How Many Amps Does A Coffee Maker Use? Three Ways To Use A Coffee Maker Correctly

A coffee maker is a tool that helps you to make flavorful coffee cups at home. More and more people want to own a coffee maker to save time making coffee. This increasing demand leads to different models of coffee makers being manufactured. It means customers will have more choices with different prices. However, price is only a factor. If you want to use a coffee maker for the long term, you have to pay attention to technical parameters. One of the most critical parameters is the number of amps of your coffee maker. Hence, you have to ask how many amps a coffee maker uses before buying a coffee pot. Don’t worry about it because it is indicated on the product’s label. You need to check it and use it correctly. If you are a newbie and don’t understand these figures, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the brand for advice. Don’t do anything wrong because electric incidents will lead to severe burns or explosions. 

Why Should You Check This Number Carefully?

Every home has an electric network with various wires. And these wires only support a certain amount of electricity. If it is overloaded, it could be burned or exploded. It is such a dangerous incident with all families. Therefore, you should be careful with all electric devices in your house, not only coffee makers. 

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However, you can use all coffee makers if their amps are suitable for your wires. Even if it is over, you can consider if you can upgrade your wire networks. But this case may not be famous, so you don’t need to be worried. According to coffee experts, you should check this parameter before choosing a coffee maker to prevent any risks related to burns or explosions.

How Many Amps Does A Coffee Maker Use?

Well, there is no fixed answer to this question. It depends on your type of coffee machine, its brand, and its usage. According to the Home Guide Info website, a 120 volts coffee maker will use 5 to 13 amperes. If a coffee maker only serves 2 cups, it only consumes 2.5 to 5 amps. With 10-cup or 12-cup coffee makers, the number of amps will be higher. It means they utilize more electricity. If you want to track it, you need to keep your monthly electric bills or use the formula to calculate amp is: amp = watt / volt.

As said above, each brand will have a different number of amps. For example, if you want to buy a 12 cup coffee maker, you need to know that it will consume 200 to 400 watts. It equals 1.37 amps to 3.33 amps. This number is not too high. However, some coffee makers will use over 1000 watts, the number of amps will be higher, about 12 – 13 amps. Through this example, you will realize that the number of amps is affected by the voltage and watt. Fortunately, all of these numbers are printed on the label. 

With the Mr.Coffee brand, If you need a 12-cup programmable Mr.Coffee coffee maker, its wattage rating is 900, so it will use 7,5 amps. Buta 14-cup programmable one, its wattage rating is 1050, which equals 8,75 amps.

Typically, people tend to notice the model, color, capability of the coffee maker but not electrical parameters. But from now on, please check its voltage, watts, and amps before buying it. It may help you to calculate the amount of electricity monthly. You can change the models with lower electric consumption if it exceeds your budget. I believe that this skill will help you so much in saving money.

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Three Ways To Use A Coffee Maker Correctly

Don’t forget that your coffee maker is an electric device. Hence, you have to be careful to prevent any risks. I understand that some of you are unaware of your coffee makers and use them arbitrarily. They are small devices, but their damages are not, so please read this section to protect your houses and families. 

Follow Its Instruction Manuals

All brands will enclose an íntsruction manual in the product’s box. It is the first lesson for you. All products are checked at the factory before launching. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about its safety standards. You should follow this instruction carefully and prevent most of the risks. If something wrong happens, you have to contact the brand. Contact information can be found on their website, so it is easy for you to fix any problems. Even if your coffee maker is out of order, their warranty policies can help you, too.

Remember To Unplug After Using

This simple action can save you from explosive risks. Also, it can help you to save on electricity monthly. The amount of money for monthly electric bills is not tiny, so you should minimize it to balance your expenses. I understand that sometimes you have to cut down your expenditures, including electric costs, when you run out of money. Therefore, don’t forget to unplug your coffee makers because it is the most straightforward way to cut down your monthly cost, especially if your coffee maker has a high voltage rating and many amps. 

Please buy a coffee maker with an automatic shut-off function if you have a fish brain. It will turn off itself after 2 or 4 hours. Hence, this model is more and more popular for families.

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Choose The Most Suitable Model For Your Demand

Before buying a coffee maker, the most pivotal factor you should notice is choosing the best one for your demand. If you live alone, you don’t need to buy a 12-cup coffee pot because it will consume more electricity. Don’t be lured by advertisements or modern designs but remember your burden of electric cost.


Here is everything about the question “how many amps does a coffee maker use?”. Hopefully, you have found something interesting about your coffee maker in my article. My following articles will continue discovering the world of coffee, don’t forget to read them and enjoy your coffee!