Dunkin Donuts Bottled Iced Coffee Expiration Date And 3 Reasons That Expired Coffee Can Make You Sick

Nowadays, with modern life, people are always busy with thousands of jobs, and it is not surprising that the consumption of ready-made coffee has increased sharply over the years. Therefore, more and more food and beverage companies are entering this market. Including Dunkin’ Donuts bottled iced coffee – a combination of two giants Dunkin’ Donuts and Coca-Cola, which was distributed to retail stores around the world in 2017. Marking a step in the advancement of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee into this fertile market.


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The convenience, taste, and quality of Dunkin’ Donuts canned iced coffee have been recognized worldwide over the years, but have you ever wondered about “Dunkin Donuts bottled iced coffee expiration date?” Although an important issue, when you search on search engines, there are still a lot of controversies. Let’s clarify more in this article.

Dunkin’ Donuts – A Classy Brand

Founded in 1950, with more than 12,600 stores in 42 countries worldwide, Dunkin’ Donuts has become the largest retailer of cup coffee in the US. Although the name of the company will cause many people to misunderstand that it only sells Donuts, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is truly a legend with annual sales of nearly 1 billion cups of coffee. To achieve such results in the harsh coffee industry, Dunkin’ Donuts has always ensured to bring to its customer’s food and beverage products made with the finest ingredients.

Branded Bottled Coffees And Flavors

Famous for its premium 100% pure Arabica coffee as the input, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee has a mildly bitter taste, a sweet, slightly sour aftertaste, an attractive aroma, and can be mixed with milk and cream. . Therefore, the bottled version of iced coffee still retains all of the brand’s characteristics in terms of taste and premium quality.

The types of bottled coffee that the company has launched in the past time:

In 2017, Dunkin’ Donuts combined with Coca-Cola to launch the first bottled iced coffee products. The first 4 flavors that the company chose to launch were: Mocha, French Vanilla, Original, and Espresso. These are all flavors that make Dunkin’ Donuts famous.

Then in January 2019, the company decided to re-brand, change the logo and shorten the name to Dunkin’. With a campaign focused on beverages, the company continued to launch a variety of drinks, such as in March 2021 Dunkin’ launched ready-to-drink bottled iced coffee inspired by Girl Scout Cookie. Girl Scout Cookie is a special cookie sold by Girl Scouts in America. Dunkin’ has shown the originality when bringing that idea into their own bottled coffee. Three famous cookies that the company took the idea of ​​and named after are: Mints, Coconut Caramel and S’mores.

How Long Does A Bottle Of Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Last?

Dunkin Donuts iced coffee bottles have a stable shelf life and a long shelf life. However, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it should be used as soon as possible after opening and used before the expiration date.

Where Is The Expiration Date Printed On The Bottle?

The expiry date of Dunkin Donuts canned iced coffee is printed on the bottle cap.

When you go to buy this product at grocery stores, supermarkets, etc., don’t forget to check the expiry date printed on the bottle cap. To avoid buying expired products!

Should I Use Expired Dunkin’ Donuts Bottled Coffee?

The answer is no. When overdue coffee will not keep its quality, affecting your coffee enjoyment.

If you still want to drink, here are a few more things to consider:

In terms of taste, some ingredients may spoil past their expiration date. With spoiled food, it will have a rancid sour taste and smell. It is easy to tell if the food is spoiled.

If there is no bad smell, it should still not be used because the expiration date printed on the package means that the coffee will be guaranteed quality and taste before the expiration date. With overdue Dunkin Donuts coffee when drinking it will no longer retain the aroma like when drinking coffee with a shelf life.

About the concentration and effects of caffeine. For expired bottled coffee, it is possible to lose consciousness after drinking coffee completely

Does Expired Coffee Make You Sick?

As for canned coffee, the ingredients are not only coffee but also perishable substances such as skim milk, cream, etc. Therefore, is expired bottled coffee harmful to health? no longer depends on many factors.


How damaged the ingredients in the coffee bottle are and how much you drank. Drinking just one or two sips of coffee too spoiled is usually not a problem for health. But if you drink a large amount, it can cause stomach upset, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

After all, not all expired bottled coffee will go bad. It also doesn’t mean that expired coffee can’t go bad. Much depends on how you store the coffee.


The health and sensitivity of each person’s digestive system is not the same. Therefore, the problem related to disease is different from person to person.

In addition, if coffee is left open in the wrong environment, it can be affected by mold and lose its freshness as well as change the flavor of the coffee.


For some people, drinking or eating an expired food makes them nauseous and scared. This can make them tired and overthinking even though it’s not caused by the coffee.

To assess whether Dunkin Donuts’ bottled iced coffee has an impact on health, there is currently no definite answer and depends on many factors to be considered. It’s best not to use it past its expiration date as there’s no guarantee of this.

The expiry date of Dunkin’ Donuts bottled iced coffee is printed on the bottle cap. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, coffee will not retain its flavor and quality beyond its expiration date like most other foods. Therefore, check the expiration date carefully before drinking and do not use it when it has expired or has a rancid smell to avoid possible health problems.