How To Make Coffee With An Electric Kettle

One of the best ways to start a new workday is with a cup of hot brewed coffee. However, sometimes the busyness will make us not have enough time to make and wait for a perfect cup of coffee to complete the steps. Is there any other way that can make coffee making so simple and convenient that it can be made anywhere? Yes, have you ever thought about using an electric kettle to make coffee? This article gives you a perspective as well as simply how to make coffee with an electric kettle that anyone can do.


What Is An Electric Kettle?

The electric kettle is a common kitchen appliance that is present in almost every kitchen corner of every family. There are many different types of electric kettles on the market, but the basic usage is the same: plug into an electrical outlet. Press the button and wait for the water to boil.

Fast heating is an advantage, but it must also be mentioned that it is popular. Most home kitchens or office kitchens are equipped with an electric kettle. If you understand and know how to use a super-speed kettle to make coffee, then enjoying a cup of coffee will certainly become much simpler.

How To Make Coffee With An Electric Kettle

For Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is essentially a coffee powder that has been roasted, dried, and seasoned. During the production process, instant coffee is processed so that, after brewing, there will be no coffee grounds or residue. This type of coffee only requires the use of boiling water and stir to dissolve the coffee. This type of coffee is very convenient to use as well as a preserve, importantly, it does not need any fancy equipment to prepare. Electric kettles are perfect for this type of coffee:

  • Step 1: Boil water. Note that you should use water from a clean water source and ensure that the taste of the brewed cup of coffee is the best
  • Step 2: While the water is waiting to boil, add the coffee, sugar, whole milk powder, or any other brewing ingredients you have on hand.
  • Step 3: Pour boiled water over the ingredients in the cup
  • Step 4: Use a stirrer to mix the ingredients in the coffee cup.
  • Step 5: Enjoy a cup of coffee

For Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is made from roasted coffee beans that are ground into a powder similar to instant coffee. However, this type of coffee is not processed, so there will be residual coffee grounds after brewing and not being preserved for as long as instant coffee. Basically, the way to make ground coffee with an electric kettle will still be similar to how to make instant coffee

  • Step 1: Heat water with an electric kettle.
  • Step 2: Add ground coffee to the cup
  • Step 3: Pour in hot water and let the coffee infuse for a few minutes
  • Step 5: Filter out the coffee grounds. Pour the coffee through the strainer into another cup to remove the coffee grounds
  • Step 6: Add cream, sugar, and milk of your choice and enjoy

Some Notes When Making Coffee With An Electric Kettle

There are a few issues you should keep in mind to keep your cup of coffee brewed from your electric kettle retaining its inherent rich, delicious flavor:

  • Temperature: Temperature is one of the important considerations because temperature affects the acidity of the coffee and its acidity. The appropriate temperature for brewing coffee is from 85 to 95 degrees Celsius (185 °Fahrenheit to 195 °Fahrenheit)
  • Ingredients: carefully check the expiry date as well as the quality of the coffee you use.
  • The amount of coffee and the amount of water: These two factors help determine the strength or weakness of a cup of coffee. The more coffee you use, the stronger the cup, and vice versa. However, when making coffee with an electric kettle, it is often difficult to know what ratio of coffee to water should be used. Usually, it should be mixed at a ratio of 1:12 (35 grams of coffee with 400 ml of water) or 1:14 to keep the coffee tasting delicious and not pale.
  • Use filtered water: More than 90% of brewed coffee is water. This means that the quality, as well as the taste of the water, plays a huge role in the flavor of your coffee. The advice for you is to use filtered or bottled water to make coffee

Should Coffee Be Put In An Electric Kettle?


Surely this is also the question of many people when it is possible to put coffee directly into the electric kettle to heat it to save time. There is a method of making coffee called Cowboy Coffee. For this coffee, they use a kettle on the stove and boil the coffee straight in the kettle. However, this is not the case with electric kettles.

Heating any liquid other than water is not recommended by electric kettle manufacturers. If you use the kettle in this way, you may void your warranty on this appliance.

Heating coffee with a kettle can damage the kettle and make it difficult to clean. If you’ve ever used an electric kettle to boil liquids other than water and even though there may not be a problem now, in the future you will face the risk of damaging the kettle and voiding your warranty.

When you put the coffee in the pot and heat it up, controlling the temperature is not easy. Coffee can burn and change the smell.

Sanitation is also worth noting. While using the kettle to heat up the coffee completely, problems like the coffee burning and sticking to the sides may occur. Electric kettles are difficult to clean as well as prone to odor. Therefore, think carefully before using an electric kettle to warm and heat coffee.

The electric kettle is an essential tool to heat water and can help us make coffee quickly. The benefit of using an electric kettle is that we don’t have to keep an eye on it as it heats up. This allows us to perform other operations and steps while waiting for the water to heat up. But keep in mind that stay away from any thought of putting the coffee in kettle to boil or reheating coffee in a kettle. Please only use the kettle for its proper function to boil water