Putting Coffee In A Tumbler: Is It Beneficial? 

Due to exceptional benefits of coffee in preparing refreshing drinks and keeping people alert, the number of individuals who enjoy coffee is growing all over the world. Coffee now is provided in a variety of cups and glasses, including premium porcelain mugs or other cups made of glass, paper, throwaway plastic and so on, depending on the shop’s conditions and client demands.

However, as more individuals become ecologically concerned, the usage of throwaway plastic or paper cups is becoming increasingly rare. Instead, many individuals choose to put coffee in tumblers to enjoy in the shop or take home.

According to several experts, stainless steel coffee makers are expected to take over the industry in the near future. Can you put coffee in a tumbler? In the following post, we’ll learn a lot of useful knowledge about using tumblers in coffee storage.

A Brief Overview Of A Tumbler

Tumblers are drinking containers made of a variety of materials, including plastic, glass, and stainless steel. They can be insulated and used for both hot and cold beverages, or they can be uninsulated. These days, stainless steel tumblers are frequently used due to their benefits.

Stainless and tumbler cup on wooden background

Tumblers typically have straws and lids but there is no handle on it at all. Tumblers of many sizes and colors, particularly Starbucks tumblers, may be seen in abundance.

Fortunately, commercial tumblers are a more environmentally responsible alternative to throwaway plastic bottles and water bottles, and they will grow in popularity among busy individuals who order coffee to go.

What Is A Tumbler Made Of Stainless Steel?

Tumblers of this sort are often composed of 18-8 stainless steel (SUS304), a material that is extensively utilized in various sectors, including household appliances, due to its durability, cleanliness, and environmental friendliness.

Stainless steel tumblers can have one or two layers that determine whether they are insulated or not.

Hand holding a stainless steel tumbler

The majority of tumblers on the market right now are double-walled stainless steel insulated tumblers. The stainless-steel tumblers can be built of 304 or 316 steel, depending on the stainless-steel pattern on the inner wall.

Insulated tumblers are a practical and attractive way to store liquids such as water, fizzy beverages, coffee, or tea. It generally comes with a straw (either stainless steel or BPA-free plastic), which makes it easier to drink the liquid within. Insulated tumblers are now available with logos of well-known businesses or customized graphics. They are also popular among office workers and outdoor sports fans because of their mobility, adaptability, and durability.

Is It Possible To Drink Hot Coffee From A Stainless-Steel Tumbler?

Some believe that because coffee is an acidic liquid, it will react with stainless steel, altering the flavor of the coffee and destroying the cup.

However, the coffee will never react with the stainless steel, so you can definitely use your tumblers with hot or cold coffee. Furthermore, regular coffee has a pH of 4.5 to 6.0, which is near to neutral. You might be astonished to find that a bottle of Coca-Cola has a pH of around 2.6!

In a nutshell, it is always okay to drink coffee from a tumbler made of stainless steel. There aren’t any chemical reactions between these two things. Furthermore, there will be no metallic odor when you sip coffee from your tumbler. When drinking from tumblers, you get the same authentic flavor as when drinking from paper or plastic cups.

If you’re still hesitant to drink your coffee from a stainless-steel cup, take a look at your coffee machine, which often makes great hot coffee for you. In reality, the major elements of the coffee machine are made of 18-8 stainless steel (SUS304), and coffee must come into touch with stainless steel for a particular amount of time while being processed. However, everything is still totally fine. The fact that it has been widely utilized so far attests to this.

Heat Insulation Of An Insulated Stainless-Steel Tumbler 

Investing in a high-quality insulated tumbler with a stainless-steel double-walled design is a must if you want your coffee to stay hot for longer. These tumblers can keep hot coffee hot for 4 hours and cold coffee cold for 6 hours. This is due to the “vacuum area” between the two stainless steel walls, which makes it impossible for heat to pass through. In addition, the cup lid is difficult to transfer heat. 

There are two options for enhancing the insulation of stainless-steel water cups which are either boiling hot coffee or heating the interior of the cup with hot water. Many individuals prefer the second option since it is more practical and convenient. Simply let the boiling water in the cup for 2 minutes before discarding it, and you may enjoy your favorite coffee in the cup. You may also cover the cup of water in a towel or warm cloth to improve the insulating performance.

The Merits Of Using A Stainless Steel Tumbler To Drink Coffee

There are several advantages to drinking coffee from a stainless-steel tumbler that you should consider. To begin with, 18-8 stainless steel cups are far healthier to use than plastic cups. This sort of material allows you to safely and completely enjoy every sip of your coffee. As you can see, some plastic cups may appear to be harmless at first, but they might leak harmful substances as it hydrates, putting your health at risk silently and dangerously. Drinking coffee from a stainless-steel tumbler, on the other hand, can fully remove this possible problem, resulting in a healthy cup of coffee.

Environmentally regarding, the usage of stainless-steel tumblers helps to preserve our natural environment. We’ve long heard about natural resource depletion, plastic’s “white pollution,” and other significant issues like as global warming. More trees will be chopped down and more plastic will be discharged into the school if numerous plastic and paper cups are used. 

A stylish beautiful woman holding takeaway coffee cup in both hands, one is a single use paper cup with plastic lid the other one is a reusable stainless tumbler

However, we can decrease the exploitation of natural resources and contribute to environmental protection by adopting stainless steel tumblers that are sturdy, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Furthermore, as more people utilize stainless steel appliances, it will assist to boost national awareness about living a green lifestyle and developing a sustainable future.

Several corporations and brands have pledged to encourage the usage of environmentally friendly coffee tumblers as part of their social responsibility efforts. Starbucks is a good example. They will gladly assist you in filling your own mugs (or rather, the unique tumblers they create themselves) with their great coffee, therefore reducing the use of paper cups and improving your drinking experience. This method is claimed to be pleasant and ecologically beneficial, and it has been adopted and popularized by a number of other businesses throughout the world.

Final Thought

Isn’t there a long list of advantages to drinking coffee from your own tumblers? If you don’t already own a tumbler, consider purchasing one and using it to safeguard your health and the environment. Rest assured that it will not only have no effect on your coffee, but it will also assist keep heat for a longer period of time, allowing you to consume coffee for longer periods of time. Don’t forget to stay updated with my next posts.