Drink Coffee Or Take A Cold Shower

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, it is not easy to always keep a fresh and sober spirit. Have you ever had to force your body to wake up quickly after a nap? Or have you ever had to find a way to sober up immediately to finish unfinished work after drinking too much alcohol? If you’ve been like this, you’ve probably heard of two ways to wake up quickly that people often talk about: drinking coffee or taking cold showers. Keep reading, this article will give you different perspectives on these two methods.


Does Drinking Coffee Wake You Up?

These days, a lot of people use caffeine as an anti-drowsy agent, they drink coffee every day, every morning to be able to wake up and maintain energy throughout the day. If so, does coffee really wake you up?

The answer is yes.

The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that, when consumed, creates a feeling of alertness. To explain why caffeine has the ability to “wake up” our bodies, let’s first understand the reasons for feeling tired and sluggish.

Aerial view of various coffee

The onset of fatigue is initiated by a compound produced in our own bodies called adenosine. To put it simply, the feeling of sleepiness is caused by the accumulation of adenosine in the brain. Next, when you make the choice to have coffee, the caffeine enters your bloodstream and travels to where adenosine works, blocking their way and competing directly with them. That way you’ll see less fatigue and improved concentration.

Disadvantages Of Using Coffee To Improve Concentration And Alertness

Consuming coffee also causes bad effects on the body. Coffee will have an effect on the body as soon as 15 minutes after being consumed. An hour later, blood caffeine peaks and stays at this level for several hours for most people. That means it will take you 10 hours to completely remove caffeine from your blood. 

Therefore, if you drink coffee before going to bed, you may have insomnia or affect your sleep quality. Coffee also contains a high concentration of acid, so if you drink it a lot and continuously, it can cause inflammatory diseases, and stomach ulcers. In addition, the caffeine in coffee is a diuretic, so it will stimulate the body to urinate more, thereby causing the body to lose water. 

So people who are suffering from diarrhea and dehydration will not be able to use coffee.

Does A Cold Shower Wake You Up?

Young woman reacting in shock to hot or cold shower water as she stands under the shower head washing her hair eyes closed with her hands raised and mouth open

The most scientifically simple way to achieve wakefulness is to have a strong enough stimulus on your brain. Although the choice of many people coffee, in the long run, using too much coffee will make you bad for your health. So have you ever thought about stimulating an organ in the body that has the most nerves and the largest area in our body? Yes, that organ is the skin, and the way to stimulate it is to take a bath.

Many studies have shown that when the cold water of the shower hits the body, it creates a stimulus that increases your heart rate and oxygen levels. From there you will be awake and energized. However, it should be noted that taking a cold shower only makes the body reach a state of alertness, a hot shower does not. Because this is a therapy that doctors still recommend for cases of difficulty sleeping, so taking a warm bath has the effect of increasing the feeling of sleepiness.

Is A Cold Shower Harmful To The Body?

Any method has its advantages and disadvantages. Using cold water to get rid of drowsiness is not a routine that can be used throughout the day. Surely you have heard of not taking a night bath because of the consequences it brings as well as taking cold showers too many times can also cause colds. Especially in the winter, taking a cold shower is really difficult. Therefore, this is a good way, but not always suitable in all situations

Should I Take A Cold Shower Or A Hot Shower After Drinking Alcohol?

The answer here is absolutely not shower after drinking alcohol.

After drinking alcohol, many people have the habit of taking a bath, but this is a bad habit. When drunk, it is very difficult to control thoughts and actions. The bathroom is often slippery and wet, so just one wrong action can lead to slipping, falling, or hitting your head on hard objects such as the floor, basin, or shower, … So if you are in the bathroom If you are drunk, you should not take a bath.

Drunk man sleep on wooden table.

Whether it is warm or cold water, taking a shower after drinking alcohol is harmful to the body. Taking a hot bath will make the body’s temperature not dissolved, from which the drunken state will be more serious and it will be more difficult to get rid of alcohol. Worse some people after taking a bath will feel dizzy, have a headache, and have nausea.

In particular, during periods of cold weather or at night, the temperature is often lower, taking a bath at these times easily makes the body cold. Bathing right after drinking alcohol will make the body unable to replenish the amount of sugar consumed in the blood, causing the blood vessels to constrict. More severe can lead to rupture of blood vessels and the risk of sudden death is very dangerous.

Should You Drink Coffee After Drinking Alcohol?

Alcohol often causes drowsiness, coffee makes the body more alert. It is easy to see the two opposites of the day. So should you continue drinking coffee after drinking alcohol?

Should not!

After drinking alcohol, alcohol in alcohol will release neurotransmitters, which will inhibit the process of processing information in the brain. At that time, your body will fall into a state of fatigue and sluggishness. If you continue to consume caffeine at this time, the caffeine will act as a stimulant and reduce the sedative effect of alcohol. However, caffeine does not help lower blood alcohol levels. Therefore you will still be in a drunken state.

In addition, the use of two stimulants at the same time also affects your sleep. You will not sleep deeply and wake up in the middle of the night feeling restless. As a result, the next day you will be exhausted and tired.

Effective Ways To Help Sober Up

Here are a few ways to help you detox quickly and effectively, you can consider and try:

  • Drink lots of water: Drinking water will help you eliminate toxins from the body as well as help reduce the amount of alcohol in the blood.
  • Drink orange juice, and lemon juice: this is a food rich in vitamin C, which has the effect of detoxification and detoxifying alcohol both quickly and safely.
  • Drinking milk: is one of the methods to help you prevent some of the harmful effects of dehydration, help you avoid hangovers, and minimize sleep disruptions.

Drinking coffee or taking a cold shower has an immediate effect on the alertness of the body. However, think carefully before implementing these ways because of the disadvantages that it brings. When drinking alcohol, it is best not to drink coffee or take a bath, because it does not help you stay awake, but on the contrary, it also makes the body more tired.