How Much Cream And Sugar Should You Put In McDonald’s Coffee? Three Mistakes Will Ruin Your Coffee Cup

Have you ever drunk McDonald’s coffee? McDonald’s is not a coffee brand because its main products are fried chicken, hamburgers, and other fast food. However, it is the past because McDonald’s has developed its coffee brand McCafé. Its menu has various drinks and coffee that can’t be missed. You can find many types of coffee on McDonald’s menu, and you can freely choose cold or hot coffee.

For me, McDonald’s coffee is good, and it can help your meals be more flavorful. However, many people want to mix it with more ingredients such as cream, foam, or sugar. But have you known how much cream and sugar to put in McDonald’s coffee? If not yet, this article is precisely for you. You can mix a great McDonald’s coffee cup with my instruction. I am honored to help you to do that!

Have you heard about McCafé?

McDonald’s is a well-known fast-food brand, and this giant has developed McCafé to provide good drinks to customers in its restaurants. McCafé is the name of drink part in McDonald’s menu. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that McCafé is less professional than other coffee brands because it serves many drinks from coffee, tea to iced blended coffee, yogurt. Please note that some drinks are only done in certain countries; you should check McDonald’s restaurants in your countries for more details.

Minsk, Belarus, February 18, 2018: Paper cup of coffee with McDonald’s logo on table near window on background of blurred city in McDonald’s restaurant

In McCafé’s menu, you can see many kinds of coffee such as Iced Caramel Latte, Iced Mocha,  Caramel Latte, Caramel Macchiato, Iced French Vanilla Coffee, Iced Coffee, Tea, Ice Blended Caramel, etc. Depending on your demands, you can order your favorite drink. You don’t need to order a meal to drink McCafé; you can only order one cup of coffee. McDonald’s can satisfy all of your demands. 

According to many customers, they are satisfied with the flavor and quality of McCafé’s drinks. McCafé scored the highest in customer satisfaction in New Zealand under Roy Morgan’s survey.

How much cream and sugar should you put in McDonald’s coffee?

The exact amount of cream and sugar you should put in McDonald’s coffee will depend on your size cup. If you drink the small cup, you should only put about 15 grams of sugar, equal to 3 pumps of flavoring. A medium-size cup will need a maximum of 4 pumps of sugar. And a large-size cup will need six pumps of sugar or spice. Indeed, you can put more cream or sugar, but you should consider because oversweetness will ruin the coffee’s flavor.

If you don’t know how much cream and sugar to put in McDonald’s coffee, you can ask waiters/waitresses for advice. They understand McDonald’s products better than you so that they can give you a sound piece of advice. In addition, if you order iced drinks such as Iced Mocha, Iced French Vanilla Coffee, or Iced Caramel Coffee, you should note the bartender your expected sugar level first.

If you tell them after the drink is finished, it is hard to put more sugar because the coldness can’t make sugar melt. You can set the condensed milk, but you should adjust the sugar or cream level when ordering the drink to keep its best taste. Apart from coffee, you also can apply this method for your tea.

MILAN, ITALY – CIRCA NOVEMBER, 2017: a McDonald’s restaurant in Milan at night

Moreover, you can change the ingredient depending on your drink. If you drink coffee, you can use sugar or condensed milk. If you order an iced blended coffee, you can put cream or foam. In conclusion, you can put a lot of sugar and cream in McDonald’s coffee, providing that it is suitable for your appetite. In particular, McDonald’s has its exclusive coffee creamer, so it will bring your coffee a unique taste. If you like half and half ingredients, you should consider it because McDonald’s doesn’t have many choices with half and half ingredients.

Three mistakes that ruin your McDonald’s coffee

Although McCafé has specific standards with its products, you can still ruin their flavors if you don’t know how to mix ingredients.

Many ingredients are put together

Indeed, you can put more ingredients into your drinks. However, if you put too many things into your coffee, you will destroy its original taste, and maybe you can’t drink it anymore. For example, if you order a Latte, you can put some pumps of sugar into it if it is not sweet enough. Or you can put some ice to make it cold. However, you can’t put condensed milk or whipping cream. You shouldn’t put too much foam to balance the Latte’s taste.

If you order Cappuccino, Iced coffee, or other drinks, you should read its ingredients first and choose a reasonable amount of sugar or cream. Sugar and cream are good, but they will be a mess if they are mixed arbitrarily.

Having a cup of coffee with croissants in coffee shop

You don’t drink coffee correctly

Even if McCafé gives you a perfect coffee cup, but you don’t drink it correctly, you can’t enjoy it. For instance, if you order an iced coffee, you can drink it slowly to feel the cold. However, you can’t wait too long because the coffee’s taste will be bland when ices melt. On the contrary, you should drink it immediately after it is served when you order a hot coffee. Drinking excellent coffee is an awful experience, and it can make you scared coffee.

You don’t follow the waiter’s advice

It may happen if you are too confident in your taste. Many customers don’t care about the advice of waiters and mix ingredients on their own. And most of them don’t have a happy ending because they can’t feel the taste of their favorite drink.


Hopefully, my article has helped you understand more about McCafé – a particular brand of McDonald’s. If you haven’t tried the coffee of McCafé, let’s go to the nearest restaurant and order your favorite drink. And don’t forget to apply my advice and enjoy your great coffee!