Can You Order Oreo Iced Coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts?

Dunkin’ Donuts is beloved by both children and adults because the brand provides people with many options following their preferences. Americano, latte, espresso, or other simple original coffee blends might be most of an adult’s favorites. Kids or people having a sweet tooth might want to have something more unique or interesting that provokes their curiosity. 

Therefore, some people wonder whether Dunkin brings any kind of cookie like Oreo into coffee or not. “Can you order Oreo iced coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts?” is a question that may appear in a discussion when mentioned about this topic. 

Want to know the answer? Let’s get started.

Does Dunkin have an OREO coffee?

The short answer is Yes, it does. 

Oreo coffee features flavors from the famous cookie brand Oreo. This is due to a Dunkin’ Donuts and Oreo cooperation confirmed by Michelle King, Senior Director of Global Public Relations at Dunkin’ Brands Group, Inc. In fact, Oreo iced coffee has been launched at locations across the U.S. since 2012. This new iced coffee used to make a “wave of euphoria” among people that summer. 

“Our brand has differentiated itself by offering innovative new varieties of food and beverages, and we believe that the fun and delight people associate with both Dunkin’ Donuts treats and the beloved flavors of OREO® and Chips Ahoy!® make for a combination that is absolutely perfect for summer,” said Jeff Miller, Dunkin’ Brands’ Executive Chef and Vice President of Product Innovation. 

Oreo cookie and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee enthusiasts can enjoy every sip from one of the most creative coffee inspired by these two big brands within the cookie and coffee fields.

Oreo iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts is called Oreo Coolatta coffee, including Oreo Coffee Coolatta and Oreo Vanilla Bean Coolatta. It is said that these Oreo iced beverages have an ideal texture that is not too dense to slurp and not too watery. However, because these coffees are based on cookie flavors, they are somehow too sweet for most people. Some jokes are made about the sweetness of the coffees, that is people deciding to call for Oreo coffee essentially need to have a sweet tooth to handle this sweetness. 

The tastes of Oreo Coolatta coffee and Oreo Vanilla Bean Coolatta are quite the same.  

Is cookie and cream coffee available at Dunkin’ Donuts?

The combination of cookie milk seems to be the best traditional way to go. However, let’s pay attention to a new line of beverages made by one of the leaders in the coffee field.

Dunkin decided to bring a new bottled iced coffee flavor – Cookie & Cream to coffee enthusiasts, who are always willing to be on the adventure of finding new and unique coffees. Dunkin’ Donuts made its first debut of Cookie and Cream iced coffee in the spring of April 2018. 

Brian Gilbert who is Vice President of Retail Business Development in Dunkin’ Donuts U.S. “Cookies & Cream is a fun, delicious flavor, and we are excited to add it to the other flavors in our line-up as we head into the warmer spring and summer months. Our ready-to-drink bottled coffees are the perfect choice to enable our customers to run on Dunkin’ wherever they are.”

Cookies & Cream iced coffee is currently available in refrigerator displays at the grocery, pharmacy, convenience stores, retail chains, and Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants across the United States, joining Dunkin’s other ready-to-drink flavors such as Original, Mocha, Espresso, and French Vanilla.

Is Dunkin bringing back Cookie Dough iced coffee?

In fact, Dunkin’s fans, especially Cookie Dough iced coffee, were truly regretful of the iced coffee flavor Cookie Dough ending its presence on the menu of Dunkin’ Donuts. Fortunately, in 2017, via a survey among people on social media about inspired coffee flavors for the 2018 summer voted by fans, the brand decided to bring three coffee flavors back, including Cookie Dough coffee (the other two are Pistachio and Butter Pecan).

The return of Cookie Dough iced coffee is the appreciation from Dunkin to the most faithful fans of this coffee flavor after the vote. Therefore, Doughy Iced Coffee, which was popular at the time, has come back to the store and continues to make people fall in love with it. 

The addition of two creams, whipped cream, and a caramel and chocolate drizzle provides a delightful taste. The taste and texture are considered to be the same as cookies at a bakery. For the Cookie Dough iced coffee fan, the summer is here again with the presence of delicious cups. 

Bottom lines

Oreo iced coffee, Cookie & Cream iced coffee and Cookie Dough iced coffee are the pieces of evidence of a dedicated Dunkin’ Donuts with a broad development strategy that always strives for a better future, where Dunkin’ Donuts’ customers can try differently unique versions of coffee as many as their corporations.