How Long Do Espresso Shots Last? Do You Know How To Keep Espresso Fresh Overnight?

Espresso is a famous type of coffee. You can order a cup of espresso in a luxurious restaurant or a local café on the street. The flavor of espresso could vary depending on the quality of ingredients and baristas’ skills. However, it is still espresso, and you can realize it. I don’t want to say that espresso anywhere is terrible; it only changes a little bit to suit the local taste.

Therefore, if you have a chance to go around the world and taste espresso in hundreds of countries, it could be a valuable experience that no one has. You may not have enough money to make your dream come true, so you should research espresso first. This article will help you know “how long do espresso shots last?” When you understand this problem, you will learn how to store espresso to keep it fresh, and you can enjoy it well.

Do you know what an espresso shot is?

An espresso shot is a term in coffee. A shot equals about 30 – 35ml of extraction from ground coffee. The amount of coffee is from 8 to 10 grams. Typically, an iced coffee cup will have two shots of espresso. Depending on your type of coffee, the number of shots will vary. In addition, you can require additional ingredients for your coffee cup, such as milk, foam, sugar, etc.

Brew espresso from a coffee machine into a brown porcelain cup

An espresso shot is a word used by baristas because they know how to calculate the amount of coffee. According to the instruction manuals, if you make coffee at home, you need to put the amount of coffee into the pot. It is easier than calculating any ratio.

How long can an espresso shot last?

I believe that when you are reading this section, you may think that espresso shots can be ruined. However, you are misunderstanding. The good news is that espresso doesn’t have an expiration date and it lasts one day of brewing at room temperature. It means it doesn’t expire. But it doesn’t mean that espresso always tastes good after a long period. Therefore, you still have to know how to store it or drink all of it. 

But an espresso shot will change its flavor after 10 seconds. Is it so fast, right? In 10 seconds, the cream and liquid of espresso will be mixed, and its flavor will change. Of course, it is not bad, but you will lose the chance to taste espresso correctly. Therefore, the best way to enjoy your espresso cup is to drink it immediately after it is brewed. When espresso is hot and fresh, it is the best time for you to enjoy it.

If you love drinking espresso, I hope this knowledge will make you appreciate it more because its great taste is counted in 10 seconds. When you order an espresso cup, you shouldn’t let it overnight or drink about 1-2 hours later because it will become bitter and chalky. Indeed, you won’t like this flavor because it is not espresso. Although it is not spoiled, it can’t satisfy your taste anymore. If you don’t want this ending, you have to learn how to store espresso shots to keep them fresh.

Coffee Espresso

How to store and reheat espresso shots that you should know

This article will show you some methods to keep espresso fresh. They are not difficult so you can apply them at home. 

Store espresso shots in the refrigerator

This method is straightforward; however, you should only do it if you make espresso for iced coffee cups. Therefore, you can store it in the fridge or freeze it and use it later. However, don’t ever put a hot and creamy espresso cup in the refrigerator because you will ruin its flavor. As said above, you should drink hot espresso right after it is served. Otherwise, its taste will change negatively. Besides, not all types of coffee can keep cold; you shouldn’t abuse your refrigerator to store coffee, especially a hot espresso cup. 

Use a container or bottle with a lid

You can put espresso in the fridge, but you shouldn’t let it open. You have to pour espresso shots into a bottle; prefer a glass with a lid. The lid will prevent the air from going inside and ruining the flavor of espresso. However, if your bottle doesn’t include a cover, you have to put it in the freezer because it will minimize the risk of changing the coffee flavor. Many baristas and restaurants apply these ways, so you should follow them and don’t be creative if you don’t understand the nature of espresso.

Espresso shot with ice

Reheat espresso correctly

If you freeze your espresso shots, you shouldn’t put them into the microwave to defrost them. It is the wrong way, although it is rapid. To reheat espresso, you have to prepare a milk steamer. It will make your espresso hot slowly and keep its flavor as good as possible. Many people haven’t tried this way, and they said reheated coffee is bitter. If you want to store espresso and reheat it, you should try it this way and see the difference.

Besides, you can use your stove to reheat espresso shots at a low temperature. You should be patient because if you use a higher temperature, you may burn its flavor, too.


Well, do you find anything interesting in this article? Hopefully, you understand the concept of espresso shots and how to store and reheat them. They are all new knowledge of coffee, and I hope you can apply them in your daily life. At least they can help you have better espresso cups in the future. Espresso is very famous and it is a must drink coffee so you should try to taste them as much as you can! I will write the following articles about coffee and don’t forget to read them! Thank you, and I hope you have a great time with my writing and your coffee!