Don’t You Know How To Make Nespresso Hotter? The Answer Is Right Here!

This article is a new journey for coffee fans because we will discuss Nespresso. Do you know what Nespresso is? Although it is a kind of coffee, not all coffee drinkers know it because it is not too prevalent. However, it is not a big deal, and I will help you discover it right now. Also, this article will show you how to make Nespresso hotter so you can enjoy it better. Fans of Nespresso love to drink it when it is hot, but sometimes they don’t know how to do it. Hot water is not the key, but we need more factors to boil Nespresso at a high temperature. Hopefully, my experience with Nespresso in this article will solve your problems with Nespresso and give you the best experience with this unique kind of coffee.

What Is Precisely Nespresso?

This part will answer your wonder about what Nespresso is. Nespresso is the coffee capsule. Does it sound strange? Yes, it is the product of the Nespresso brand, headquartered in Switzerland. Because Nespresso is the exclusive coffee sold only by Nespresso, its price is not low. You have to pay a high price to taste Nespresso and see the coffee capsules melting slowly in hot water. I guess it is one of the most exciting experiences for coffee fans.


In each Nespresso capsule, the producer put about 5–7 grams of ground coffee. A tablet can make about 40ml of Espresso. If you have a chance to drink authentic Nespresso coffee, you will realize that its body and top are made of aluminum. If you are worried that aluminum will negatively influence your health, you can get rid of it because the interior of the package is covered with food-grade lacquer. Until now, Nespresso is still considered one of the best coffee capsules brands.

Besides, Nespresso also provides coffee machines of many manufacturers to many countries. Therefore, if you are a fan of Nespresso, you can buy a collection of Nespresso, including coffee capsules and a coffee machine. Indeed, you will own a treasure that all coffee fans desire.

It Is Great But Why Is It Not As Hot As I Expect? What Should I Do?

If you have a Nespresso machine and find its coffee is not as hot as you expect, you have to check many things. First, you have to check the brewing temperature. The perfect temperature should be around more than 80°C. Unfortunately, you can not change the temperature of the Nespresso machine manually. Nevertheless, you still check the machine in case it is broken.

Secondly, the reason could be the pressure inside the coffee machine is not high. In this case, you have to adjust the pressure of the Nespresso machine as instructed in the manual. According to many coffee experts, you can brew about five coffee cups with only water. Don’t put your Nespresso capsules on because you can’t use this capsule anymore if the machine is out of order. However, if this method works, you can put capsules into the machine to make coffee. When the cup is warmed, your coffee will be hotter.


Thirdly, you should clean your Nespresso machine when your coffee is not as you expect. Sometimes, your engine is dirty, affecting some components inside the coffee maker, so you should clean your coffee maker again before thinking about other complex issues. When you finish, you can start it again and see the result. If it is still the same, you can try other mentioned solutions.

Finally, Nespresso’s customer services team is always ready to support its customers. Don’t hesitate to contact them via email or hotline for support. Many people have left their inquiries about their issues on Nespresso’s website, and Nespresso’s team has replied to all of them below. It means your inquiries will be read, and your problem will be supported. Please describe your issue in detail, and they can give you some pieces of advice. It would be best if you didn’t fix the coffee maker yourself because you can worsen the situation. 

In addition, before buying a Nespresso coffee machine and preparing a Nespresso cup, you have to make sure that you understand what you are using. Then, you should follow the brand’s instructions to create a perfect coffee cup. If you find this instruction so hard to follow, let’s search for some instructions on Youtube, and maybe they can help you.

How To Store Your Nespresso Machine Correctly

Like other coffee makers, the Nespresso machine is an electric device. It means you have to store it carefully to ensure that it can work smoothly and prevent all explosive risks. The best way to keep this machine is to clean it after using it. You can use water to clean the interior of the machine. This simple step lets your device remove all coffee grounds and other filth. Also, it will keep your coffee tasting good and fresh. Imagine a dirty machine makes your coffee; it is very disgusting, isn’t it?


Besides, you need to check the electric wires of the machine regularly. It will keep you safe from burning or explosions. Similarly, it can help you to save on monthly electric costs. Don’t think that a small coffee maker can’t bother you. When some technical problems happen, you have to drink bad Nespresso, which can’t make your day. Or you have to pay to buy a new coffee maker. It is such an expensive price for your laziness.


I believe that if you love coffee, coffee will be your endless passion. Therefore, I hope each of my articles will give you something interesting about coffee. If you want to taste a great Nesespresso cup, you should follow the instructions in my writing because they are all my realistic experience. Don’t forget to look forward to our following articles. Thank you for reading, and enjoy your hot Nespresso cup!