What Does The Bold Button Do On My Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

Dear coffeeholic, I have a question for all of you. Have you ever found yourself adding more and more coffee grounds to reach your desired brew strength? I did. However, until I discovered “the bold button” on my Cuisinart coffee maker, my life dramatically changed. 

So what is the “bold button”? “Bold” appears to be a flavor term, it usually refers to a type of bean. However, on coffee makers, it appears that the water drips slower, which allows more flavor to be extracted from the beans. In general, the bold button or the bold setting on coffee makers keeps the hot water in the brewing chamber longer, allowing for a lengthier flavor extraction when your coffee maker functions at the most active degree. Rather than adding more and more grounds, the 200°F temp, plus the lengthier extraction time, allows for a richer and more developed brew with less waste.

If you’re interested in something that can brew a stronger flavor, make sure to try to use the Cuisinart coffee maker bold button. Trust in me when I say that is exactly what you are waiting for! 

cuisinart coffee maker bold button
Machine preparing fresh coffee

 What Does The Bold Button Do?

As a coffeeholic, I see it is extremely hard to make a cup of strong coffee for the first time. I always have to add more and more coffee grounds to reach my desired brew strength. And yes, it costs too much. However, I discovered a hidden skill not so long ago, which could actually save our money in the long run. This secret is called “the bold button” on my Cuisinart coffee maker.

Modern coffee machine on table in kitchen

The “strong button”, also known as “bold button setting” on coffee makers, increases the brewing time rather than boiling water, the strength should be higher when turning up the strength knob. While brewing a coffee, the machine generally uses a low water percentage to reduce the risk of coffee becoming bitter. Therefore, the coffee becomes higher in caffeine and enhances its strength and flavor.

So how does it work? How does the bold setting work? It is a piece of cake and I will show you how to do it right now. It only has one step: hitting the “Bold” button. The brewing process is a bit slower as the water enters the filter basket more slowly, steeps longer, and drips into the coffee pot at a slower rate. 

It is so simple, isn’t it? It means, you can easily get yourself a cup of strong coffee at home in the morning, which is cheaper and more quality than a low-quality coffee from a random cafe shop you catch on the streets you drive to work. 

What Is The Difference Between Bold And Regular Brew?

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between bold and regular brews? Even though both cups of coffee are made from the same Cuisinart coffee maker. However, they have huge differences, which are only discovered by coffeeholic.

Today, I will share with you my point of view with two popular ways to brew coffee by a coffee maker at home: Bold and regular brew.

Dark coffee drops dripping in a transparent glass espresso cup on a manual espresso machine with copy space, close up

I am going to start this post by reviewing the bold brew. First, let’s talk about the smell. The coffee that is brewed from the bold setting has a distinct and smoky aroma, with the smell like wooden and smoky flavors. Drinking a cup of this type of coffee, you can imagine yourself being in the middle of a forest and feeling the smell of fresh wood around you. That is so wonderful, isn’t it? Second, bold brew leaves a rich aftertaste because it brews slower, allowing more coffee extraction. That means the water drips slower, so it will enable more flavor to be extracted from the beans. However, the biggest disadvantage of this way is the coffee will contain acidic on the stomach so you should avoid drinking it with an empty stomach. 

Compared to the bold brew, the regular brew has an aromatic smell: is mild and enticing and tastes strong with a creamy aftertaste. There are also higher ratios of coffee to water. The regular brew is more suitable for people who like light coffee and people who want to enjoy coffee randomly in the middle of the day. Because of its light flavor, and it is not too heavy or acidic on the stomach, you can easily enjoy it anytime. However, it is just not my cup of tea. I love the feeling my heart beats like I was an actress in “Fast and Furious” when I enjoy my cup of bold brew. 

What Does The Brew Strength Button Do?

As an everyday coffee drinker, I see the change in the way we make our coffee at home. From the pots, now we use coffee maker machines with many features. And today I will share with you my favorite feature: the Cuisinart coffee maker brew-strength button.

Let’s talk about what this is. The brew strength button is a button on the Cuisinart coffee maker, and like other buttons of a coffee maker, it has its own features.

Coffee is poured into two cups from a coffee machine

So what does the brew strength button do? The brew strength selector will adjust how much time it takes to brew a pot of coffee. Compared to the coffee from the regular setting, the brew strength button uses the same amount of water, but the higher the brew strength, the longer water stays in contact with the coffee grounds. For example, the Cuisinart SS-15 12-Cup Coffeemaker with Single-Serve Brewer offers single serve k-cup brewing complete with a “bold setting” for a stronger brew than normal but it also creates a full carafe style option in either a 12-cup glass carafe or a 10-cup thermal carafe.

I am obsessed with this high-end feature. And if you are an everyday coffee drinker, who loves strong coffee, you have to give the brew strength button a try! I bet it will surprise you!