Coffee Is Just Bean Soup? And Some Interesting Facts About Coffee

Coffee has become a very popular beverage among people all around the world. Every morning cup of coffee keeps you alert and productive throughout the day. It’s also recognized for producing euphoria and delivering antioxidants for the body, as well as indirectly lowering the risk of cancer in humans and assisting with weight reduction (according to research released by University of Scranton scientist Joe Vinson in August 2005).

There are oftentimes some debates on whether coffee is a soup or a broth derived from coffee beans. Several readers also wonder if it is a juice made from coffee beans. Each viewpoint is reasonable in certain ways. So, do the questions about whether coffee is just bean soup or what exactly it is perplex you at times? Don’t worry since I’ll be explaining everything in this article. 

What Is Coffee, And Where Did It Originate?

Coffee is a caffeinated black liquid that is extensively consumed all around the world. It’s made from roasted coffee beans that come from the coffee plant.

It was utilized for the first time when being found in Ethiopia’s highlands in the 9th century by the National Coffee Association of U.S.A., Inc. Coffee then was transported to Egypt and Yemen, followed by Armenia, Persia, Turkey, and northern Africa by the 15th century. 

Cup of coffee with coffee beans in a burlap bag and coffee powder in a wooden spoon with blurred coffee seeds on a tree background

It arrived in Italy from the Muslim world, then was delivered to the rest of Europe, Indonesia, and America. At present, coffee is becoming one of the most widely consumed beverages on the planet.

Coffee plants are now cultivated in over 50 nations across the world. There are several countries that export coffee. 

Coffee beans are produced from the seeds of coffee-related plants (Rubiaceae). Three primary coffee kinds consist of Arabica Coffee, Canephora Coffee (Robusta Coffee), and Coffee Liberica. The kind of tree, the type of bean, and the location where it is grown all influence the quality or class of coffee. 

Types of coffee varieties, grains and plants, colorful vector illustration with text arabica, robusta, liberica

Robusta coffee is less popular than Arabica coffee. Interestingly, Kopi Luwak (or “weasel coffee”) from Indonesia and Vietnam is the world’s most costly and uncommon coffee. This is not a coffee type, but a method of brewing coffee with a weasel’s digestive tract. This variety of coffee costs over 20 million VND (1300 USD) per kilogram and only around 200 kg is sold on the global market each year.

Is It True That Coffee Is A Bean?

Coffee “beans”, in reality, are not beans at all. Coffee trees are plants that yield coffee cherries, which are little bright red berry-like fruits. Coffee is made by extracting coffee ‘beans’ from the coffee cherries and processing them. The beans are typically roasted before being combined with hot water to activate the soluble components and produce the coffee taste. For added flavor, coffee can be served with sugar, milk, cream, or other ingredients. So, rather than beans, coffee is created from seeds.

Harvesting coffee berries with agriculturist hands

Is It Possible To Call Coffee “Beans” Beans?

Coffee “beans” are, in fact, a sort of seed. A kind of seed found in the coffee plant is used to make coffee. Coffee berries are purple or bright red berries that produce “coffee beans”. When the outer peel of the coffee berries is removed, two seeds or pitting may be visible. Inside each of these berry-like fruits, there are normally two seeds packed together. These are the coffee seeds, which are dried and roasted afterward to make coffee.

Approximately 5% of coffee berries will yield one fruit or bean! They are called “peaberry” because they are quite uncommon.

Is Coffee Defined Juice Or Broth?

Simply speaking, juice is the liquid obtained by crushing or pressing the soft flesh of fruit in a juicer. The term can describe the clear juice from a roast, although it is more usually applied to the liquid squeezed directly from the succulent fruit.

The broth is a liquid and nutrient infusion made from the meat and bones of animals such as chicken and cattle after a lengthy period of simmering in hot water. Broth may also be made by cooking or stewing vegetables for a long period to produce a delicious, nutrient-dense liquid.

When we look at how coffee is prepared, though, we notice that it is rather different. Coffee is a beverage made from roasted and finely ground coffee beans blended with hot water to hydrate it and dissolve the components, resulting in a light or dark brown hue. Coffee is more closely linked to infused tea, a popular hot beverage that employs dried leaves and occasionally other plant components (flowers, bark, and roots) to flavor it. 

Coffee, as can be seen, is neither a juice nor a broth. Coffee may be described as a unique beverage with several applications for everyone.

Is Coffee Considered A Soup?

Soups occur in two varieties: a liquid-textured dish and a paste-like dish. Both of these are cooked with a range of components such as meat, fish, vegetables, legumes, fruit, water, or other liquids, and are frequently served as an appetizer or breakfast at the start of a European meal.

Coffee, on the other hand, isn’t made in the same way that soup is. As previously stated, coffee is roasted before being combined with boiling water to create its watery component.

You might also question if coffee is used in soups. Yes, surprisingly! In fact, coffee is a common ingredient added in many different recipes. Some cooks used it in stews, and the sharpness of the coffee gives it a distinctive flavor. Adding coffee to the soup might help bring out the rich taste. Keep in mind, however, that this only applies to specific varieties of soup.

Final Thoughts

You now know where coffee beans come from and what makes them unique, don’t you? It’s a one-of-a-kind nut that’s processed and cooked in its own method. However, this should not have a significant impact on your coffee. If the term is too difficult for you, just sip your flavorful cups of coffee instead. Have fun sipping your coffee and don’t forget to keep up with my next posts.