Let’s Try Your Barista Talent With The Jack in The Box Iced Coffee Recipe

There are many coffee brands globally, and maybe you have been familiar with some giants such as Starbucks, McCafé – the coffee brand of McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Doughnuts, or Nescafe. But have you ever heard about Jack in the Box? Jack in the Box is a fast-food brand in the US, headquartered in San Diego, California. It is one of America’s most popular fast-food chains, with about 2000 restaurants in 21 states. The menu of Jack in the Box included many kinds of familiar food such as fried chicken, French fries, sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and drinks such as Coke, water, juice, and coffee. This article will only focus on Jack in the Box’s iced coffee. Many customers of this brand have fallen in love with its iced tea because of its unique flavor. I don’t only describe this flavor but also provide you with a Jack in the box iced coffee recipe to make it at home. Is it cool? Let’s check it out!

Why Is Jack In The Box Iced Coffee Famous?

Jack in the Box has many kinds of iced coffee. You can order Vanilla sweet cream iced coffee, Caramel sweet cream iced coffee, Mocha sweet cream iced coffee. Their flavors are great, and that’s why they contribute to the excellent avenue of Jack in the Box. 

Tasty ice coffee with milk, cold drink in glass on dark background Copy space

The secret behind these fantastic iced coffee cups is Arabic coffee beans, sugar, milk, cream, ice cubes, and other ingredients, depending on each type. I love Jack in the Box because they publicize some of their elements that can cause allergies for customers. If you are allergic to some of them, you can consider if you should drink them or not. You can check this information on Jack in the Box’s website.

Because Jack of the Box is a pretty famous fast-food brand, they use high-quality ingredients so that you can enjoy your coffee without worrying about its adverse effects. Besides, Jack in the Box’s iced coffee prices are very affordable. You can pay about two bugs for a cup of iced coffee. With this price, you can buy Jack in the Box’s coffee every day if you love drinking it.

Recipe Of Some Kinds Jack In The Box’S Iced Coffee 

In this part, I will introduce you to recipes of some popular kinds of Jack in the Box’s iced coffee. If you want to make them at home, please read this part carefully and be ready to be a professional barista. I assure you that it will be your memorable achievement with a homemade coffee journey!

Cold Coffee On Wood
Cold Coffee On Wood

Caramel Sweet Cream Iced Coffee

It is one of the best-sellers of Jack in the Box. However, you don’t need to go to a restaurant to buy it because you can make it at home. First, you need to prepare ground coffee, hot water, sugar, milk, and caramel syrup. They are all available ingredients in any store but maybe you will use products from different brands with Jack in the Box. After finishing the coffee, you can let it cool for a few hours and add ice cubes. 

Jack in the Box uses Arabica coffee beans for their coffee, that’s why you can taste the coffee’s bold flavor. However, if it is not affordable for you to buy Arabica beans, it is okay. You can take advantage of your available coffee; prefer ground coffee. You should use instant coffee because it will be hard to mix other ingredients and it is worse than ground coffee. 

Mocha Sweet Cream Iced Coffee

This kind of coffee is full of chocolate flavor, and I always order it when I go to a Jack in the Box restaurant. However, I want to drink it every day, so I spent time searching and experiencing its recipe. And now it is successful. You should prepare coffee, milk, whipping cream, sugar, iced cubes, and the essential ingredient, chocolate syrup. Without the chocolate syrup, you can find the taste of Mocha. You can find chocolate syrup in the supermarket because it is hard to buy it in a Jack in the Box restaurant.

You can make Mocha iced coffee with your coffee maker at home. The instructions are straightforward, but you should consider the amount of each ingredient. Don’t add too much a component because it may ruin your coffee’s taste. 

Iced caramel latte coffee in a tall glass with syrup and whipped cream

Vanilla Sweet Cream Iced Coffee

Vanilla is an essential flavor that you can find at many restaurants. However, if you want it like Jack in the Box, you should follow my instructions. Like other iced coffee, you need to prepare ground coffee, milk, sugar, cream, ice cubes, and vanilla powder. If you can find vanilla syrup, you should use the liquid because it will melt faster. Please consider between vanilla syrup and sugar because the syrup is sweet, too. If you make an overly sweet coffee cup, it will be hard to drink.

After making the coffee, you can spray a layer of cream on the coffee. However, you should chill it in the fridge before adding ice cubes and spreading cream. Please don’t do it when the coffee is hot because it will negatively affect its taste. You can’t fix the taste when the coffee maker finishes making coffee. It is irreversible so please consider carefully or you have to do everything from scratch.


Here is the end of my article about Jack in the Box’s iced coffee recipes. Hopefully, you have found something exciting and started trying to make your favorite coffee at home. It is not difficult to follow the instructions and use the right ingredients. If you want to have clearer íntsructions, you can search for these recipes on Youtube, and they will have some videos for you. My next article will continue discussing coffee topics, so let’s come back and explore the world of coffee. Indeed, I won’t let you down. Don’t forget to look forward to my following articles, and thank you for reading! Enjoy your coffee!