of this change to pursue your passion. My following articles will discuss more topics about coffee, so don’t forget to read my latest articles when they are published. Thank you for reading, and good luck with your interview!