Coffee Truck – A Meaningful And Unique Culture In Korea

Many people consider Korea to be a gourmet paradise, with a diverse choice of foods and beverages available from street food stalls to high-end restaurants.

Famous stars give each other cute trucks stocked with coffee or food, and the food and coffee truck culture has expanded across the country over the years. These trucks were also given to stars by fans.

How much is a coffee truck in Korea? What exactly does it mean and what is included within it? If you have any questions concerning these matters, you’ve come to the proper spot. Let’s learn everything there is to know about Korean culture.

A Brief Overview Of Coffee Truck Culture

The distinctive expression that Korean stars have for each other is beautifully adorned trucks with excellent coffee and food. Of course, fans are ecstatic when idols display their adoration as a side note, rather than the primary event, which is teasing each other. Fans are sometimes the ones who present their idols with these coffee carts.

how much is a coffee truck in korea
Coffee Shop. Coffee Food Truck

Korean artists frequently send a coffee truck to the studio to encourage each other’s new items, occasionally with cakes or quick food. As to help “fight hunger” for the entire staff in the middle of hectic times, this is a present that is both meaningful and practical.

If you were to sum up these trucks in a single word, you might use a common Korean idiom: “Fighting!” together with an appropriate cheer striking the air with your fist figure.

What Do The Coffee Trucks Have Inside?

Coffee trucks are often tiny vehicles that sell coffee, a range of beverages, or even food. The type varies depending on the food or drinks offered, but the coffee truck, which serves coffee dishes, remains the most popular.

This sort of truck is equipped with coffee makers and may provide a wide range of coffee recipes that are comparable to those found in a traditional coffee shop. If the menu is expanded, this coffee truck will function as a beverage bar, offering a variety of beverages ranging from juice to iced tea. Because of the necessity and popularity of the beverages, this is a favoured option among senders and fans.

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These vehicles may be customized with tarp screens on the front and sides of the truck, as well as unique slogans and photos of the artists. Some people even go so far as to customize food and coffee containers.

Close Korean celebrities have been known to print banners, hashtags, or images drowning their friends and making them giggle. A typical example of this can be seen in the case of Park Seo Joon. When this actor received a coffee truck from a friend, he used to be half-laughing and half-crying.

Particularly, Park Seo Joon was gifted a coffee truck from his close brother V, who is a member of BTS, during the production of the drama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”. Importantly, V picked a cool shot with the star’s magnetism for himself, but Park Seo Joon was “drowned” by a selfie of “Vice President” with “two chins”. To prevent being embarrassed, Park Seo Joon had to cover his chin when taking photos with that truck.

However, being seriously regarded, the major objective of the food truck culture is to give words of support and encouragement to close friends and fans. Filming and recording are difficult tasks, but they get even more driven when fans show their support and genuine affection.

In exchange for the affection, the individual receiving the coffee and food truck will share photos of the warm “gifts” given to the studio by fans and friends. Although the food is neither luxury nor high-class, it is more practical for the entire film crew because it is served on the spot.

Is It Common To See Coffee Trucks In Korea?

Coffee trucks in Korea are well-known for their finest service, but food trucks seem to be more common. Due to their high demand, Korean superstars may even be given specialized food trucks by followers. Coffee and snack trucks have been around for most of the twentieth century. It has one of the oldest histories in Korean gastronomy as one of the original food truck revolutions.

How Much Does A Korea Coffee Truck Cost? 

Depending on the purpose, coffee trucks in Korea can be hired or purchased. It normally costs between 2000 and 5000 dollars.

You would think that’s a lot of money, but there’s a heartfelt and really sweet purpose for these exceptional presents.

The amount of money spent on coffee and food trucks is mostly determined by what you want to send and how many people you want to reach. The more costly the meal, the better. Because gas isn’t inexpensive, you’ll also need to consider the location of the equipment.

A coffee or food truck, according to internet forums, can cost up to $2,000 (P96,108) and perhaps $5,000 (P240,245). As described in a 2013 report, the standard pricing was 12,000 won for two meals and 5,000 won for snacks, with a minimum of 60 orders. Prices have, of course, altered since then.

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If you belong to an international fan club that isn’t established in Korea, you’ll need to organize with Korean fan clubs to bring food or coffee trucks to the set. Ji Chang-Filipino Wook’s fan group accomplished just that. According to an interview with the fan club administrator, they set a target of boosting P30,000 but ended up increasing it to PUD 80,000, which went for churros (Ji’s favorite snack) Chang-Wook) and more food and drink for the actors and crew than was initially intended.

How About Food Trucks In Korea?

As mentioned above, a food truck can cost the same as a coffee truck. However, the actual cost seems to be significantly greater. A food truck’s startup expenditures generally vary from $50,000 to $100,000.

Final Thought

Isn’t a coffee truck an exceptionally unique and thoughtful gift? It not only connects the friendships of renowned actors but also the relationships between fans and their idols. Do you follow any Korean celebrities? If that’s the case, do you give them a coffee truck as a gift? I’m just kidding. I hope you found the information about how much is a coffee truck in Korea in post useful. Don’t forget to follow me to learn about new topics.