Coffee Makes Me Nauseous All Of A Sudden, Is It Normal? What Should You Do to Get Rid Of It?

As coffee lovers, we all agree that it is a great beverage. However, are you sure you have never met any problem with it? With me, coffee makes me nauseous all of a sudden. Although I love coffee and always start a day with a coffee cup, this problem makes me worry about my health and coffee quality. If you used to be in the same situation as me, you must be worried and confused about your favorite drink. But I don’t believe it is a harmful symptom, so I decided to research it. I have read many scientific documents about the reason behind this phenomenon and understand its effects on our health. Today, my article will include what I researched and experienced; hopefully, it will help you solve your problem. After understanding why you feel nauseous because of coffee, you will be comfortable enjoying this drink. And now, let’s check it out!

Why Does This Phenomenon Happen?

I have to claim that it is a scientific problem. According to research by Trista Best, a nutrition expert, the amount of acidity in coffee. This compound has a level pH of 4.5 to 5.5. Although it is not too high, it still results in the feeling of tiredness, nausea, discomfort, and reflux. It means you may suffer from these negative symptoms if your stomach is weak. Your coffee quality is fine, and don’t blame it. This phenomenon can happen to many people, even when they drink the best coffee. 

Relaxing young woman lying in bed with eyes closed drinking tea in the morning

If you sometimes meet this symptom, it is not severe. On the contrary, it is a big deal if you always feel nauseous when you drink coffee. Many gastroenterologists state that caffeine can cause allergy, so you may belong to the group of people who are allergic to caffeine.

Unfortunately, people with this disorder have to be very careful with what they digest, including coffee. In this case, you should choose decaf coffee to satisfy your taste but still protect your digestive system.

If You Only Smell Coffee, Are You Nauseous?

I like the smell when I accidentally pass a local cafe as a coffee lover. This smell makes me excited and more conscious if I am sleepy. But with people who are allergic to caffeine, the problem is not simple. The coffee smell is still appealing, but your digestive system and body won’t like it. Indeed, they will give you some alarm signals claiming that you should get away from it; otherwise, they will be angry. And it is time for you to feel nauseous. 

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Maybe you think your body is sensitive to caffeine, but our bodies are always like that. It always gives you accurate signals and pushes you to escape the threat. For example, if you are scared of something, like narrow spaces, you will feel creepy when you see people walking into a lift. It means you don’t need to do it yourself to trigger your body’s defense mechanism. It is the same with caffeine allergy. You don’t need to consume coffee to be nauseous; walking past a cafe and smelling it can make you uncomfortable. 

Therefore, if you have a problem with coffee, don’t be subjective because your favorite beverage can give you discomfort when you are careless. Sad to say, you have to limit the amount of coffee every day and stay away from cafes to keep your digestive system calm. 

How Can You Clear Out The Nauseous Feeling After Drinking Coffee?

Even though coffee can make you feel nauseous, you don’t need to stop drinking coffee. There are many methods to help you enjoy your coffee without any uncomfortable feeling. And here is the list of essential actions you should do to get rid of the nauseous feeling because of coffee: 

Eat Something Before Drinking Coffee

It is a good habit to protect yourself from the adverse effects of this beverage. Even if you are not allergic to caffeine, you still need to have your breakfast before drinking coffee. The best food for you is eggs, cheese, toast, or yogurt. You don’t need to overeat, but you have to eat something to prevent adverse reactions to your digestive organs. These foods will contribute to slowing your digestion so you won’t be nauseous, or it will pass quickly. 

If you have other stomach problems related to the stomach, please ask your doctor for advice. Maybe you have to take medicine or wean yourself off coffee. Indeed, it is such a sad ending for a coffee lover, but it is good for your health. 

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Drink Simple Coffee

Maybe you will find it hard to understand, but the key is you should drink black coffee. Many experts say artificial sweeteners can cause more severe nausea, and black coffee doesn’t have them. If you don’t like black coffee, you can add milk to your coffee but remember to limit the amount of sugar or any artificial sweeteners. 

Drink More Water

Coffee can make you feel thirsty because you are dehydrated. It will make your nausea more severe. It means you should drink more water, and it will lessen the adverse reaction in your stomach. It is suitable for your health because not all people tend to drink water after coffee, making them dehydrated. And now, if you are allergic to caffeine in coffee, you should start drinking more water to have a better digestive system.


Drinking coffee is excellent, but it will be uncomfortable if you feel nauseous. However, it is hard for us to stop drinking coffee. Therefore, please follow my instructions for a better experience with coffee and lessen your awful symptoms. Moreover, maybe you will understand more about coffee and its negative effects and calculate the reasonable amount of coffee daily. Hopefully, you can enjoy your coffee without any sick feelings after my article. Don’t forget to look forward to my following articles about coffee. Thank you for reading, and enjoy your coffee!