Can You Use Tea Infuser For Coffee? Something You Should Know To Make Homemade Coffee!

Making coffee is not too difficult because you have many tools to support you. You can use available ingredients, a coffee machine, a thermal carafe to make a perfect coffee cup. However, if you don’t have enough tools for making coffee, you can take advantage of other items which can apply to coffee. One of them is a tea infuser. However, not all people know that, and they usually ask: “Can you use tea infuser for coffee?”. I understand that you may feel confused because tea and coffee are beverages belonging to two different worlds. Fortunately, you totally can use a tea infuser for your coffee. In this article, I will show you how to make coffee with a tool born for preparing a teacup.

Something You Need To Know About A Tea Infuser

As its name suggests, a tea infuser is a tool used to make tea. It has the shape of a cup, but it is a small basket. Therefore, it can keep tea leaves from floating on our teacup. Then, you can enjoy your tea without tea leaves but only extract water from them. It is considered the most valuable element of tea leaves. When you finish, you can throw away the tea leaves or use them to fertilize your plants. 

Loose Leaf Black and Herbal Tea with Metal Ball Infuser

Nowadays, tea infusers are designed with various models. You can find tea infusers like animals, hearts, stars, and many cute shapes. They are all made of stainless steel to be safe for human health. Besides, their prices are very affordable, so you can change tea infusers regularly if you like. 

To use a tea infuser effectively, you have to put dry tea leaves on the infuser. Then, you pour hot water into the cup and steep the infuser. You have to wait about 5 to 7 minutes until the extraction of tea leaves dissolves in the water. Don’t worry about it because the water will turn green, red or brown depending on the type of tea you use. 

How To Use a tea infuser to make coffee

I believe that you have understood how to use a tea infuser to make tea, and you can apply this method to create a cup of coffee. However, it would be best to start with the infuser with the shape of a small basket or a ball because it is easier for newbies. 

First, you have to prepare all items for your coffee cup, including your cup, your favorite coffee (about 10 grams of coffee), your tea ball (highly recommended), hot water (about 200ml). Secondly, you can put your coffee into the tea ball. Please note that you have to use ground coffee instead of instant coffee. Ground coffee is sold in all supermarkets, and you can easily find them.

Thirdly, you steep your tea ball into your cup filled with hot water. You can wait for a few minutes, generally 4 minutes. However, it can be longer if you use a large tea ball. If you always prepare your coffee with the coffee maker, you will find this way very interesting because you have to do everything yourself like a real bartender. In addition, it still keeps the original flavor of the coffee. If it is not affordable to buy a modern coffee machine, a tea ball can help you with your morning coffee.

Breakfast with coffee and biscuit

Why is ground coffee the best for tea infusers?

A tea infuser has many tiny holes to filter the extraction of tea leaves. However, it is not produced for making coffee, so you have to choose the most suitable coffee. If you use instant coffee, it will dissolve quickly into the water. In other words, you don’t need a tea infuser if you want to drink instant coffee. 

Therefore, you have to choose ground coffee. Ground coffee is coarse but not too refined, and its grounds will be kept in the tea infuser. It is why ground coffee is the best coffee for tea infusers or paper filters. Then, the coffee grounds can be reused to scrub your skin or remove odors from your fridge. 

Is there any difference in the taste of coffee brewed with a tea infuser?

Don’t worry; your coffee’s flavor is still great. It will be more natural because you use ground coffee crushed from raw coffee beans. While instant coffee is processed with many spices and additives, ground coffee will bring you a pretty classical flavor. According to many coffee experts, when you steep ground coffee with a tea infuser, you can taste the coffee prepared by a French press coffee. French press coffee is a famous coffee maker from France. It looks like a cup with a filter. You can put the ground coffee into this filter and pour hot water, and the coffee maker will give you the best classical coffee.

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, and now it can also be proud to own the title of best coffee on the planet

You don’t need to buy a French press coffee or fly to France to taste this coffee with a tea ball. If you are a big fan of coffee, it is one of your most significant achievements in making coffee. You can invite your friends to your house for coffee, and indeed, they will be astonished by your delicious coffee.

If you don’t like to use steel tea balls, you can use paper filters. It can discard all of the coffee oil. Although it doesn’t affect your coffee’s flavor, it can satisfy the demand of grumpy drinkers.


Here is everything about making coffee with a tea infuser. Hopefully, my article can satisfy your question, “can you use a tea infuser for coffee?”. If you want to try this method, you can start with a steel tea infuser or a filter, and they can give you an extraordinary experience with coffee. You can taste the ordinary coffee’s flavor without a modern coffee machine. I hope you have a great time with your coffee cup with a tea infuser. My following articles will mention other topics of coffee, don’t forget to look forward to my articles! Thanks for reading!