Coffee’s Big Fans, Have You Ever Wondered That Coffee Could Stain Your Tongue?

If you read my article, I believe that you are a big fan of coffee, just like me. For us, coffee may be the most extraordinary beverage in the world, and it can bring us many feelings and exciting experiences. We have chances to taste many kinds of coffee such as Black coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Iced Coffee, Americano, or Iced blended coffee. The world of coffee is so attractive. Even if you can’t taste all kinds of coffee, you can still start a day with a cup of hot coffee.

Even if it is not affordable for you to buy coffee from a famous brand, you can still make coffee on your own with a coffee maker. Coffee can satisfy all of your demands. However, sometimes coffee makes us confused. One of the most prevalent questions of people who love coffee is “Can coffee stain your tongue?” Do you think it can? If you are not sure or want to confirm your belief, this article is for you. Please read it and find the exact answer.

What Happens With Our Tongues When We Drink Coffee?

Unfortunately, our great coffee can stain our tongues. Indeed, when we enjoy our favorite coffee, we don’t care about our tongues because coffee’s flavor lures us. But when you stand in front of a mirror and stick out your tongue, you will see the difference. Your tongue becomes black. It is not the only thing coffee gives you. Also, you have bad breath and discolored teeth. All of these things can make you less self-confident. 

Aerial view of various coffee

However, coffee is the favorite beverage of millions of people worldwide so these issues can be solved very quickly. But I will mention them in the next part. In this part, I want you to understand that coffee can give us some “unexpected gifts,” but that’s fine because it helps us stay awake and focus on our tasks. So don’t blame coffee for any inconvenience as we can fix them fast. 

If you haven’t ever noticed your tongue after drinking coffee, you should do it to make it normal. You have to talk with many people each day or present your slides sometimes, so please don’t let your tongue black!

Why Can Coffee Blacken Our Tongues?

The reason is that coffee is black, and it can dye your tongue after drinking it. Scientifically speaking, the pigment in coffee is black or dark brown. The stain will coat your tongue’s papillae with a layer of color when you drink coffee. Our tongue’s papillae are very sensitive, and they will be discolored easily. Apart from coffee, if you smoke, drink tea, or have bad hygiene, your tongue can turn yellow, brown, or black. 

And if you drink milk or eat ice cream too much, do you know what will happen next? Yes, your tongue will turn white. It can make you scared a little but don’t worry, and it is harmless. To get rid of this coat, you should clean your tongue and drink a large amount of water. After about a few hours, this coat will disappear.

Nevertheless, if it doesn’t fade, you can think of other reasons, maybe pathologies. In this case, you should go to the hospital to check your health. If you find something wrong, you have to treat it as soon as possible because signals in the tongue alarm your lousy health status.

People drinking coffee high angle view

Similarly, your teeth will be affected negatively because of drinking coffee. Our teeth have a layer of enamel outside to protect the pulp inside. However, your enamel is not strong enough and has many gaps on it. They could be perfect shelters for bacteria, food, and residue. They will attack your teeth slowly and make you hurt so much. In addition, coffee’s coloring matter will discolor your teeth and make them less white. 

If your teeth are discolored, you can regularly brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Discolored teeth are more complicated to fix than discolored tongues. Hence, you should clean your teeth carefully after drinking coffee. Or you have to drink water right after drinking coffee to clean an amount of pigment. Its effect is not too high, but it can protect your enamel partly.

Three Practical Ways To Clean Your Mouth After Drinking Coffee

Coffee is good, but please don’t let coffee become a factor that makes you less self-confident. Therefore, you should follow these steps below:

Brush Your Teeth

It is the most straightforward way to help you have white teeth and good breath. You can brush your teeth after lunch to keep your breath good in the afternoon. However, don’t brush your teeth more than three times per day because it can harm your enamel.

Happy Lady Brushing Teeth With Toothbrush Standing In Bathroom Indoor

Scrap Your Tongue

Many people don’t scrap their tongues when brushing their teeth. However, the tongue is a favorite area of bacteria, so if you don’t clean it regularly, many bacteria will invade your tongue. Therefore, you should keep this hobby every day to make your tongue clean. The scraping tongue tool is very cheap so you can replace it after every three months. Don’t use a scraper too long because it could become a source of bacteria. 

Use Your Mouthwash

A bottle of mouthwash is essential for your teeth care routine. There are many kinds of mouthwashes in the supermarket with different prices. Don’t ever underestimate it because it is such a miracle with your mouth, teeth,, and breath. You can bring a small bottle to your office to use more conveniently. 


Have you ever been scared when your tongue is black after drinking coffee? However, this problem will be solved easily if you follow my instructions. If you clean your mouth regularly, your coffee experience will be more fantastic, and you don’t need to worry about your bad breath and a discolored tongue. Please look forward to the following articles and enjoy your coffee with new knowledge! Thank you for reading!